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7:00pmSmooth and Crunchy Contras DS Favorite Old Time Tunes Slow Jam GS Israeli Dancing for All DB Welcome to NEFFA ECD! DS Intro to International Folk Dance TB A Tale or Two E     Romanian Jam/Teach GS Sound Basics TB A Cappella Coachfest TS Contemporary Sea Songs of Survival and Distress GS 7:00pm
7:30pmFiddle without Pain C 7:30pm
8:00pmKeen Contras DS Songs with Boisterous Shouting!! GS Greek Dance DB Remembering Christine Helwig (ECD) DS Contra for Beginners DB Old Time Backup Guitar Basics TS Sea Chanteys 101 TB FSSGB Song Swap GB Songs from All Over E Echoes of Caledonia E
Scottish Cello Trio
Exploring Beyond the Traditions E 8:00pm
8:30pmSouthern New England Fiddle Tunes P 8:30pm
9:00pmContra Medley NX Pub Sing GB International Folk Dance NS Beautiful Waltzes NS English Country Dance: A Gentle Introduction TB Folk & Fusion Music & Dance E Contra Choreography C Whistling Whorkshop TS The Irish Tradition Influence E Tunes from Old England TS Ginger Sea 'Neath the Celtic Moon E 9:00pm
9:30pmGo with the Flow! Contras DS Old Time Fiddle and Banjo Duets E 9:30pm
10:00pmBulgarian Line Dances NS The Gaze In The Dance - Challenging ECD DX Fusion Dance DB   Supernatural Songs and Stories GB         10:00pm
10:30pmWill They, Won't They Contras DS   10:30pm
11:30pmFestival Closed for the Day11:30pm

New England Folk Festival Association