Boston Harmony
Community world harmony chorus drawing adult and teen singers from around New England: Bosnian, Georgian, South African, Corsican and American repertoire

Members: Carol Abedon, Michael Abedon, Safina Alessandra, Marcia Coakley, Patty Cuyler (also group contact), Dexter Eames, Siva Fine, Ezra Fischer, Gwen Frankfeldt, Cathy Haines, Max Hornung, Leah Hurwitz, Elke Jahns-Harms, Jim Kelley, Joan Kennedy, Pat Lown, Wendy Mellin, Barbara Myers, Sinead O'Mahoney, Wanda Philibert, Judy Savage, Debra Strick, San Tunstall, Debra Wexler-Romig, Molly Wexler-Romig
Patty Cuyler
Appeared at NEFFA 2020:
World Harmony SingingE Saturday April 25, 1:00pm to 1:50pm, Room 106N [show on grid]
Eclectic & exciting world folk music concert, with songs from the Balkans, South Africa, Georgia, Corsica, America and more.

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