Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2023 Festival. The events for the 2024 Festival will be put here in February 2024

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10:00amEnglish Breakfast (ECD) DS Family Song Circle GF International Dances For Everyone DB Wake Up Waltzes NS Intro to English Country Dance DB     Piedmont to the Delta: Country Blues E   Mine, Mill, and Beyond E   Erie Canal Bicentennial E   10:00am
10:30amPositional Calling: What direction ought we to go? C Mamaliga Klezmer Concert E 10:30am
11:00amContra Poetry DS NEFFA Funny Song Swap Hour GB Learn the Ragtime Hesitation Waltz TS Riveting Russian Returns! TS Intro to Square Dance DB Family Scottish Country Dancing DF Scandi Jam Session GS Memorial Concert for Jon Weinberg E Breton and French Dance Music E Swinging Folk Music — Fun & Frolic! E 11:00am
11:30amEvolution of Folk Organizations C Tunes with a Twist E 11:30am
12:00noonHot Tunes, Cool Contras DS Woody Guthrie Song Swap GS French Balfolk Bal DB Learn the ECD Medley Dances DS Intro to International Dance DB Family Barn Dance DF Klezmer Jam GS Bob McQuillen Favorites GS Appalachian Traditional Songs TB Maritime and Work Songs E 12:00noon
12:30pmFolk Song Performance Coaching P Swedish Women Fiddlers E 12:30pm
1:00pmContras That Connect DS Freestyle Drum Circle For All Ages GB DANCE PERFORMANCE E Early American Cotillions TS Intro to Contra DB Community Dance: Come One, Come All DF Starting a Campus Contra P Mics for Callers, Singers, & More P ECD Tune Jam GS Traditional Canadian Folk Songs E 1:00pm
1:30pmRoma Holiday! TS Old Favorites Singalong GF 1:30pm
2:00pmECD: A Fresh Bouquet DS The CT Sea Music Festival Chantey Blast GB Dances of Ted Sannella (Contras, Sqs) DS Schottis from the Bright Side TB Playing Contra Dance Rhythm TS Ukulele Jam GB Yiddish Songs of Immigrants and Immigration E French Tune Workshop TB Journey Through Time with the Celtic Harp E 2:00pm
2:30pmBalkan Dance Party NS How to Play the Bones GB Old Time Dancing Henry, the Planchette Puppet GF 2:30pm
3:00pmSongs in Languages Other Than English GB Old Squares with a New Twist DS Intro to International Folk Dance DB Traditional and Evolving Roles of the Bass Guitar TB   Fiddle, Guitar, and Recorder E Dark Clouds and Silver Linings E Springtime Tunes - Flute, Feet, Piano E 3:00pm
3:30pmECD Medley NX Tricky Balkan Dances TS New England Lore (Spoken and Sung) E A Sense of Place GB 3:30pm
4:00pmThe Music Will Tell You What to Do (ECD) DS World Music Concert E Something Borrowed Contras DS Intro to Scottish Country Dance DB Seated Square Dance DB Mostly Swedish Jam GS McQuillen Tune Slow Jam GS A Black Caller in Napoleonic France P Celtic Misery & Mayhem E 4:00pm
4:30pmAfro-Puerto Rican Dance & Song DB Caller Chat: Working with Non-dancers C Bluesy Jazzy Squeezy G 4:30pm
5:00pmContra Medley! NX Rounds Singing GB Scottish Country Dancing DS The Return of Rørospols! Norwegian Cpl Dancing NX Royer's One Man Band E Bluegrass Slow Jam GS Balkan Kefana Sing-along GS Whistling Whorkshop TS Kings of the 12-String E   5:00pm
5:30pmContras Squared DS Learn to Waltz! TB ECD Caller/Music Opportunities C Ballads for the Pub Singer E 5:30pm
6:00pmFSSGB Singing Party GB Balkan Joy! NS   Pre-dance English Open Band Practice GS Scottish Fiddle Session GS American Songbook E Banjo and Hardingfele Mountain Music E Where The Chilly Winds Don't Blow E 6:00pm
6:30pmRum & Onions '23 (contras) DS Choreographed Couple Dances DB Basic Italian Village Dances TB Josh Gannon-Salomon Memorial Jam G Stories for Grownups E 6:30pm
7:00pmPete Seeger and The Power of Song GB   Favorite Old Time Tunes GS Shetland Fiddle Workshop GS Tune Writing Workshop TB Hard Hitting & Country Life Songs E 7:00pm
7:30pmAhhhsome Contrahhhs DS International Dance Party NX ECD Familiar Favorites with English Open Band DS Transcultural Belly Dance to Middle Eastern Rhythms E Power Harmonies E Scots Revolt! Alistair Hulett's "Red Clydeside" P 7:30pm
8:00pmTangled Up in Bob! GB Play Old Time Backup Guitar Like Riley Puckett TS Django, Jazz, and Bluegrazz E Songs of the North Atlantic Fisheries E Misandry, Sheep, and the Apocalypse E 8:00pm
8:30pmSmooth Sailing Contras DS English Dances, Contra Moves DS Rhythmic Journey With The Drum Nomads E   Civil War Songs E 8:30pm
9:00pmPub Sing GB Intro to Blues Dance TB Tin Pan Alley Sing-Along GB Intertwined - Cultures in Connection E Ballad Swap GS   9:00pm
9:30pmInternational Dance Party NS     9:30pm
10:00pmRole-Play Contras DS Jug Band Swing and Blues Dance NB     10:00pm
10:30pmMoonlight Dancing NS 10:30pm
11:00pm    11:00pm
11:30pmFestival Closed for the Day11:30pm

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