NEFFA Events - Friday April 12, 2019
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2019 Festival. The events for the 2020 Festival will be put here in February 2020

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Middle School Rm. 103/104
7:00pmBanjar: The art of the 7 string banjo E -- Michael Nix (50 min.)
8:00pmMedieval and Renaissance Era Instruments Demonstration P -- The Harper and the Minstrel (50 min.)
9:00pmThere and Back-The Scottish Appalachian Connection E -- Allan Carr, Jane Rothfield (50 min.)
10:00pmUnusual Instruments Concert E -- Larry Unger, Julie Metcalf (60 min.)
Middle School Auditorium Stage
7:00pmOpen Drum Circle Jam Session TB -- Dave Curry (50 min.)
8:00pmTrad folk on the piano P -- Sara Banleigh (50 min.)
9:00pmOld English Music Hall with The Old Howard Troupe E -- The Old Howard Troupe (50 min.)
10:00pmRowdy, Rollicking Pub Sing-Along GB -- The King's Busketeers (90 min.)
Middle School Rm. 105/106
7:00pmIsraeli Dancing for All DB -- Joan & Jim Savitt (50 min.)
8:00pmGhlendi (Greek Party) NB -- Platana (50 min.)
9:00pmFingerdances waltzes with Bob Pasquarello NS -- Bob Pasquarello (50 min.)
10:00pmEnglish Country Dance: The Gaze in the Dance DX -- Anna Rain; Ball, James & Marcus (90 min.)
Middle School Dance Hall
7:00pmEnglish country dances to Shaker tunes DS -- Melanie Axel-Lute, Alias (50 min.)
8:00pmEnglish Country Dances from Philly DS -- Jenny Beer, Windsor Knot, Thane Glenn (50 min.)
9:00pmWonderful One-Figure Balkan Dances DB -- Janet Yeracaris, Goats Just Wanna Have Fun (50 min.)
10:00pmInternational Dance NS -- Cambridge Folk Orchestra (90 min.)
High School Dance Hall
7:00pmKeepin' It Proper Contras DS -- Don Veino, Kingfisher (50 min.)
8:00pmGo with the Flow Contras DS -- Donna Hunt, Center Street (50 min.)
9:00pmContra Medley DX -- Center Street (20 min.)
9:30pmHello Neighbor, Hello Shadow DS -- Dereck Kalish, The Vinegar Flies (50 min.)
10:30pmPlayful Contras DS -- Sue Gola, Black River Ironworks (60 min.)
High School Rm. 101
8:00pmScandinavian & US Pivot Dances TB -- Patrick McMonagle & Friends (50 min.)
9:00pmIntro to English Country Dance DB -- Carmen Giunta, The Mad Katters (75 min.)
High School Rm. 126
7:00pmWelcome Chantey Sing GB -- Chris Maden, Lynn Noel (50 min.)
8:00pmSteamboat & Roustabout Songs EB -- Charlie Ipcar (50 min.)
9:00pmIrish trad on fiddle/pipes E -- Rosanne Santucci, Jonah Sidman (50 min.)
10:00pm"Resist" Song-Swap and Sing-Around G -- Allen Hopkins (60 min.)
High School Rm. 176
7:00pmNew Songs About Old Songs and Their Singers E -- Larry Kaplan (50 min.)
8:00pmStill We Persist! E -- Constellations (50 min.)
9:00pmKlezmer as World Traveler E -- Wandering Laughter, Alex Lacava (50 min.)
10:00pmSalty Sea & Sweet Shore Songs GB -- Rum-Soaked Crooks (60 min.)

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