NEFFA Event Catalog
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2020 Festival. The events for the 2021 Festival will be put here in February 2021

50s, 60s Folk Revival Favorites -- GF Friday 8:00pm Room 218E
Over the years Trail Mix has performed many cherished songs from the Folk Revival period. This year we perform the group's and our audience's favorites. Audience participation definitely encouraged.
A-Plus - Fiddle Tunes in Cross-A Tuning -- TS Saturday 5:00pm Room 144S
Paula Wheeler and Matt McConeghy and friends will demonstrate AEAE tuning for fiddle and teach some classic fiddle tunes from Art Stamper, K.C. Kartchner, Tommy Jarrell and other fiddle icons. Banjos and Guitars welcome to play along. Music provided.
Balfolk Sampler (French Dancing) -- TB Sunday 2:00pm Student Center West
Sample a variety of Balfolk dances (aka French traditional dances) popular in Europe and the US today. These include easy chain, couple, and set dances.
Balkan Accordion Treasures -- E Saturday 10:00am Room 224E
Tradition songs and meoldies from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, and Romania.
Balkan and Int'l Dance Party -- NS Saturday 9:00pm Lower Gym
Balkan and International dance party with Sladka
Balkan Dance! -- NX Saturday 7:00pm Commons B
cocekberancheusestdevtorka and more with Gogofski
Balkan Dance Party -- NS Saturday 10:15pm Lower Gym
Balkan dance party with Rakiya
Balkan Kefana Sing-along -- GS Saturday 4:00pm Room 106N
Come sing along (or just enjoy listening to) "old city songs"and/or dance songs from Macedonia and surrounding areas, evoking the pleasure ("kefi") of singing with old friends around the table at a celebration, or in the village tavern or coffeehouse.
Balkan Song! -- E Saturday 2:00pm Room 218E
Are there any happy Roma songs? Come listen to Gogofski and find out.
Ballad Swap -- GB Sunday 10:00am Room 224E
A sing-around event in which participants are invited to contribute a ballad.
Ballo Liscio from Italy (Couple Dances) -- NS Saturday 5:00pm Commons B
Ballo Liscio from Italy: Polcas, Tangos, Waltzes, Mazurcas
Banjo for Blues, Gospel & Ghosts -- E Sunday 12:00noon Room 232S
Clawhammer banjo with Cece Borjeson - covering old & new blues tunes by Dock Boggs, Bukka White, Guy Davis, along with traditional gospel and some spine-chiller songs. We'll do a few sing-alongs, so bring your warmed up voices!
Barn Dance for Everyone -- DB Sunday 12:00noon Room 136S
Dancing for the fun of it! Simple set dances, no experience needed.
Beatles Sing Along -- GF Sunday 10:00am Commons B
Please join us as we sing songs that were a Revolution in their day, and are still fun 50 years later
Becoming a Better Harmonica Player -- TS Saturday 7:00pm Room 232S
For intermediate harmonica who want to improve. I will go through a series of intermediate and advanced skills, techniques and tricks that will simply make you better. I will introduce mouth percussion wind chops and some tunes that will push your limits, as well as provide you with special harmonica tablature to enable you to access more advanced tunes. Bring a G major diatonic, Richter tuned harmonica to play.
Beranche: Basic and Bodacious Balkan -- DS Saturday 6:00pm Commons B
Learn the footwork and styling to several dances in the Beranche uneven-five rhythm (SQQSQ). Amaze your friends by knowing what to do when the band plays one of those wonderful tunes.
Best Contra Dances of the Decade -- DS Saturday 7:30pm Upper Gym
A selection of some of the best contra dances written in the 2010s.
Blues Dance -- DB Saturday 8:00pm Student Center West
An introduction to blues dance. Blues is a dance style closely related to swing, usually partnered and danced to blues, R&B, or slow jazz music.
Breton Line and Circle Dances -- TS Saturday 2:00pm Upper Gym
Learn social dances from Brittany
Bulgarian Dancing -- NS Sunday 11:00am Commons B
Zdravets plays and sings village-style music "mostly from Bulgaria," using traditional Bulgarian folk instruments and vocal styles. Most of the dances we do are easy to pick up!
Bulgarian Dancing -- NS Sunday 4:15pm Lower Gym
Easy Bulgarian line dances; music by Zornitsa, a men's Bulgarian singing group with instrumental accompaniment.
Cajun Open Jam, dancers invited -- GS Saturday 7:00pm Student Center West
Open Cajun Jam, dancers welcome
A calendar of finger plays and movement songs for young children -- GF Saturday 12:00noon Room 144S
engaging songs for children ages 18 months to 7 years and their families - counting songs, zipper songs, movement songs for the whole year! great for teachers too!
California Contras -- DS Sunday 3:00pm Upper Gym
Contras written by California choreographers
Cape Breton Ceilidh Concert -- E Saturday 5:00pm Room 136S
Traditional and lively fiddle music from Cape Breton Island.
Celtic Misery Singalong -- E Sunday 3:00pm Room 136S
Some of the most beautiful tunes are used for songs of misery- lost love, transportation, death. Lots of choruses and refrains for everyone to sing.
Clam Chowder & Kangaroos -- E Saturday 10:00am Room 144S
Songs for children & the young at heart
Classic Contra Dance Chestnuts -- DS Saturday 2:00pm Lower Gym
Great Contra Dances, old and not-so-old that have passed the test of time.
Closing Sing-Around -- GB Sunday 4:00pm Room 228E
Finish up the festival with a participatory sing-around; all voices and instruments welcome, chorus songs preferred -- Allen's 25th year leading!
Colonial Contras -- DS Saturday 9:00pm Student Center West
The dances of colonial American lay the foundation for our dancing today. Learn how contradances used to be done, with some of the period steps and styling. Some Country Dance experience helpful.
Concert -- E Saturday 2:00pm Room 106N
Concert featuring fiddle, guitar and many unusual string instruments.
Concertina and Autoharp Songs -- E Saturday 12:00noon Room 232S
Join the chorus as Jody Kruskal plays and sings vintage songs telling stories of train wrecks and wrecked marriages, death row convicts and lonesome lovers, heroes, losers and fools.
Concertina Master Class -- TB Saturday 1:00pm Room 232S
Concertina players of all systems and ability levels take turns working with Jody Kruskal. Come prepared to play something you would like to share. Expect a gentle and supportive environment as we examine performance, arrangement and technique in songs and tunes.
Connect with Bal Folk -- DB Saturday 6:00pm Student Center West
The heart of bal folk, Western European folk dancing, is connection: with your partner, with the music, and with the whole dance floor. In this workshop, you will learn the unique ways bal folk teaches connection through simple, beautiful dances in couples, chains, and circles. Pick up tips on leading and following while dancing a scottish, enjoy feeling the unison of the whole room during the an dro, fluidly trade leads in a playful bourre, and more!
Contra Medley -- NX Friday 9:00pm Upper Gym
Contra Medley -- NX Sunday 12:30pm Upper Gym
Contra Medley -- NX Saturday 5:00pm Upper Gym
Contra Tune Slow Jam -- GS Saturday 1:00pm Room 228E
Dave and Chris will lead a slow jam of favorite traditional tunes commonly played for New England style Contra Dancing. All instruments and levels welcome! No written music; all tunes will be played by ear. (Some experience helpful but not required.)
Contra-Diction -- DS Friday 8:00pm Upper Gym
This group of new callers from the Berkshires will use their best contra diction to lead you through dances that contain some contradicting figures. Featuring Callers Club members Ted Randolph, Karyn Dornemann, Lisa Marchetti, and Maggie McRae
Crafty Contras -- DS Saturday 5:30pm Upper Gym
Contras with fun choreographic twists
Croatian Concert -- E Sunday 2:00pm Room 106N
Let Pajdashi entertain and educate you with traditional songs from Croatia.
Croatian Dance Party -- NS Sunday 3:00pm Lower Gym
Join the circle for a kolo, a drmes, and other traditional Croatian Dances. Most dances will be followable.
Cross Cultural Contras -- DS Saturday 11:00am Upper Gym
Contras with a little English accent.
Dance Organizer's Chat -- C Saturday 6:00pm Room 232S
This participatory chat is an opportunity for dance organizers to share successes and worries. We'll use a group conversation model to network, get and give advice, and share tools.
DANCE PERFORMANCE -- Saturday 3:00pm Upper Gym
DANCE PERFORMANCE -- Saturday 7:00pm Room 218E
DANCE PERFORMANCE -- Sunday 1:30pm Commons B
Dansgladje (Scandi Dance) -- NS Sunday 4:00pm Student Center West
Hambos, Schottises, Polkas and Polskas of all sorts from Sweden, played for your dancing delight (dansgladje) by a Swedish Riksspelman (Stefhan) and an American enthusiast.
Descendants of the Schottische - Int'l Couple Dances -- DS Saturday 4:00pm Commons B
Schottische elements are recognizable in dances from Russia to Texas. Come see why Korobushka, Salty Dog Rag, Road to the Isles, and other dances have stood the test of time.
Doom, Gloom, and Despondency -- E Sunday 1:00pm Room 218E
A mock-serious song contest with the titular theme. Somber demeanor is appreciated. If you laugh during a song, you get reprimanded -- and the singer gets bonus points!
Downeast Dogwatch -- E Sunday 2:00pm Room 218E
A selection of seafaring songs and ditties focused on the Northeast and Canadian Maritimes, with sing-along opportunities for the crew!
ECD: A Fresh Bouquet -- DS Saturday 6:30pm Lower Gym
The ink is barely dry on Jenny & Scott's dance book, "Key to the Cellar." Join us to explore fresh choreography, savor great tunes, and enjoy lively fun for all !
ECD Delights -- DS Friday 7:00pm Lower Gym
Delicious and delectable English dances!
ECD For As Many As Will -- DS Sunday 2:00pm Lower Gym
Longways English dances invite all dancers to join in, and can be superbly exciting and fun. This program focuses on wonderful old dances, for all to enjoy both the music and company.
Eclectic Americana -- E Sunday 4:00pm Room 106N
Hope Tunnel is a group of traditional, acoustic musicians who perform regularly at farmer's markets, assisted living centers, the occasional party, and an occasional wedding. We appeal to all ages and play what we like to think of as "eclectic Americana" - everything (including) the kitchen sink - jazz, folk, old-timey traditional, rock, country, celtic - from Woody Guthrie to David Bowie - and everything between.
English Concertina Workshop -- TB Saturday 10:00am Room 228E
All skill levels welcome. We'll try to improve your playing in whatever way works for you for sessions, dance, and song.
English Country Dance Favourites -- DS Sunday 4:00pm Commons B
Come dance some classics and classics-to-be: If these are new to you, you’ll soon know why people love these dances, and if they’re already your favorites, here’s a chance to do them even better! Everyone is welcome.
English Country Dance: Pleasures and Treasures -- DS Saturday 10:00pm Commons B
Come experience English Country Dances old and new, and discover the musical, choreographic, and social delights in store.
English Dances with Crooked Tunes -- DS Sunday 10:00am Upper Gym
Forget 32 bars -- this session is all about tunes with unusual phrasing. Extra-long, extra-short, a mix of meters -- it's all here. Familiarity with ECD figures is helpful.
Family Barn Dance -- DF Sunday 11:00am Student Center West
All ages and experience levels welcome for dancing that's fun for all. Simple sequences focus on the joy of discovering dance and music together.
Family Barn Dance Fun! -- DF Saturday 10:00am Student Center West
Come kick up your heels! Dancing for all ages with big time fun!
A Family Cabaret -- E Saturday 11:00am Room 144S
Sparkling with energy, wit & whimsy, Jackson incorprorates interactive song, movement and stories in a rollicking mix of comedy and music for all ages.
Family dance! -- DF Saturday 11:00am Commons B
Fun, simple dances for all ages and experience levels. Good for parents with children in arms or otherwise moving as one, older kids, and anyone who enjoys dancing with an all-ages group.
Family Improvisational CircleSinging -- GF Saturday 2:00pm Room 144S
Sing, make sounds, have fun and express yourself! We will play some easy improvisation games with our voices and our bodies as the only instruments. Using made-up phrases, harmonies and rhythms, we will create our own original music. Follow along, or volunteer to take a turn leading or solo-ing. No musical experience needed - just a love of singing and having fun! Best suited for families with children/teens 8+ years along with their adults. If you don't have a family, just bring yourself!
Family Scottish Country Dancing -- DF Sunday 10:00am Student Center West
Scottish Country Dancing is danced by all ages and dance levels in Scotland. Come join the fun. All welcome. No partner needed.
Family Singing and Dancing with Wiogora -- GF Sunday 2:00pm Room 144S
We are a Harry Potter themed STEAM Learning Community that uses simple folk and contra style dancing, and lots of folk songs to create a common culture.
Father and Son in Concert -- E Saturday 8:00pm Room 218E
The son and father team of Brennish and Ryan Thomson perform lively music on a variety of instruments in a variety of styles.
Favorite Schmaltzy Cowboy Songs -- E Friday 8:00pm Room 224E
From croonin' and moonin' to shootin' and lootin'; ropin' and lopin' to wranglin' and danglin', and all them other fixin's.
Festival Orchestra Contras & Squares -- Merry-Go Round at 4:35! -- DS Sunday 4:00pm Upper Gym
Fiddling Without Pain -- C Friday 8:00pm Room 232S
Discussion how to get rid of pain when playing the fiddle, with time for questions and answers.
Foc's'le Song Open Sing -- GF Sunday 3:00pm Room 228E
Songs sung at sea for pleasure and entertainment. Join us in leading a song or just joining in.
The Folk Roots of Grateful Dead -- E Sunday 1:00pm Room 224E
Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead drew on the roots of folk and country music to create their unique sound. This program presents the music that inspired them along with some songs the Grateful Dead wrote based on traditional music.
Following the Fiddler: Of Rascals and Rogues -- E Sunday 11:00am Room 224E
The High Strung Strummers will explore the iconic fiddler through stories, tunes and ballads. In addition to musical entertainment, we will perform a Crankie story centered on the Fiddler figure in American lore.
"For Fear of Little Men" -- E Saturday 10:00pm Room 136S
Tales of hobgoblins, Brownies, fairies, bogies, elves and all the wee folk, good, bad and chaotic neutral, from British Isles tradition.
French Jam -- GB Friday 9:00pm Room 106N
Guided jam. Traditional and contemporary folk dance music from France and Brittany. All instruments, all levels welcome. Tunebook provided. Easy! Lively! Fun!
Fusion Dance -- DB Friday 10:00pm Student Center West
Fusion is partner dancing done to a wide variety of music borrowing elements from many forms (blues, contact improv, ecstatic, tango, etc.) Brief lesson at beginning.
Go With the Flow Contras Larks/Robins -- DS Saturday 10:30pm Upper Gym
Contras for all levels that focus on the flow of the figures. Larks and Robins will be used.
Great 21st Century Tunes ECD -- DS Saturday 10:00am Upper Gym
A small but wonderful sampling of English dances set to 21st century tunes by talented American composers (such as Kate Barnes, Rachel Bell, Daron Douglas, Jonathan Jensen, Shira Kammen, Rebecca King, Martha Stokely, Charlene Thomson, Dave Wiesler — to name a few).
Halfway Across the Pond -- E Saturday 8:00pm Room 224E
David Diamond sings songs from both sides of the Atlantic, from the folk tradition and from inside his own head. Most of them are on the cheerful side, and many invite audience participation
Handbell Ringing - An Introduction -- TB Saturday 12:00noon Student Center West
The Connecticut Handbell Musicians will perform a short, easy piece of handbell music, followed by a "hands-on" workshop. Participants will learn basic ringing techniques and perform as a group by the end of the session.
Happy Larks/Robins Contras -- DS Friday 10:30pm Upper Gym
An opportunity to enjoy dancing with gender-free role names and terminology.
Hardangerfiddle Tunes & Stories -- E Sunday 10:00am Room 232S
Enchanting music played on Norway's unique 8 string fiddle. Stories of enchantment, magical creatures and the doings of ordinary people from centuries past. The traditional fiddler's art was always that of telling the stories as well as playing the music.
Harmony Improv Singing Made Easy -- TB Saturday 3:00pm Room 232S
Learn to improvise vocal harmonies totally by ear--no theory allowed! Let your ears do the driving and sit back and enjoy the fun with Jan's simple and playful techniques!
Harmony Singing for All -- GB Friday 7:00pm Room 228E
Melinda Ricker and the Junebug Sandals just love singing in harmony! Come to this workshop to hear some tips and tricks for choosing your own harmony lines, practice holding the melody while others around you harmonize, and just take some time to bathe in some beautiful rich sounds with us! All levels welcome. Melinda is known for her clear teaching style and warm, welcoming demeanor.
Harpapalooza Harp Jam -- GB Saturday 11:00am Room 228E
Bring your Harp to this no-pressure, all levels welcome jam.
Have A Gay Old Time -- E Saturday 4:00pm Room 224E
Handsome cabin boys, female husbands, and captains with huge crushes on the sailors.
Hello Again Contras -- DS Saturday 3:00pm Lower Gym
Reunions! Dances where you lose your partner and find them again. These dances are a little more complex than "level 1" contras, but Diane’s crystal clear, efficient walk-throughs, with tips regarding shadows and end effects, make them accessible to anyone who knows the contra basics.
Here's to the women song collectors -- C Saturday 7:00pm Room 224E
Join us in recognizing the efforts and contributions of some of the most notable women who spent years collecting folk songs and preserving them for the rest of us. They left behind an impressive body of work that is still relevant today.
Hooray for the Hey ECD -- DS Friday 8:00pm Lower Gym
A favorite figure in English Country Dance, this session will feature dances with heys up, down and all around.
How to play the bones, -- TB Saturday 11:00am Room 232S
A hands on interactive workshop for beginners, and working up to intermediate and advanced, instruction on the basic's and demonstrations of various styles, and musical genre's.
How to Play the Irish Bodhran -- TB Saturday 2:00pm Room 232S
Introduction to the Irish bodhran. A demonstration of handling technique. Exploration of Irish music rhythms. We'll consider session etiquette, play some tunes, explore ornamentation. Bring a bodhran.
Humor Us! -- E Saturday 3:00pm Room 144S
Humorous Songs, many with sing-along choruses
In Concert -- E Saturday 10:00pm Room 218E
Songs, tunes, and stories from this astute and master singer-songfinder. Lots of laughs. Lots of opportunities to sing.
Instrument Petting Zoo! -- GF Sunday 10:00am Room 144S
Have you always wanted to saw on a fiddle, strum a ukulele, or bow a cello? Here's your chance! Violin, viola, cello, ukulele, guitar, and more instruments, many in both adult-size and smaller kid-appropriate sizes, available to try and explore with friendly assistance from Julie!
Intermediate Waltz Variations -- TS Saturday 11:00am Lower Gym
Learn accessible figures to spice up your waltzing with emphasis on transferable leading & following skills.
International Dance Tune Jam -- GB Friday 7:00pm Room 106N
Jam session on selected pieces from the International Folk Dance tune repertoire, with Patrick Yacono, Julia Poirier, and members of the International Music Club. All instruments and voices welcome.
International Dancing for Everyone -- DB Friday 9:00pm Lower Gym
"If you can walk, you can dance!" Come and learn dances in different styles from different countries. You might even learn some words in a foreign language!
International Folk Dance -- NS Friday 8:00pm Commons B
International Folk Dance -- NS Friday 10:00pm Lower Gym
Dancing from all over Europe and a few other countries.
International Folk Dance Party -- NS Saturday 2:30pm Commons B
International folk dance band performing old and new arrangements of old and new songs.
International Women's Dances For All -- TS Saturday 10:00am Lower Gym
All are welcome to come learn traditional women's dances from around the world.
Intro to Appalachian Flatfooting -- TB Saturday 1:15pm Student Center West
Clogging / Flatfooting lets everyone be a member of the band. We’ll learn a few basic steps and learn to play with rhythm. Foot-stomping fun!
Intro to Contra Dancing -- TB Saturday 4:00pm Room 136S
New to contra? Or feeling a bit rusty? This hands-on session will get you started so you can join in the fun at NEFFA — and beyond!
Intro to English Country Dance -- TB Sunday 11:00am Room 136S
Join in the fun by learning, gently, the dance movements to the delicious music of English Country Dance. Everyone is invited!
Intro to English Country Dance -- TB Saturday 1:45pm Room 136S
Come learn the basic figures while dancing to beautiful music.
Intro to English Dance -- TB Friday 9:00pm Room 136S
Learn the basics of English country dance in the context of carefully-taught real dances. Experienced dancers welcome but pace and detail of instruction are suitable for first-timers.
Intro to French Canadian Step Dancing -- TB Sunday 3:00pm Student Center West
A crash course in the basics of Quebecois step dancing (la gigue). Geared to beginners but will include a few variations for those with some prior percussive dance experience.
Intro to Hand Drumming Workshop -- TB Sunday 2:00pm Room 232S
Dave C. from Drums For One and All will lead this introductory workshop on hand drumming that will show you the basic playing technique for a variety of different hand drums. You'll also learn some of the most common rhythms that come from different cultural traditions. Bring your own drum if you can, or borrow one of Dave's. No prior experience necessary.
Intro to International Dance -- DB Saturday 11:15am Room 136S
Come learn easy and fun international folk dances, with efficient, cheerful teaching!
Intro to International Folk Dance -- TB Sunday 10:00am Room 136S
Have fun while learning some dances from the standard IFD repertoire.
Intro to International Folk Dance -- TB Sunday 1:00pm Room 136S
Come and learn dances from many countries, with a special focus on the Balkans, and enjoy beautiful live music!
Intro to Int'l Folk Dance -- TB Saturday 12:30pm Room 136S
Learn some basic dances, develop comfort with various styles and rhythms, and gain a repertoire of steps that will give you the confidence to join in on international folk dance!
Intro to Rapper Sword Dance -- TB Saturday 3:45pm Student Center West
You've seen this high energy, fast paced dance with flexible "swords" at the festival entrance. We will teach some simple introductory figures.
Intro to Rotary Waltz -- TB Saturday 10:00am Commons B
Starting with some easy folk waltz basics, we'll progress to a full rotary (turning) waltz -- the kind of gliding, swirling dance that can leave you feeling like Cinderella and her Prince.
Intro to Scottish Country Dancing -- DB Saturday 5:30pm Lower Gym
We will introduce the basic steps and figures of the traditional social dancing of Scotland, Scottish Country Dancing, through the dances themselves. All levels and ages of dancers welcome. No partner needed.
Intro to Square Dancing -- DB Saturday 3:00pm Room 136S
Intro to Square Dancing -- DB Friday 7:30pm Room 136S
Introduction to Contra Dancing -- DB Saturday 10:00am Room 136S
Designed for new dancers, I will provide introductory instruction on contra dancing.
Israeli for All -- DB Friday 7:00pm Commons B
Dance the Israeli classics and other favorite circle dances that everyone can learn. Families welcome.
Italian Music Open Session -- GS Saturday 12:00noon Room 106N
A group of Boston area traditional folk musicians will lead an 'Open Participatory Session' in the playing and singing of Italian folk, pop, classical, and operatic aria songs and melodies. The Session is open to all musicians, singers, and listeners of Italian music. We will provide handouts of the music notation and Italian lyrics.
It's an American Tune -- E Friday 10:00pm Room 106N
Traditional and contemporary songs with piano, mandolin and guitars: spirituals, blues and jazz, show tunes, ballads, Hank Williams, Joni Mitchell, and just about everything in between.
Jug Band Swing & Blues Dance -- NB Saturday 9:00pm Commons B
Back by popular demand! Come dance your heart out to Outrageous Fortune's rootsy jug band stylings of classic blues and jazz of the 1920s and 1930s.
Kids Sing Freedom! -- GF Sunday 12:00noon Room 144S
Songs of freedom, peace, and friendship, adapted for children and their adult companions.
Kitchen Junket -- E Saturday 3:00pm Room 218E
A kitchen junket is an informal jam session - in the kitchen. We will sing and play old folkie favorites and some newly made gems, just like we do in our kitchen, except that we'll talk with you about how we play them, and how (or whether) we arrange them.
Klezmer Extravaganza -- E Saturday 8:00pm Room 106N
Klezmer Jam -- GS Sunday 12:00noon Room 106N
Participatory playing of klezmer tunes, all instruments (and vocalists), all levels. Sheet music will be provided, including various klezmer forms: freylekhs, slow hora, bulgar, terkish, Yiddish swing, etc.
Larks & Robins Medley -- NX Saturday 5:00pm Lower Gym
Larks/Robins Contra Lab -- DS Saturday 4:00pm Lower Gym
Contra dancing that's designed for silliness and getting us out of our comfort zone in fun ways. Expect the unexpected!
Larks/Robins Contra Party LIVE! -- DS Saturday 9:30pm Upper Gym
High energy Contras with lots of balances, good connection and flow. Let's hear those balances!
Latvian Folk Songs from the Krisjanis Barons Collection -- TB Saturday 9:00pm Room 144S
By 1915, "Father of the Dainas" Krisjanis Barons had published over 200,000 Latvian folk songs (dainas), collected in the field by a network of colleagues. Learn to sing Latvian songs from the Barons collection! Lyric sheets, translations, and pronunciation guides will be provided.
Leadbelly Songs You Already Know -- GB Saturday 7:00pm Room 144S
Two masters of the 12-string guitar present songs by Lead Belly, the ultimate Master of the 12-string Guitar, in a program of songs you can sing along with!
Learn a Haunting and Easy Cajun Fiddle Tune -- TS Saturday 8:00pm Room 232S
These early pre-accordion twin fiddle tunes are sprightly, haunting and often quirky. Cathy will teach Devil on the Bayou as well as seconding (back-up) so participants can trade leads and back up.
Left Handed Fiddling -- C Saturday 5:00pm Room 232S
Left handed fiddler and music teacher Ryan Thomson demonstrates lefty violin playing and answers questions about why left handed individuals might consider playing lefty.
Like, Totally Floral and Herbaceous. -- E Sunday 3:00pm Room 224E
All your favorite botanical ballads, agricultural airs, floral forebitters, garners gay. Bring your favorite Victorian language-of-flowers dictionary and prepare to be delighted by our well-tended tunes.
Lilting Jam -- GS Sunday 2:00pm Room 224E
Nay, this isn't an audition for Diddley Idol... This is a chance to vocalize some dance tunes! You know you've been looking for a place to lilt "L'air Mignonne".
Lunch Seating -- Saturday 12:00noon Commons B
Mainely Contras -- DS Saturday 1:00pm Upper Gym
Contras from teh great state of Maine!
The Many Faces of Justice -- E Saturday 6:00pm Room 106N
Traditional and contemporary songs honoring the struggles of people worldwide for social, racial, economic, and climate justice. Sing and celebrate the hope that persists in these songs of our global community.
Marxophone & More -- E Saturday 4:00pm Room 232S
Marxophone, violin-guitar, Harp-O-Chord, harpeleik, guitarchimes, & more! Katherine Rhoda sings & plays vintage fretless zithers.
Mbira - Traditional Music of Zimbabwe -- P Saturday 7:00pm Room 106N
This will be a discussion, demonstration and performance of the mbira, a tongued instrument from Zimbabwe. For thousands of years, the mbira has been an enduring medium to connect Shona people with their ancestral spirits. This session is a "show, tell and demonstrate" session to give attendees unique insights into this ancient instrument.
McQuillen Tune Slow Jam -- GS Saturday 9:00pm Room 106N
Dave and Chris will lead a slow jam of favorite tunes composed by Bob McQuillen, a New England piano and accordion player who inspired many of us. Music will be provided, but playing by ear is encouraged. All instruments and levels welcome.
Medieval & Renaissance Instruments -- E Friday 7:00pm Room 224E
This is your chance to see and hear reproductions of instruments used in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque times (1200 - 1800). The Harper and The Minstrel will play examples of Period Music, answer your questions, and let you get a close up look at the instruments: Rebec, Bamboo Flute, Recorder, Gothic Wire-Strung Harp, Irish Flute, Greek Aulos (also called the Double Flute or Divergent Flute), Hammered Dulcimer, Viola da Gamba and Baroque Guitar
Mescolanza Madness ~ 4 facing 4 dances! -- DS Saturday 12:00noon Upper Gym
We will call 4 facing 4 dances during the hour provided.
Mines, Mills, Factories and Beyond -- E Friday 7:00pm Room 232S
Folk songs, mostly traditional, by and about working people, their employment (or lack of employment), their lives, and their struggles.
More Wonderful One-Figure Balkan Dances -- DB Sunday 10:00am Lower Gym
Come learn some wonderful single-figure dances from the Balkans! No complicated calls or step changes, all only two or three measures, and all very accessible, but not all simple -- you can cover a lot of ground when each measure has 18 beats!
Morris 101 -- TB Sunday 11:00am Room 144S
Want to try Morris Dancing? Have you always envied the folks with sticks and hankies and bells as you enter NEFFA every year? Morris dancing has ancient roots, a great New England community and is good cardio to boot. We will give a brief overview of the tradition, and teach a simple morris dance.
Mountain Blues -- E Saturday 6:00pm Room 144S
High country blues from the 1920s and 30s on fiddle, banjo, and guitar- music from Doc Roberts, Dock Boggs, Frank Hutchison, and more.
The Music of Yiddish Dance -- E Sunday 1:00pm Room 106N
Ever wondered what the difference is between a Bulgar and a Freylekhs? Come join us for an informative concert that will make you want to get up and tantz!
Music that Builds Community -- GB Saturday 6:00pm Room 224E
Communities of Song is a yearly Choral event in Worcester that brings together a church choir, a children’s Choir, a Ghanaian Choir, a Jewish Chorus and a Rural Community chorus. Singers from this event are excited to bring a taste of this experience to NEFFA!
Mystic Seaport Chantey Sing for All -- GB Saturday 5:00pm Room 228E
A "chantey blast" style singing session - lend your voice and energy to the fun of singing together the old work songs.
NEFFA Annual Meeting -- C Sunday 1:00pm Room 228E
Come join us for NEFFA's annual open meeting.
NEFFA Funny Song Swap Hour -- GB Sunday 11:00am Room 232S
Funny songs, silly songs, and other songs to make you laugh. Audience participation is encouraged.
A Night at the English Music Hall -- E Friday 9:00pm Room 218E
Follow us to the Music Hall! We earnestly invite you to sing along on the chorus and hope you enjoy our vintage entertainment, including the world-famous Kazorchestra!
Norumbega Tunebook Singing -- GS Saturday 10:00am Room 106N
Sing from a new shape-note tunebook "The Norumbega Harmony". We have rescued old tunes in 4-part harmony from the New England Singing School tradition and have added some new ones, all in the style of "The Sacred Harp" and the old shape-note books.
Nyckelharpa! -- E Saturday 8:00pm Room 144S
Nyckelharpa - the Swedish "national instrument" - a presentation/concert of tunes solo and duo, history, legends...
Old Time Gospel Sing -- GB Sunday 1:00pm Room 232S
Bring your voices to an Old Time Gospel Sing where we'll sing songs and hymns from the old time tradition, including songs recorded by the Carter Family, EC & Orna Ball, and others.
Old Time Jam Session -- GS Saturday 2:00pm Room 228E
Join 'South Coast' for a friendly jam session of familiar Appalachian and New England tunes played not too fast. All instruments welcome.
Open Discussion of CDSS's Work -- C Saturday 12:00noon Room 228E
Chat with CDSS Board members about current issues.
Open Drum Circle Jam -- GB Sunday 3:00pm Room 232S
Dave C. from Drums For One And All will facilitate this open drum circle jam which welcomes all ages and all skill levels. Bring a drum of your own if you can, or borrow one of the extras and let's enjoy making rhythms together.
Open Jam: Music from around the World -- GB Sunday 11:00am Room 106N
Hosted by alumni from Silkroad's Global Musician Workshop, this open jam is an opportunity for us to explore music from all over the world. We will help you learn music from the Middle East, East Asia, across Europe and the Americas. Bring any instrument or your voice, and widen your horizons with this enjoyable exploration of music from different cultures.
Open Song Circle with FSSGB -- GB Saturday 1:00pm Room 224E
Singers of all abilities are welcome to share a song at this friendly and casual sing. Solo or chorus songs, accompanied or unaccompanied, from a page or from memory!
Original Works Fiddle Trio -- E Saturday 9:00pm Room 218E
A performance consisting of folk-influenced original compositions, featuring various combinations of fiddle, cello, piano, mandolin, recorder, and guitar.
Pete Seeger: Celebration in Song -- GF Saturday 4:00pm Room 218E
Creators of the popular songbooks Rise Up Singing & Rise Again will lead a singalong celebrating the life of Pete Seeger using their new songbook "If I Had a Hammer: A Pete Seeger Singalong Songbook".
The Piano as a Folk Instrument -- TS Saturday 9:00pm Room 136S
The piano offers a wonderful basis for performing traditional folk music. It provides melody, chord accompaniment, rhythm, bass, and all kinds of interesting textures. This workshop will present the many ways piano can be used to support a solo singer or a group sing or deliver traditional folk songs as a stand-alone instrument.
Pointy and Round Experienced ECD -- DX Friday 10:00pm Commons B
Exceptional English Country Dance for experienced and attentive dancers. When does the pattern we make require abrupt movement? When do we elongate the forms to be smooth and curved? Explore the delightful contrasts in this ever-developing form.
Power Harmonies -- GS Saturday 10:00pm Room 224E
Come and plan to lift your voice! As Power Harmonies, Lynn Noel and Ken Mattsson sing with depth, power, and passionate attention to the spirit in the song. As experienced dancers of contra, English country, and Scandinavian gammaldans, their duo sound can be described as "ballroom dancing for the voice." They are noted for inspiring harmonies and making the rafters ring.
Pub Sing -- GB Friday 10:00pm Room 228E
We may not have a pub, but we can still raise the rafters! Bring a song with a good chorus, or just come sing along!
Published in Boston -- E Saturday 5:00pm Room 224E
American pop music started in Boston? Yes; in the early 1830s a young Oliver Ditson started publishing "Music for the Millions," songs for the nascent middle class musicians to learn and sing. Many have passed into Tradition, such as My Darling Nelly Grey and Tenting Tonight, some were arrangements of folk songs. The Proper Ladies sing the songs, and tell the stories behind them. Come sing the old favorites with us; sigh to the beautiful, rare gems.
Rags to Riches -- DB Saturday 5:00pm Student Center West
Learn Salty Dog Rag, 12th Street Rag, and Steppin' Out. No partners needed as we will all switch around.
Raising A Joyful Noise with Gospel and Blues -- G Sunday 11:00am Room 218E
Original and well known gospel and blues songs performed and selected for easy audience participation. It will also be ok just to sit back, listen and be moved by songs of strength, freedom and celebration.
Reed and String Rendezvous -- E Friday 7:00pm Room 218E
When the sounds of harmonica and fiddle merge in harmony, a wonderful euphony arises. Enjoy some spirited dance tune medleys played harmoniously on reeds and strings.
Refreshing Russian Dances -- TX Saturday 1:00pm Lower Gym
Enjoy exciting and challenging dances of Russia. Each dance is accompanied by the beautiful and thrilling (live!) choral music from the region. Music provided by the Bjelalitsa Chorus, directed by Julia Poirier.
ritual dance -- Sunday 11:00am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 2:00pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 10:00am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 11:30am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 2:30pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 12:30pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 3:00pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 10:30am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 1:00pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 1:15pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 1:00pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 4:00pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 12:00noon Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 2:15pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 2:00pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 4:15pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 10:00am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 10:30am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 12:15pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 11:15am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 11:30am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 12:00noon Main Entrance
ritual dance -- E Sunday 10:15am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 3:30pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 3:15pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 11:15am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 1:30pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 11:00am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 10:15am Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 1:30pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 3:30pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 3:00pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 2:30pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 3:15pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Sunday 2:15pm Main Entrance
ritual dance -- Saturday 4:30pm Main Entrance
Rock'em Sock'em Singing Squares -- DS Saturday 6:30pm Upper Gym
Slide on down to the Hop, for Rock’em Sock’em Singing Squares. We’ll knock your socks off with swinging tunes and dances. Be there, and BE square!
Role-Bending Larks/Robins Contras -- DS Sunday 11:00am Upper Gym
Come dance with Larks/Robins role terms and enjoy dances that explore what each role in contra can do! High energy fun with a twist awaits you!
The Romance of the Road -- E Friday 9:00pm Room 232S
The greatest romance of traditional song is the love of our wandering poets for "the road." Favorite songs of romance and road. Come prepared to smile and sing!
Romanian Dance Party -- NX Sunday 12:00noon Commons B
Classic Romanian dances for all
Romanian Jam -- GS Friday 8:00pm Room 106N
Play Romanian music. Sheet music provided.
Roros Polsinella - Norwegian Couple Dancing -- NS Saturday 10:00pm Student Center West
Dance music from the Roros district of Norway: reinlander, vals, hoppvals and of course lots of pols!
Rounds Tribute to Sol Weber -- GB Saturday 9:00pm Room 228E
Group participation of singing Rounds
Rowdy, Rollicking Pub Singalong -- G Sunday 4:00pm Room 218E
Join regional ren faire favorites The King's Busketeers for a set of high-octane rebel tunes, ballads, sea shanties, and original songs. Get ready to shake the floor and make the rafters ring! Singing along and dancing in the aisles highly encouraged.
Rum and Onions XLI Contras -- DS Saturday 8:30pm Upper Gym
Contra dances that feature great storyline and flow between figures.
Running the Goat - Newfoundland Running Set -- DS Saturday 8:00pm Commons B
Traditional running set (square) exported from Atlantic Canada. Dance through each of eight figures, then put 'em all together for a complete 20-minute dance. Walking steps will do--running fun but not required!
Sacred Harp Singing -- GS Sunday 12:00noon Room 228E
Join us for shape-note singing from the Sacred Harp in the traditional hollow square.
Sagebrush to Silver Screen-Cowboy Songs -- E Saturday 11:00am Room 218E
Songs about cowboys and the West, from authentic 19th-century, to 20th-century Tin Pan Alley and Hollywood, with some contemporary songwriters as well
Scandinavian Folk a cappella -- E Sunday 3:00pm Room 106N
A mix of unique and interesting contemporary Nordic- and folk-inspired music reflecting the multicultural influences that make up Scandinavian-American folk and jazz today, in four- and five-part harmony.
Scots in Revolt! Alistair Hulett's "Red Clydeside" -- P Saturday 9:00pm Room 232S
This is a great year to remember the anti-war/workers' action that arose around Glasgow, 1910-1930s & its hero John MacLean. Hulett wrote this poetic account in wake of post 9-11 war hysteria but story becomes even richer when we consider the Glasgow-Dundee part in 2014 Referendum, today's struggles over Brexit & Trump's America. Cycle of 9 songs in trad ballad form, notes & glossary of Glaswegian Scots, great tunes, many moods, crackin good choruses to sing.
Scottish Country Dancing -- DS Sunday 12:00noon Lower Gym
Fun Scottish figures and great tunes.
Scottish Fiddle and Cello Concert -- E Sunday 3:00pm Room 218E
Listen to lively jigs and reels and stately strathspeys played by Boston's brother-sister Scottish duo.
Scottish Jam Session -- GS Saturday 3:00pm Room 106N
An opportunity to play Scottish tunes together, with a concentration on pipe marches this year, all the way from 2/4 to 9/8. All instruments welcome.
Scottish Traditional Music Concert -- E Saturday 12:00noon Room 218E
An orchestra of strings, accordions, flutes, pipes, mandolins, guitars, piano and percussion will play a variety of airs, marches, songs, and dance tunes from Scotland and the Cape Breton traditions.
Sea Shanties & Pirate A Capella -- E Saturday 4:00pm Room 228E
Come sing along to the finest sea shanties and folk ballads ever to grace the Seven Seas with Brown University's only "a capirate" group.
Seated Square Dances -- DB Saturday 3:00pm Room 224E
Seated square dancing is just like regular square dancing except you are sitting down. Great fun for all, but may be particularly appealing to people with mobility issues.
Serious and Silly Squares -- DS Sunday 1:00pm Upper Gym
Squares have twice as many people working together, compared to a duple-minor contra. This enables patterns of great beauty. It can also lead to major silliness.
Shanties with the Alumni of ARRR!!! -- GB Saturday 6:00pm Room 228E
Once a pirate, always a pirate. We emerged from our undergrad sea shanty a cappella group transformed into full-blown folkies with an unfortunate tendency to swashbuckle in public. Sing with us!
Shape Note Workshop -- TB Sunday 11:00am Room 228E
No experience necessary! This easy to follow primer will have you singing the powerful 4-part harmonies that brought early New England communities together. Bring your family and friends.
Shetland fiddle workshop -- TS Saturday 6:00pm Room 136S
This workshop will teach the basics of Shetland fiddle music, including playing style, bowing, and repertoire. All instrumentalists are welcome and no prior experience necessary!
So You Want to Run a Folk Festival -- C Sunday 2:00pm Room 228E
Have you been, or might you become, a folk festival organizer? Come share your questions and your wisdom! We'll initially focus on small music festivals with multiple venues.
The Solstice Sisters -- E Saturday 7:00pm Room 136S
We sing a variety of songs, many with sing-along choruses, some funny, some poignant or lovely, some traditional, some written by our members. We sing in harmony, often a capella but also with guitar, harp, and piano.
Songs for a Child's Heart -- GF Saturday 1:00pm Room 144S
Songs for families and children.
Songs from the Osterie (Italian taverns) -- GB Saturday 3:00pm Room 228E
Tavern singing from Italy and Italian immigrant families.
Songs of Home -- E Sunday 1:00pm Room 144S
Songs of home, going home, leaving home, loving home, finding a home.
Songs With Boisterous Shouting! -- GS Saturday 7:00pm Room 228E
Callbacks, claps, stamps, yips, hollers, we got ‘em all! If you like group folk singing with high energy, good harmonies, and delightful flairs, then follow the shouts of merriment down the hall to this session!
South African Singing Workshop -- GB Saturday 5:00pm Room 106N
Learn the parts and dance moves to a traditional South African choral song. No music reading necessary, all will be taught by ear.
A spectrum of songs -- E Saturday 8:00pm Room 136S
a concert of fine new and old songs, many with choruses, about the big and little things in our lives, and an exploration of how singing about it helps.
Spread your Wings: Larks/Robins Contras -- DS Friday 9:30pm Upper Gym
Fun dances called with non-gendered role terms.
Square Dance 101 -- DB Sunday 2:00pm Room 136S
An introduction to square dancing -- easy, fun dances that newcomers can do and experienced dancers, if they want to join in, will enjoy.
Stops Along the Way -- E Saturday 5:30pm Room 218E
Songs old and new celebrating the memories,mile stones, loves, losses and shared experiences that make us human. Two voices in close harmony with 6- and 12-string guitars and cello.
Stories for Grown-ups -- E Saturday 9:00pm Room 224E
Original and traditional stories for adults and youth (not children), usually exploring a theme.
Storytelling in Song -- E Friday 10:00pm Room 218E
Storytelling through music, a tradition of folk music since the beginning. Chuck Williams will discuss the craft of storytelling through song with examples from his Album, ‘Stories I’ve Told’.
Swedish Couple Dance Party -- NS Saturday 2:30pm Student Center West
A session of Swedish couple dances - schottis, hambo, regional polskas - in subtle rhythms and exciting harmonies.
Sweet and Thorny -- E Sunday 3:00pm Room 144S
Traditional and composed songs
Swing Dancing to 3-Part Harmony -- NS Sunday 3:00pm Commons B
Dance to swing and jazz standards of the 1930’s and 40’s, as well as some lesser known gems from that era. The band features a women's vocal trio.
Swingin' Contras -- DS Sunday 2:00pm Upper Gym
Contra dances with 2, 3 or possibly even, 4 swings in the choreography!
A to Z Contras -- DS Friday 7:00pm Upper Gym
Favorite, lively contra dances
Trad Song Swap Party! -- GS Saturday 8:00pm Room 228E
Come sing! Bring a song to share (especially if it has a chorus or refrain), or just listen or hum along on choruses and harmonies. This is a singaround in the folk-roots tradition, but there will be no "trad police" around. We're singing in the tradition of singing together!
Tragic Ballads -- E Saturday 2:00pm Room 224E
Story songs that just don't turn out well for the characters.
Tricky Balkan dances -- TS Sunday 1:00pm Student Center West
Part of the fun of Balkan dance is because of the tricky rhythms and tricky footwork. In this workshop dances will be broken down to make them more accessible and easier to learn.
Tripping Up the Stairs: A Pan-Celtic Party -- E Sunday 10:00am Room 218E
Spirited traditional tunes and songs from Cornwall, Brittany, Scotland and Ireland performed on twin fiddles, harp, bouzouki and voices.
Tune Workshop: Bourres from France -- TB Saturday 4:00pm Room 144S
Ready for some new tunes? Bourrées in 3, the soul music of the Massif Central, are a dance musician’s dream. Come learn a few!
Tunes from Ireland, Songs from Everywhere -- E Sunday 12:00noon Room 218E
Rich, powerful songs and bouncy, danceable tunes, highlighting the best of traditional music from Ireland, Britain and America, through a lens of ringing voices, lyrical strings, and punchy free reeds.
Twin Harmonies -- E Saturday 1:00pm Room 218E
False lovers and crane drivers, knights of Molite and poor men's sons -- Ian and Anna will sing trad and trad-ish Anglo-American songs in intense, close harmony. Lots of join-in-able choruses!
Ukulele Strum and Sing -- GS Saturday 10:00am Room 232S
Bring a uke, lead a song, jump in, sing along -- all levels for a lively session. Song sheets provided. We have a few loaner ukes.
Uncommon Drinking Songs -- GB Saturday 10:00pm Room 228E
A selection of uncommon drinking songs that are well worth singing, some as old as 1808 and some recently composed to fill in the gaps, or old songs extended with new verses.
A Unique Circle Singing Experience -- G Friday 9:00pm Room 228E
Circle Singing is a spontaneous, improvisational community-singing experience where a leader starts by improvising a line of music and teaches the parts on the spot to one part of the circle at the time. Expect a unique experience and be ready to sing with us!
Veillee Quebecoise -- DB Sunday 12:00noon Student Center West
Beginner-friendly traditional contras and squares from Quebec, called in French, to the music of The Resemblance. Teaching in English and French. Just like a traditional veillee.
Vintage Sequence Dances -- DS Friday 9:00pm Commons B
A session of sequence dances (short dances quickly taught and then danced) from 1900 - 1929, including Schottische, two- step, waltz, blues and even a Charleston.
Waltz Across Stage and Screen -- NS Saturday 12:00noon Lower Gym
From the Met to Hollywood, Broadway to the Russian Ballet: waltzes, tangos, schottisches and polkas from the great classics of stage and screen.
Waltz Melodies Jam Session -- GS Saturday 11:00am Room 106N
You are welcome to join "Three Quarter Time", a Boston area acoustic folk instrumental group that plays and leads traditional 3/4-time and folk waltz melodies. You will participate in an "open-to-all-instruments and all levels" jam that has been a NEFFA tradition since 2001. You can play by ear, or use music notation that we will provide. Dancers and listeners are welcome if sufficient room space permits.
Waltz Time! -- NS Sunday 1:00pm Lower Gym
West Gallery Music -- GS Sunday 10:00am Room 106N
Join us to sing and play music from English rural churches, from the time of Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, and King George III. For all voices and melodic instruments.
Whimsical Rounds and Voice Braidings -- GS Friday 8:00pm Room 228E
A participatory rounds sing featuring some more unusual rounds, featuring syncopation and tricky melodies. Come ready to learn rounds by ear!
Whistling Whorkshop -- TS Saturday 12:00noon Room 224E
Techniques for whistling with the lips, with special focus on dance tunes, as well as considerations for performance in general.
Work Songs at Work -- GB Sunday 12:00noon Room 224E
Singing work songs with and ear for the the rhythms and pacing of the work they coordinated- bring your voice and ears!
World Harmony Singing -- E Saturday 1:00pm Room 106N
Eclectic & exciting world folk music concert, with songs from the Balkans, South Africa, Georgia, Corsica, America and more.
Yiddish songs of migration, immigration, and borders -- E Saturday 11:00am Room 224E
The Jewish experience has been one of migration and immigration, and of crossing borders. In this timely session, we will present songs - poignant or ironic- of those experiences.
Zwiefachers -- Ease Z to Hard Z -- NS Sunday 11:00am Lower Gym
A selection of zwiefachers with pivot & waltz patterns ranging from simple to challenging. Z's are a folk dance form originating in the Bavaria and Austria region.

New England Folk Festival Association