NEFFA Events - Saturday April 13, 2019
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2019 Festival. The events for the 2020 Festival will be put here in February 2020

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Middle School Rm. 103/104
10:00amSouth African Singing Workshop GB -- Patty Cuyler (50 min.)
11:00amQuaker Folk/Trad E -- Jesse Ball, Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe (50 min.)
12:00noonHammered and Mountain Dulcimer Duets E -- Barb Levine, Lucy Joan Sollogub (50 min.)
1:00pmEnglish Country Dance Tune Jam Session GS -- Hot Toddy (50 min.)
2:00pmBanjo & Piano E -- Ken Perlman, Janine Randall (50 min.)
3:00pmChorus Songs G -- Mike Agranoff (50 min.)
4:00pmMcQuillen Tune Slow Jam GS -- Chris Carpenter, Dave Miller (50 min.)
5:00pmBalkan Kefana Singalong GS -- Balkan Kefana (50 min.)
6:00pmPioneering Women of Song E -- Marylou Ferrante (50 min.)
7:00pmHammered Dulcimers in Concert E -- New England Hammered Dulcimer Players (50 min.)
8:00pmConcert and Crankies E -- Julie Vallimont & Co. (50 min.)
9:00pmWaltz Slow Jam GS -- Kara and Joe (50 min.)
10:00pmBalkan Song Concert E -- Gogofski (60 min.)
Middle School Rm. 119
10:00amClam Chowder & Kangaroos E -- Jean Schwartz (50 min.)
11:00amFamily Song Circle GF -- Children's Music Network (New England Region) (50 min.)
12:00noonSingable Stories GF -- Sarah Jane Nelson, Andre White (50 min.)
1:00pmSong & Dance for Children GF -- Little Blue Heron (50 min.)
2:00pmSinging Games from the Middle East GF -- Little Blue Heron (50 min.)
3:00pmTall Tales, Silly Stories & Songs E -- Mark Binder (50 min.)
4:00pmMarxophone & More E -- Katherine Rhoda (50 min.)
5:00pmPlaying Blues on the Fiddle TS -- Bill Gregg (50 min.)
6:00pmUntangling Balkan Music TB -- Yaron Shragai (50 min.)
7:00pmTrad Songs and Tunes E -- Neal MacMillan, Joanie Bronfman (50 min.)
8:00pmBalkan Accordion Treasures E -- Gawain Thomas (50 min.)
9:00pmDark as a Dungeon GB -- Robert Tincher (50 min.)
10:00pmDance Tunes GS -- Ron Buchanan, Gray Buchanan (60 min.)
Middle School Auditorium Stage
10:00amNorumbega Tunebook Singing GS -- Norumbega Harmony (50 min.)
11:00amEnglish Handbell Ringing - An Introduction TB -- Connecticut Handbell Musicians (50 min.)
12:00noonScottish Music Concert E -- Strathspey & Reel Society of NH, Sylvia Miskoe (50 min.)
1:00pmWorld Harmony Singing E -- Boston Harmony (50 min.)
2:00pmNew Songs from Old Traditions E -- Fischman, O'Hanlon & Smith (50 min.)
3:00pmFaroese Ballad Dance TB -- Faroese Dancers (50 min.)
4:00pmMusic of Scotland & Cape Breton E -- Boston Scottish Fiddle Orchestra (50 min.)
5:00pmRounds: Rain, Sea & a Cup of Tea GB -- Vermont Women's Round Sing (50 min.)
6:00pmIrish Traditional Fiddle Tunes P -- Becky Miller (50 min.)
7:00pmIntro to Doumbek & Middle Eastern Rhythms TB -- Dave Curry (50 min.)
8:00pmAcross the Pond and Beyond E -- Corner House (50 min.)
9:00pmMusic from the Republic of Georgia E -- Iveria (50 min.)
10:00pmWomen of the 50's & 60's Folk Revival GF -- Trail Mix (60 min.)
Middle School Rm. 105/106
10:00amScottish Country Dancing for the Whole Family DF -- Boston Teachers of SCD, Gunns & Thistles, Sue Chari (50 min.)
11:00amNew England Barn Dance DF -- Don Veino, Sugar River Band (50 min.)
12:00noonBalkan Dance Party NS -- Gogofski (50 min.)
1:00pmNorth Atlantic Social Dance DS -- Spaelimenn, Charlie Pilzer (50 min.)
2:00pmBalk-Free Balkan DS -- Balkan Fields (50 min.)
3:00pmDancing the 1910's and 1920's DB -- Chris Ricciotti, Katy Bishop (65 min.)
4:15pmDansgladdje - Swedish Couple Dances NX -- Toby Weinberg, Stefhan Ohlstrom (50 min.)
5:15pmBallo Liscio - Italian Waltzes, Polkas & More NS -- I Suonatori Della Val Cippola (50 min.)
6:15pmIsraeli Partner Mixers DB -- Larry Denenberg & Friends, The Migratory Thrushes (50 min.)
7:15pmRomanian Dance Party NX -- Pinewoods Band (65 min.)
8:30pmBulgarian Dancing NS -- Zdravets (50 min.)
9:30pmOpen Cajun Jam for Dancing GG/NS -- Open Cajun Jam Band (50 min.)
10:30pmBarrel House All Night Long - Blues Dance NS -- Pete Kraemer, Howard Stith (60 min.)
Middle School Dance Hall
10:00amInternational Folk Dance Party NS -- Panharmonium (50 min.)
11:00amIntermediate Waltz Workshop TS -- Ret Turner, Peggy Leiby, Spare Change (50 min.)
12:00noonEnglish Impropriety DS -- Brooke Friendly, Intuition (50 min.)
1:00pmRousing Russian Dances TS -- Murray Spiegel, Randi Spiegel, Bjelalitsa Chorus, Murray Spiegel (50 min.)
2:00pmCacophony of Contra GS -- Dan Black, Raise the Roof (50 min.)
3:00pmSinging Call Square Dances DS -- Tod Whittemore, Woody & the Westside Warblers (50 min.)
4:00pmEverybody Chains Contras DS -- Ron Blechner, Youth Festival Orchestra (50 min.)
5:00pmContra Medley DX -- Coracree (20 min.)
5:30pmDances from Brittany DB -- Fabien Goulay, Lisa Tamres, Bagad New York (50 min.)
6:30pmBeret? Berry? Bourree! - French Dances TS -- Marie Wendt, Beau Camion (50 min.)
7:30pmECD: British Women Choreographers DS -- Megan Wilson, Northeast Extension (50 min.)
8:30pmAnglo/Scottish Ceilidh DB -- Alex Cumming Dance Band (50 min.)
9:30pmBulgarian Dance Party with Divi Zheni DS -- Divi Zheni, Divi Zheni Accompanists (50 min.)
10:30pmBalkan Dance with Rakiya NS -- Rakiya (60 min.)
High School Dance Hall
10:00amAppealing English Country Dances DS -- Miriam Newman, Hot Toddy, Agnes Coakley Cox (50 min.)
11:00amNo Circle Becket Contras DS -- Bob Golder, Roaring Jelly (50 min.)
12:00noonModern Classic Contras DS -- Sue Rosen, The Bone Folders (50 min.)
1:00pmTriple Play Contras DS -- David Millstone, Festival Orchestra (50 min.)
2:00pmWaltzing NS -- Larry Unger & Friends (50 min.)
3:00pmThree-Quarters English (ECD) DS -- Melissa Running, Hidden River (50 min.)
4:00pmDancing in the Moonlight NS -- Shining Moon (50 min.)
5:00pmContra Medley DX -- Free Association (20 min.)
5:30pmContras Squared DS -- Bob Isaacs, Rockin' Band (50 min.)
6:30pm75th Anniv Dance Bash: Contra, Square, English, Couple, Intl! -- Les Bricolages (80 min.)
8:00pmDiamond Anniv Squares & Contras DS -- Jeremy Korr, Dogtown (50 min.)
9:00pmRum & Onions XL DS -- Tony Parkes, Rum & Onions, Dugan Murphy (50 min.)
10:00pmLarks & Ravens Contra Party! DS -- Angela DeCarlis; Eric Boodman, Casey Murray & Jesse Ball (90 min.)
High School Rm. 101
10:00amWaltz Basics TB -- Joan & Jim Savitt, Kara and Joe (75 min.)
11:30amIntro to International Folk Dance DB -- Jeanne Clifford, Shining Moon, Jeanne Clifford (75 min.)
1:00pmIntro to English Country Dance TB -- Sue Rosen, Bruce Rosen, Catherine Miller (75 min.)
2:30pmBasics of Contra Dance! TB -- Angela DeCarlis, JumpStart (75 min.)
4:00pmSongs of the Italian Taverns GB -- Vecchio Stile (50 min.)
5:00pmTricky Balkan Dances TS -- Ed Abelson, Tom Pixton (50 min.)
6:00pmHonky Tonk Sing-A-Long GB -- Planet Banjo (65 min.)
7:15pmSwedish Couple Dances NS -- Matt Fichtenbaum & Friends (65 min.)
8:30pmPro-pols-ive Norwegian Couple Dances NX -- Brian Wilson, Bruce Sagan (50 min.)
9:30pmTrad Song Swap Party GS -- Nicole Singer (60 min.)
High School Rm. 123
10:00amTribal Fusion Bellydance for Beginners TB -- Eve Tribal Belly Dance Company (75 min.)
11:30amIntro to Contra Dancing TB -- Anne Lutun, Cake Jam! (75 min.)
1:00pmContra for New Dancers TB -- Melanie Axel-Lute, Spare Change (75 min.)
2:30pmIntro to International Folk Dance DB -- Val Medve, International Folk Sounds (75 min.)
4:00pmSeated Square Dances DB -- Fred Wersan, Assabet Ramblers (50 min.)
5:00pmRomanian Cimbalom P -- Plaiurile Dornelor Musicians (50 min.)
6:00pmRomanian Music of Bucovina P -- Plaiurile Dornelor Musicians (50 min.)
7:00pmDjango, Jazz, and Bluegrazz E -- Blue Jersey Band (50 min.)
8:00pmRiga Dimd! Songs in Latvian GB -- EJ Barnes (50 min.)
9:00pmEnglish Village Band E -- Queen Victoria's Secret (50 min.)
10:00pmSongs with Boisterous Shouting! GS -- Emily Kovatch, Judah Sher (60 min.)
High School Rm. 126
10:00amUkulele Strum & Sing GS -- Dan Lynn Watt & Molly Lynn Watt (50 min.)
11:00amHow to Play the Bones TB -- Stephen Brown & Friends, Ryan Thomson (50 min.)
12:00noonHarpapalooza Harp Jam GB -- Jay Michaels, Marie Hamilton (50 min.)
1:00pmIntroduction to Breton Dance Music G -- Danse Cafe, Mark Vidor (50 min.)
2:00pmFrench Jam! GB -- Mark Vidor (50 min.)
3:00pmChanteys: How Did They Work? P -- Chris Koldewey, Joy Bennett (50 min.)
4:00pmPopular Songs of the Early 1900s GB -- Evy Mayer, Marco Brehm (50 min.)
5:00pmOn Average, the Middle of the Atlantic E -- David Diamond (50 min.)
6:00pmConcertina Master Class G -- Jody Kruskal (50 min.)
7:00pmConcertina Chorus Songs G -- Jody Kruskal (50 min.)
8:00pmStories for Grownups E -- Helen Engelhardt, David Diamond (50 min.)
9:00pmWe's the Boys P -- Mike Kennedy, Paul Mercer (50 min.)
10:00pmBohemian Heart and Soul E -- Janna Maria Frohlich, Joy Grimes (60 min.)
High School Auditorium Stage
10:00amFiddling without Pain CB -- Carol Kycia (50 min.)
11:00amBird Talk: Why Larks & Ravens For Contra? C -- Scott Higgs & Co. (60 min.)
12:30pmDance Performances E -- Plaiurile Dornelor, Origins Folkloric Dance Company, Wayside Inn Steppers, Trade Route Tribal Dance, White Eagle Folk Dance Academy, Germantown Country Dancers, Iskwelahang Pilipino, Samskrithi, Mladost, Desert Moon Dancers, Samburis -- Lithuanian Folk Dance Group of Boston, Triveni Dancers (180 min.)
4:00pmHomemade Hootenanny GB -- Bob & Jeanne Zentz (50 min.)
5:00pmHow to Play the Irish Bodhran TB -- Jeanne Hansberry, Dave Miller (50 min.)
6:00pmMystic Seaport Chantey Sing for All GB -- Mystic Seaport Chantey Singers (50 min.)
7:00pmOpen Foc's'le Song Sing GB -- Greybeard's Fancy (50 min.)
8:00pmPirate Chanteys! GS -- ARRR!!! (50 min.)
9:00pmThe Musical Poetry of Dylan and Cohen E -- Ergo Canto (50 min.)
10:00pmThe Road Back Home Again E -- Meridian, Colin de la Barre (60 min.)
High School Rm. 176
10:00amAthiest & Agnostic "Hymns" & Songs GB -- Lynz Morahn, Cate Clifford (50 min.)
11:00amBallads Old & New GB -- Colleen Cleveland, Lynn Feingold (50 min.)
12:00noonWhat They Sing In Cape Breton E -- Chuck Hall (50 min.)
1:00pmLilting Jam GB -- Armand Aromin, Angela DeCarlis (50 min.)
2:00pmDADGAD 101 - Intro to DADGAD TS -- Chuck Hall (50 min.)
3:00pmThe Mighty Harmonica: Blowing the Wind Chops! TB -- Steven Weiss (50 min.)
4:00pmRomanian Jam GS -- Ralph Iverson (50 min.)
5:00pmInternational Jaw Harp Jam GB -- Little Blue Heron (50 min.)
6:00pmNyckelharpa round-robin E -- Harpas Three (50 min.)
7:00pmOf Rivers & Railroads: Old Time Ballads & Fiddle Tunes E -- High Strung Strummers (50 min.)
8:00pmPower Harmonies GS -- Ken Mattsson, Lynn Noel (50 min.)
9:00pmHardangerfiddle Tunes & Stories E -- Toby Weinberg (50 min.)
10:00pmSinging for Peace GB -- Gary Blanchard (60 min.)
Main Entrance
10:00amMorris Dance E -- Great Meadows Morris and Sword, Heartwood Morris, Stick'n the Mist (50 min.)
11:00amMorris and Sword Dance E -- Vineyard Swordfish, A Sworded Affair, Muddy River Morris (50 min.)
12:00noonMorris and Sword Dance E -- Maple Leaf Morris, Charles River Rapper, Wake Robin Morris, Ladies of the Rolling Pin (50 min.)
1:00pmMorris and Sword Dance E -- Harbour Steel, No Apologies Rapper, Hop Brook Morris (50 min.)
2:00pmMorris and Sword Dance E -- And Sometimes Y, Midnight Capers Morris & Sword, Hart's Brook Garland (50 min.)
3:00pmMorris and Sword Dance E -- Great Meadows Morris and Sword, Bassett St. Hounds, Firebird (50 min.)
4:00pmMorris, Sword, and Garland Dance E -- Ha'Penny Morris, Half Moon Sword, Mystic Garland Dancers (50 min.)
5:00pmMorris Dance E -- Pokingbrook Morris, Mass Morris, Jack in the Green Morris (60 min.)

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