Cathy Mason
Old-Time and Cajun fiddling for contra dances, weddings, parties, etc.

Member of: The Dead Sea Squirrels (also group contact), Grand Bois, The Hi-Tone Ramblers (also group contact), High Strung Strummers, High Strung Strummers & Friends, Muddy River Morris, Open Cajun Jam Band
ERASETHIScathysneaker AT gmail DOT com
339-224-0304 (cell)
Appeared at NEFFA 2020:
Intro to Appalachian FlatfootingTB Saturday April 25, 1:15pm to 2:20pm, Student Center West [show on grid]
Clogging / Flatfooting lets everyone be a member of the band. We’ll learn a few basic steps and learn to play with rhythm. Foot-stomping fun!
Intro to Square DancingDB Saturday April 25, 3:00pm to 3:50pm, Room 136S [show on grid]
Cajun Open Jam, dancers invitedGS Saturday April 25, 7:00pm to 7:50pm, Student Center West [show on grid]
Open Cajun Jam, dancers welcome
Learn a Haunting and Easy Cajun Fiddle TuneTS Saturday April 25, 8:00pm to 8:50pm, Room 232S [show on grid]
These early pre-accordion twin fiddle tunes are sprightly, haunting and often quirky. Cathy will teach Devil on the Bayou as well as seconding (back-up) so participants can trade leads and back up.
Following the Fiddler: Of Rascals and RoguesE Sunday April 26, 11:00am to 11:50am, Room 224E [show on grid]
The High Strung Strummers will explore the iconic fiddler through stories, tunes and ballads. In addition to musical entertainment, we will perform a Crankie story centered on the Fiddler figure in American lore.
Serious and Silly SquaresDS Sunday April 26, 1:00pm to 1:50pm, Upper Gym [show on grid]
Squares have twice as many people working together, compared to a duple-minor contra. This enables patterns of great beauty. It can also lead to major silliness.
ritual danceSunday April 26, 2:30pm to 2:45pm, Main Entrance [show on grid]

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