NEFFA Events - Saturday April 21, 2018
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2018 Festival. The events for the 2019 Festival will be put here in February 2019

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Middle School Rm. 103/104
10:00amScottish Music Concert E -- Strathspey & Reel Society of NH (50 min.)
11:00amMarxophone & More E -- Katherine Rhoda (50 min.)
12:00noonOld Time Tunes Jam GS -- South Coast (50 min.)
1:00pmHalf the Notes, Twice the Fun! GS -- Julie Vallimont, Jon Cannon (50 min.)
2:00pmSocial Music E -- Sounds of the South (50 min.)
3:00pmSibling Harmony E -- The Oshima Brothers (50 min.)
4:00pmGood Songs About Bad People E -- Outrageous Fortune (50 min.)
5:00pmSharp's Dancing England! E -- Alex Cumming & Friends (50 min.)
6:00pmSurf n' Turf E -- The Vox Hunters, Anayis Wright (50 min.)
7:00pmSongs of Harbors & Seas E -- Bob Wright (50 min.)
8:00pmMany Strings that Sing P -- Marie Hamilton (50 min.)
9:00pmKitchen Junket E -- Lorraine & Bennett Hammond (50 min.)
10:00pmBallads, Blues, & Sentimental Old Songs E -- Pete Kraemer (60 min.)
Middle School Rm. 119
10:00amClam Chowder & Kangaroos EF -- Jean Schwartz (50 min.)
11:00amMake Your Own Musical Instrument GF -- Jeannine Ameduri (50 min.)
12:00noonSingable Storybooks GF -- Sarah Jane Nelson (50 min.)
1:00pmHumor Us E -- Evy Mayer (50 min.)
2:00pmRounds Galore & More GB -- The Rounds Galore & More Singers (50 min.)
3:00pmNEFFA Program Committee: How Does It Work? C -- Jon Cannon, Nicole Singer (50 min.)
4:00pmBeginning Ukulele TB -- Jacqui Grennan (50 min.)
5:00pmHarpocalypse: Folk Harp Jam GS -- Marie Hamilton (50 min.)
6:00pmSongs that Crossed the Pond GB -- Little Blue Heron (50 min.)
7:00pmNyckelharpa Presentation & Workshop T -- Matt Fichtenbaum & lydia ievins (50 min.)
8:00pmHow to Play the Irish Bodhran TB -- Jeanne Hansberry, Dave Miller (50 min.)
9:00pmCrankie Show & Workshop P -- Julie Vallimont (50 min.)
10:00pmScottish Hearts in Love E -- Anne Kazlauskas, Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner (60 min.)
Middle School Auditorium Stage
10:00amSea Song: Chanteys, Airs & Graces GB -- Ridge Kennedy (50 min.)
11:00amSouth African Singing Workshop GB -- Patty Cuyler (50 min.)
12:00noonWork & Working Folks E -- Fischman, O'Hanlon & Smith (50 min.)
1:00pmBalkan Kefana Singalong GS -- Balkan Kefana (50 min.)
2:00pmIrish Whistle Ornamentation TS -- Kirsten Erwin, Adlai Waksman (50 min.)
3:00pmHow to Play the Bones TB -- Stephen Brown & Friends (50 min.)
4:00pmChantey Blast G -- Mystic Seaport Chantey Singers (50 min.)
5:00pmMcQuillen Tune Slow Jam GS -- Chris Carpenter & Dave Miller (50 min.)
6:00pmRowdy, Rollicking Pub Sing! GB -- The King's Busketeers (50 min.)
7:00pmWacky Waltz Rhythms Workshop TS -- Danse Cafe (50 min.)
8:00pmWorld Harmony Singing E -- Boston Harmony (50 min.)
9:00pmFolk Americana E -- Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards (60 min.)
Middle School Rm. 105/106
10:00amIntroduction to Scottish Country Dancing DB -- Boston Teachers of SCD, Gunns & Thistles (75 min.)
11:30amWelcome to the Contra Dance! DB -- Jean Gorrindo, The Royal Oui (75 min.)
1:00pmOpen Cajun Jam For Dancing NS -- Amy & Jonathan Larkin (50 min.)
2:00pmTricky Balkan Dances TS -- Ed Abelson, Tom Pixton (50 min.)
3:00pmBeranche: Basic & Bodacious Balkan TS -- Tom Roby, No Borders Beranche Band (50 min.)
4:00pmEverything's Coming Up Roros! NS -- Roroslaget (50 min.)
5:00pmScandinavian Couple Dancing NS -- Stefhan Ohlstrom, Toby Weinberg (50 min.)
6:00pmBulgarian Dances NS -- Zornitsa (65 min.)
7:15pmRiveting Russian Returns TS -- Murray Spiegel, Bjelalitsa Chorus (65 min.)
8:30pmCouple Dances from the Czech Republic TS -- Marcie Van Cleave (50 min.)
9:30pmJug Band Blues Dance NS -- Outrageous Fortune (50 min.)
10:30pmModern English Set Dances DX -- Sam Rotenberg, Triolet (60 min.)
Middle School Dance Hall
10:00amInternational Folk Dance Party NS -- Panharmonium (50 min.)
11:00amLearn the Swedish Hambo TB -- Patrick McMonagle & Marjorie Nugent, Toby Weinberg, Stefhan Ohlstrom (50 min.)
12:00noonBourree Favorites TS -- Marie Wendt, Beau Camion (50 min.)
1:00pmEasy International Folk Dance Party NS -- International Folk Sounds (50 min.)
2:00pmContra Medley NX -- Coracree (20 min.)
2:30pmMake Some Waves Contras DS -- Alexandra Deis-Lauby, Coracree (50 min.)
3:30pmSquare It Up! Square Dances DS -- Steve Pike, The Dead Sea Squirrels (50 min.)
4:30pmYouth Festival Orchestra: Across the Board Contras DS -- Don Veino (50 min.)
5:30pmWaltz, Schottische & More NS -- Gypsy Minor (50 min.)
6:30pmScottish Country Dancing DS -- Howard Lasnik, The White Cockade (50 min.)
7:30pmEnglish Country Dance Festival Orchestra DS -- Barbara Finney (50 min.)
8:30pmEnglish Ceilidh for All! DB -- Alex Cumming Dance Band (50 min.)
9:30pmMoonlight Dancing -- International Folk Dance NS -- Shining Moon (50 min.)
10:30pmBulgarian Dancing NS -- Zdravets (60 min.)
High School Dance Hall
10:00amCaptivating Complexity English Country Dance DX -- Miriam Newman, Northeast Extension (50 min.)
11:00amA Choreographic History of Contra Dance DS -- Greg Frock, Spare Change (50 min.)
12:00noonTriple Contras That Move DS -- Tony Parkes, Dogtown (50 min.)
1:00pmFestival Orchestra Contras & Squares DS -- Susan Elberger, Ridge Kennedy (50 min.)
2:00pmContra Medley NX -- Whirlwind (20 min.)
2:30pmFestive Yet Tasteful English Country Dance DS -- Joanna Reiner Wilkinson, Intuition (80 min.)
4:00pmBalkan Joy! NS -- Balkan Fields (50 min.)
5:00pmInternational Dancing for All NS -- Pinewoods Band (50 min.)
6:00pmRum & Onions XXXIX -- Contras DS -- David Millstone, Rum & Onions (50 min.)
7:00pmNot-So-Trad Singing Squares DS -- Too Hot Mamas, Tune-nado (50 min.)
8:00pmLinda Leslie Tribute DS -- Joy Compass (50 min.)
9:00pmFun with Symmetry Contra Dances DS -- Frannie Marr, Raise the Roof (50 min.)
10:00pmContra Party! DS -- Bill Olson, Eric Black, Center Street (90 min.)
High School Rm. 123
10:00amSong & Dance for Children GF -- Little Blue Heron (50 min.)
11:00amFamily Dance DF -- Too Hot Mamas, T-Acadie (50 min.)
12:00noonBarn Dance for Everyone DB -- Jacob Bloom, Caravan (50 min.)
1:00pmIntro to Contra Dancing DB -- Sue Gola, The Orphans (75 min.)
2:30pmIntro to International Folk Dancing DB -- Jonathan Young, The Next Generation (75 min.)
4:00pmSeated Square Dances DB -- Fred Wersan, Assabet Ramblers (50 min.)
5:00pmTraditional Irish Session GX -- Celtic Roots (50 min.)
6:00pmSweet Freedom's Songs E -- Deborah Goss (50 min.)
7:00pmYou've Got Rhythm! Mostly for Fiddlers, But All Welcome TS -- Jane Rothfield (50 min.)
8:00pmTraditional Music Slow Jam GS -- Nick Pangaro (50 min.)
9:00pmBulgarian Music Styling GS -- Ralph Iverson (50 min.)
10:00pmMaking a Living: Yiddish Songs of Work E -- Ruby Poltorak, Horseradish! (60 min.)
High School Rm. 125
10:00amIntro to English Country Dance DB -- Sue Rosen, Bruce Rosen & Nora Smith (75 min.)
11:30amIntro to Int'l Folk Dance DB -- Janet Yeracaris, Shining Moon (75 min.)
1:00pmSchottis 101/102: Inventive Variations DB -- Joan & Jim Savitt, John Chambers (75 min.)
2:30pmIntro to Square Dancing DB -- Beth Parkes, The Dixie Butterhounds (75 min.)
4:00pmFlatfoot Clogging for Everyone TB -- Woody Lane, Raise the Roof (75 min.)
5:30pmIntro to Rapper Sword Dance TB -- Michael Resnick, Niki Yeracaris (75 min.)
7:00pmTrad Song Swap Party GS -- Nicole Singer (80 min.)
8:30pmSwedish Couple Dances NS -- Matt Fichtenbaum & Friends (50 min.)
9:30pmPolish Dance Workshop TB -- Richard Schmidt (50 min.)
10:30pmIrish Set Dancing DS -- Rebecca McGowan, The Sunny Banks (60 min.)
High School Auditorium Stage
10:00amNorumbega Tunebook Singing GS -- Norumbega Harmony (50 min.)
11:00amFoc's'le Songs Open Sing GB -- Greybeard's Fancy (50 min.)
12:00noonTraditional Music From Ireland, Scotland, & Cape Breton E -- Celtic Roots (50 min.)
1:00pmGospel Sing G -- October's Dream (60 min.)
3:15pmDance Performances E -- Sabaya; Triveni Dancers; Krakowiak Polish Dancers of Boston, Inc.; Chinese Folk Art Workshop; Samburis -- Lithuanian Folk Dance Group of Boston; FiddleKicks Cloggers; Chinese Folk Art Workshop; Trade Route Tribal Dance; Scandinavian Folkdancers of Omaha; Iskwelahang Pilipino; Wayside Inn Steppers; Germantown Country Dancers (165 min.)
6:30pmHonky Tonk Sing-A-Long GB -- Planet Banjo (50 min.)
7:30pmInfluences That Became Dylan G -- Trail Mix (50 min.)
8:30pmJug Band Music E -- KC Moaners (50 min.)
9:30pmThar She Blows! E -- Greybeard's Fancy (50 min.)
10:30pmDrinking Songs G -- April Grant (60 min.)
High School Rm. 176
10:00amPre-Israeli Songs from the 20's & 30's P -- Yaron Shragai (50 min.)
11:00amMeet the Bagpipes P -- Neal MacMillan (50 min.)
12:00noonLilting Jam! GS -- Armand Aromin & Angela DeCarlis (50 min.)
1:00pmCultivating Consent-Centric Contra C -- Ron Blechner (50 min.)
2:00pmEnglish Concertina Workshop: I Can't Believe It's Not Anglo TS -- The Vox Hunters (50 min.)
3:00pmIrish & Irish-American Traditional Songs E -- Bonnie & Dan Milner (50 min.)
4:00pmSlow Irish Session GS -- Celtic Roots (50 min.)
5:00pmOld Time Clawhammer Banjo Tunes TS -- Jane Rothfield (50 min.)
6:00pmAppalachian Dulcimer Workshop TS -- Robert Tincher (50 min.)
7:00pmNew Old-Time Tunes TS -- Becky Miller (50 min.)
8:00pmSteamboat & Roustabout Songs GS -- Charlie Ipcar (50 min.)
9:00pmScottish Jam Session GB -- Alan Wilson (50 min.)
10:00pmDead Lovers & Cruel Mothers E -- Dave Richardson (60 min.)
High School Rm. 177
10:00amPlay Romanian GS -- Ralph Iverson (50 min.)
11:00amEnglish Dance Caller's Chat CS -- Alan Winston (50 min.)
12:00noonCDSS: Looking Ahead C -- Katy German, Gaye Fifer (60 min.)
2:00pmResist! Song-Swap & Sing-Around G -- Allen Hopkins (50 min.)
3:00pmFrench Jam! GB -- Mark Vidor (50 min.)
4:00pmBuilding a Contra Dance Band CB -- Live Wire (50 min.)
5:00pmSongs in Languages Other than English GB -- Clarice Kjerulff (50 min.)
6:00pmFolk Organizers: Tech Power-Up! C -- Don Veino (50 min.)
7:00pmHarmonious Relationships: Playing Your Part TS -- The French Connection (50 min.)
8:00pmWhat's That Chord? Alternatives for Guitar TX -- Allan Carr (50 min.)
9:00pmSwing Era Harmony Singing TS -- The Mood Elevators (60 min.)
Main Entrance
10:00amMorris & Sword Dancing E -- A Sworded Affair, Ha'Penny Morris, Mystic Garland Dancers, Red Herring Morris (50 min.)
11:00amMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Bubble Rapper, Great Meadows Morris and Sword, Jack in the Green Morris (50 min.)
12:00noonMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Bassett St. Hounds, Nobska Lights, Ring O' Bells Morris (50 min.)
1:00pmMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Great Meadows Morris and Sword, Orion Longsword, Oxbow Morris (50 min.)
2:00pmMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Half Moon Sword, Johnny Jump Ups, Pinewoods Morris Men (50 min.)
3:00pmMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Muddy River Morris, On The Border Morris, Vineyard Swordfish (50 min.)
4:00pmMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Banbury Cross Morris, Charles River Rapper, Juggler Meadow Morris Men, No Apologies Rapper (50 min.)
5:00pmMorris & Sword Dancing E -- Firebird, Heartwood Morris, Newtowne Morris Men (60 min.)

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