NEFFA Grid - Saturday April 25, 2020
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2020 Festival. The events for the 2021 Festival will be put here in February 2021

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  Room 106N Room 136S Room 144S Room 224E Room 228E Room 232S Commons B Room 218E Lower Gym Student Center West Upper Gym Main Entrance  
10:00amNorumbega Tunebook Singing GS Introduction to Contra Dancing DB Clam Chowder & Kangaroos E Balkan Accordion Treasures E English Concertina Workshop TB Ukulele Strum and Sing GS Intro to Rotary Waltz TB   International Women's Dances For All TS Family Barn Dance Fun! DF Great 21st Century Tunes ECD DS ritual dance 10:00am
10:15amritual dance 10:15am
10:30amritual dance 10:30am
10:45am  10:45am
11:00amWaltz Melodies Jam Session GS A Family Cabaret E Yiddish songs of migration, immigration, and borders E Harpapalooza Harp Jam GB How to play the bones, TB Family dance! DF Sagebrush to Silver Screen-Cowboy Songs E Intermediate Waltz Variations TS   Cross Cultural Contras DS ritual dance 11:00am
11:15amIntro to International Dance DB ritual dance 11:15am
11:30amritual dance 11:30am
11:45am  11:45am
12:00noonItalian Music Open Session GS A calendar of finger plays and movement songs for young children GF Whistling Whorkshop TS Open Discussion of CDSS's Work C Concertina and Autoharp Songs E Lunch Seating
Scottish Traditional Music Concert E Waltz Across Stage and Screen NS Handbell Ringing - An Introduction TB Mescolanza Madness ~ 4 facing 4 dances! DS ritual dance 12:00noon
12:15pmritual dance 12:15pm
12:30pmIntro to Int'l Folk Dance TB ritual dance 12:30pm
12:45pm  12:45pm
1:00pmWorld Harmony Singing E Songs for a Child's Heart GF Open Song Circle with FSSGB GB Contra Tune Slow Jam GS Concertina Master Class TB Twin Harmonies E Refreshing Russian Dances TX Mainely Contras DS ritual dance 1:00pm
1:15pmIntro to Appalachian Flatfooting TB ritual dance 1:15pm
1:30pmritual dance 1:30pm
1:45pmIntro to English Country Dance TB   1:45pm
2:00pmConcert E Family Improvisational CircleSinging GF Tragic Ballads E Old Time Jam Session GS How to Play the Irish Bodhran TB Balkan Song! E Classic Contra Dance Chestnuts DS Breton Line and Circle Dances TS ritual dance 2:00pm
2:15pmritual dance 2:15pm
2:30pmInternational Folk Dance Party NS Swedish Couple Dance Party NS ritual dance 2:30pm
2:45pm  2:45pm
3:00pmScottish Jam Session GS Intro to Square Dancing DB Humor Us! E Seated Square Dances DB Songs from the Osterie (Italian taverns) GB Harmony Improv Singing Made Easy TB Kitchen Junket E Hello Again Contras DS DANCE PERFORMANCE
ritual dance 3:00pm
3:15pmritual dance 3:15pm
3:30pmritual dance 3:30pm
3:45pmIntro to Rapper Sword Dance TB   3:45pm
4:00pmBalkan Kefana Sing-along GS Intro to Contra Dancing TB Tune Workshop: Bourres from France TB Have A Gay Old Time E Sea Shanties & Pirate A Capella E Marxophone & More E Descendants of the Schottische - Int'l Couple Dances DS Pete Seeger: Celebration in Song GF Larks/Robins Contra Lab DS ritual dance 4:00pm
4:15pmritual dance 4:15pm
4:30pmritual dance 4:30pm
4:45pm  4:45pm
5:00pmSouth African Singing Workshop GB Cape Breton Ceilidh Concert E A-Plus - Fiddle Tunes in Cross-A Tuning TS Published in Boston E Mystic Seaport Chantey Sing for All GB Left Handed Fiddling C Ballo Liscio from Italy (Couple Dances) NS Larks & Robins Medley NX Rags to Riches DB Contra Medley NX 5:00pm
5:15pm  5:15pm
5:30pmStops Along the Way E Intro to Scottish Country Dancing DB Crafty Contras DS 5:30pm
6:00pmThe Many Faces of Justice E Shetland fiddle workshop TS Mountain Blues E Music that Builds Community GB Shanties with the Alumni of ARRR!!! GB Dance Organizer's Chat C Beranche: Basic and Bodacious Balkan DS Connect with Bal Folk DB
Robin Banerji, Maria Cramer, Bourrée Beau Temps
6:30pm  ECD: A Fresh Bouquet DS Rock'em Sock'em Singing Squares DS 6:30pm
7:00pmMbira - Traditional Music of Zimbabwe P The Solstice Sisters E Leadbelly Songs You Already Know GB Here's to the women song collectors C Songs With Boisterous Shouting! GS Becoming a Better Harmonica Player TS Balkan Dance! NX DANCE PERFORMANCE
Cajun Open Jam, dancers invited GS 7:00pm
7:30pmBest Contra Dances of the Decade DS 7:30pm
8:00pmKlezmer Extravaganza E A spectrum of songs E Nyckelharpa! E Halfway Across the Pond E Trad Song Swap Party! GS Learn a Haunting and Easy Cajun Fiddle Tune TS Running the Goat - Newfoundland Running Set DS Father and Son in Concert E Blues Dance DB 8:00pm
8:30pmRum and Onions XLI Contras DS 8:30pm
9:00pmMcQuillen Tune Slow Jam GS The Piano as a Folk Instrument TS Latvian Folk Songs from the Krisjanis Barons Collection TB Stories for Grown-ups E Rounds Tribute to Sol Weber GB Scots in Revolt! Alistair Hulett's "Red Clydeside" P Jug Band Swing & Blues Dance NB Original Works Fiddle Trio E Balkan and Int'l Dance Party NS Colonial Contras DS 9:00pm
9:30pmLarks/Robins Contra Party LIVE! DS 9:30pm
10:00pm  "For Fear of Little Men" E   Power Harmonies GS Uncommon Drinking Songs GB   English Country Dance: Pleasures and Treasures DS In Concert E Roros Polsinella - Norwegian Couple Dancing NS 10:00pm
10:15pmBalkan Dance Party NS 10:15pm
10:30pmGo With the Flow Contras Larks/Robins DS 10:30pm
11:00pm          11:00pm
11:30pmFestival Closed for the Day11:30pm
  Room 106N Room 136S Room 144S Room 224E Room 228E Room 232S Commons B Room 218E Lower Gym Student Center West Upper Gym Main Entrance  

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