NEFFA Events - Sunday April 22, 2018
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2018 Festival. The events for the 2019 Festival will be put here in February 2019

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Middle School Rm. 103/104
10:00amLadarke Plus! GS -- G.B.L.C.P.P.S. Plus (50 min.)
11:00amKlezmer Jam GS -- Shver un Shviger (50 min.)
12:00noonBalkan Song E -- Gogofski (50 min.)
1:00pmHammered & Mountain Dulcimer Duets E -- Barb Levine, Lucy Joan Sollogub (50 min.)
2:00pmOpen Shanty Sing GB -- Shantymen All (50 min.)
3:00pmWaltz Melodies Jam Session GS -- Three Quarter Time (50 min.)
4:00pmEvocation: Songs of Longing, Loss, & Love E -- HeartSoulVoice Ensemble (90 min.)
Middle School Rm. 119
10:00amC Fox Smith - Songs & Ballads C -- Mike Kennedy (50 min.)
11:00amMountain Dulcimer Workshop TB -- Lucy Joan Sollogub (50 min.)
12:00noonRounds Old & New GS -- Vermont Women's Round Sing (50 min.)
1:00pmUkulele Meetup - Sing & Strum GS -- Dan Lynn Watt & Molly Lynn Watt (50 min.)
2:00pmSwing Guitar for Folkies TS -- Christopher Welles (50 min.)
3:00pmWater Is Life, Earth Is Home E -- Constellations (60 min.)
Middle School Auditorium Stage
10:00amBalkan Music Workshop: Hejaz & All That Jazz... TS -- David Golber (50 min.)
11:00amContra Tune Slow Jam GS -- Chris Carpenter & Dave Miller (50 min.)
12:00noonSea Chanteys & Sea Songs E -- Three Sheets to the Wind (50 min.)
1:00pmSongs With Boisterous Shouting! GS -- Emily Kovatch (50 min.)
2:00pmMusic of Scotland & Cape Breton E -- Boston Scottish Fiddle Orchestra (50 min.)
3:00pmOpen Sing GS -- Folk Song Society of Greater Boston (60 min.)
Middle School Rm. 105/106
10:00amIntro to Waltzing DB -- Alan Winston, Lark (75 min.)
11:30amBreton-French Line Up Dancing DS -- Danse Cafe (50 min.)
12:30pmTanz! Yiddish Dance DB -- Jacob Bloom, Shver un Shviger (50 min.)
1:30pmIsraeli Partner Dances DS -- Mladost (50 min.)
2:30pmBalkan Dance! NX -- Gogofski (50 min.)
3:30pmIntro to French Canadian Step Dancing DB -- Cindy Larock, & Friends (75 min.)
Middle School Dance Hall
10:00amBalkan Dance Classics DS -- Louise Brill, Gawain Thomas (50 min.)
11:00amRole Play Contras DS -- Jean Gorrindo, Jacqui Grennan, Not Enough Fiddles (80 min.)
12:30pmWonderful World of Waltz TS -- Peggy Leiby & Ret Turner, Larry Unger & Friends (50 min.)
1:30pmOpen Waltzing NS -- Larry Unger & Friends (50 min.)
2:30pmEnglish Country Dance: Hot Dances, Cool Music DS -- Ted Rudofker, Windsor Knot (50 min.)
3:30pmCroatian Dance Party DS -- Pajdashi (50 min.)
4:30pmInternational Folk Dance Party NS -- Blajini (60 min.)
High School Dance Hall
10:00amZwiefachers -- E-Z to Hard-Z DS -- Ret Turner, The Mother Zwiefacher Orchestra (50 min.)
11:00amEnglish Dance: Impropriety DS -- Brooke Friendly, Hidden River (80 min.)
12:30pmContra Medley NX -- Live Wire (20 min.)
1:00pmAlternating Contras DS -- Donna Hunt, The Royal Oui (50 min.)
2:00pmTed Sannella's Dances DS -- Sue Rosen, Black River Ironworks (50 min.)
3:00pmKindred Contras DS -- Kate McBride, Sugar River Band (50 min.)
4:00pmFestival Orchestra Contras & Squares (Merry Go Round at 4:30pm!) DS -- Sue Gola, Tony Parkes, Bob Isaacs (90 min.)
High School Rm. 123
10:00amFun Scandinavian Dances DF -- Scandinavian Folkdancers of Omaha, Sugar River Band (50 min.)
11:00amDancing Fun for the Whole Family DF -- Frannie Marr, JumpStart (50 min.)
12:00noonFamily Contra Dance DF -- Marcie Van Cleave, Center Street (50 min.)
1:00pmFamily Scottish Country Dance DF -- Boston Teachers of SCD, Gunns & Thistles (50 min.)
2:00pmBad Contra Choreography Contest: Awards Ceremony P -- Greg Frock (60 min.)
High School Rm. 125
10:30amIntro to International Folk Dance DB -- Val Medve, International Folk Sounds (75 min.)
12:00noonIntro to Fun Western Squares DB -- Woody Lane, The Dixie Butterhounds (75 min.)
1:30pmIntroduction to English Country Dance DB -- Barbara Finney, Spare Change (60 min.)
High School Auditorium Stage
10:00amWest Gallery Music GS -- The West Gallery Quire (50 min.)
11:00amShape Note Singing Workshop TB -- Glen Wright & Friends (50 min.)
12:00noonSacred Harp Singing GS -- Norumbega Harmony (50 min.)
1:00pmFolk-Inspired Orchestra Music from Around the World E -- Great Woods Orchestra (60 min.)
2:15pmDance Performances E -- Eve Tribal Belly Dance Company; Boston Scottish Country Dancers; El Arte Flamenco; White Eagle Folk Dance Academy; Mladost; Samskrithi; Mladost; Country Dance Society, Boston Centre (135 min.)
High School Rm. 176
10:00amA Family Cabaret EF -- Jackson Gillman (50 min.)
11:00amCroatian Folk Songs E -- Pajdashi (50 min.)
12:00noonOld Time Fiddle Tune Workshop TS -- Cathy Mason (50 min.)
1:00pmCampaign Songs for Henry Wallace GB -- Tony Saletan (50 min.)
2:00pmThe NEFFA Funny Song Swap Hour E -- Joel Landy (50 min.)
3:00pmTripping Up the Stairs E -- Ulster Landing (60 min.)
High School Rm. 177
10:00amNEFFA Annual Meeting: ALL Welcome! -- (50 min.)
11:00amWhat's So Funny? E -- Mike Agranoff (50 min.)
12:00noonHop Jigs, Mazurkas, & Slides. Oh My! P -- The Vox Hunters (50 min.)
1:00pmContra Choreography C -- Chris Page (50 min.)
2:00pmOld Time Gospel Sing GB -- Dallal & Henry (50 min.)
3:00pmContemporary Nordic Folk A Cappella E -- Northbound (50 min.)
4:00pmClosing Sing-Around G -- Allen Hopkins (90 min.)
Main Entrance
10:00amMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Cutting Edge, Handsome Molly, Rare Earth Morris, Stick'n the Mist (50 min.)
11:00amMorris & Sword Dancing E -- And Sometimes Y, Harbour Steel, Still River Sword (50 min.)
12:00noonMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Maple Leaf Morris, Green Mountain Morris, Renegade Morris (50 min.)
1:00pmMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Braintrust Morris, Griggstown Lock Rapper Sword, Hop Brook Morris (50 min.)
2:00pmMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Go Figure, Wake Robin Morris, Rustbelt Rapper (50 min.)
3:00pmMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Hart's Brook Garland, Pokingbrook Morris (60 min.)

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