NEFFA Event Catalog
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2021 Festival. The events for the 2022 Festival will be put here in February 2022

18th Century Tunes from Northern Europe -- T Saturday 12:30pm Jamming Room
Anna Breger will teach some lovely melodies found in 18th century manuscripts from Germany/Denmark/Sweden. All instruments welcome, intermediate playing level.
Back In The Saddle: The Songs of the Old Hollywood Westerns. -- E Saturday 7:00pm Concert Hall A
This concert and discussion explores the folk music that was a part of the original Hollywood Westerns. Many of the first Westerns used traditional folk music as part of the film’s score, while other songs composed specifically for a Western later became part of Americana, folk, and cowboy culture. This event will take a look at the music from The Forest Rangers, High Noon, True Grit, Red River Valley, and more. .
Bal Folk Dance -- D Saturday 4:00pm International Dance Hall
We'll give a brief bit of demonstration or teaching for each dance along with ideas for how to modify these dances so they work with just one or two people. And then we'll play energetic, authentic tunes while we all enjoy bourree, mazurka, hanter dro, an dro, gavotte de l'aven, valse, scottish and more together!
Balkan Concert and Dance -- N Saturday 5:00pm International Dance Hall
Dance some favorite Balkan dances with intrepid live music.
Balkan Dance Favorites -- D Sunday 3:00pm International Dance Hall
The amazing Tom Pixton plays some of his favorite Balkan tunes for your dancing and listening pleasure. Tom Roby will (efficiently) teach, review, and lead dances.
Balkan Kefana Singalong -- G Saturday 11:00am The Pub
Come sing along (or enjoy listening and/or dancing to) "old city songs"and dance songs from the Balkans , evoking the pleasure ("kefi") of singing with old friends around the table at a celebration, or in the village tavern or coffeehouse - if it had a jukebox. We will play recordings of the tunes, and show the words on the screen for you to sing along at home.
Ballad Sing with the Mermaid's Tavern -- G Saturday 12:30pm Chorus Room
A ballad is a song that tells a story. Bring us your ballads from renowned collections, local history, family tradition, or just ripping good yarns.
Ballads: Stories Told and Sung with Mike Agranoff -- EF Sunday 1:30pm Concert Hall A
Agranoff is a born storyteller. His songs tell tales, both gripping and humorous. And he is widely known for his powerful recitations, which are now available in his new collection, "Jake, the Captain, and Other Heroes."
Beatles Singalong -- G Saturday 2:00pm Chorus Room
We'll play and sing with you singing along at home!!
Beginner Dance from Around the World -- TF Saturday 6:00pm International Dance Hall
Beginner-level dances from around the world.
Beginner International Dance workshop -- DF Saturday 2:00pm International Dance Hall
Come learn easy and fun international folk dances, with efficient, cheerful teaching!
Beginner Scottish Country Dancing -- DB Saturday 7:00pm Social Dance Hall
Come and try out Scottish Country Dance live on Zoom! We will go over basic steps and figures and put them together for a few fun Scottish Country Dances. Live music provided by Elizabeth Anderson.
Body Music Workshop -- T Sunday 1:00pm Chorus Room
Throughout history, and around the world, there have been various forms of body music, from clapping or stomping your feet to vocalizing rhythms, from playing basic or improvised rhythms to coordinated group rhythmic patterns. In this workshop we will learn some simple body music patterns, first learning about the African American tradition of patting juba, and then we’ll look at some percussion patterns from Ghana, learning various ways to vocalize and play them with body percussion. This workshop is open to all levels of ability.
Border Morris for Small Numbers -- DF Sunday 2:00pm Social Dance Hall
Dances taught will be suitable for 1 or 2 dancers, and can scale up to 4 or other even numbers.
Bulgarian Singing Workshop -- G Friday 7:00pm Chorus Room
Teaching starts with a few warmups, learning one or two songs and then talking about vocal technique and styles.
Challenging English country dance -- DX Friday 10:00pm Social Dance Hall
Kalia Kliban with Reelplay (Dave Marcus and Robbin Marcus) Give your mental muscles a workout with this selection of dances both elegant and energetic. You'll need some familiarity with the basics of ECD, since the challenges will involve interactions with neighbors and partners who may or may not be visible, and maintaining your orientation within an imaginary set. The dances will be carefully adapted for solo and duo dancers.
Contra Party -- D Saturday 10:00pm Contra Hall
Late night contra fun with California caller Jacqui Grennan and the Maine dynamic duo of Glen Loper and Bethany Waickman.
Countercurrent Contras -- D Saturday 9:00pm Contra Hall
Virtual Contras to music of Countercurrent -- Rockin' tunes from one of the country's preeminent young bands with expert caller Michael Karcher providing dances specifically crafted to be satisfying in an online festival environment.
Cowboy & Western Singalong -- G Saturday 5:30pm The Pub
We will perform a sing-along/play-along 1-hour concert of our Cowboy and Western songs. Chorus lyrics can be provided through file sharing in the Chat, if desired. Participants will mute your microphones while you sing and play along with us.
Dance like a Croatian -- D Sunday 2:00pm International Dance Hall
There's not a lot of international travel happening these days, but you can dance like you are in Croatia! Brush up on your drmes step and learn to kolo. Through dance, we will take you on a virtual dancing tour through Croatia! Music and teaching by members of Pajdashi.
Dances from Around the World for Seniors: Standing and Seated -- TB Sunday 1:00pm International Dance Hall
Workshop of dances for older adults in congregate communities, senior centers, or at home. The program consists of easy dances from around the world. Each dance will be taught and modeled simultaneously for both seated and standing, to facilitate different physical abilities for people of all ages. This is a chance to get you moving to music and put a smile on your face. Dances can be done alone, with a partner, or within your pod. Sanna has been an IFD leader and world dance educator since the early 60's.
Dances Without Borders: Contra, ECD & Squares -- D Saturday 8:00pm Contra Hall
A terrific mix of contra, ECD and squares modified for dancing in your personal ballroom! Join caller Bev Bernbaum (Toronto) and Reelplay (Atlanta) for some great dancing.
Deconstructing Musical Arrangements -- P Sunday 4:00pm Learning/Discussion Room
We will play a track from our CD, which has been noted for its arrangements, and then each demonstrate and talk about our own parts; Cynthia on fiddle, Doug on guitar, Tom on clarinet or mandolin, and Peter on accordion. We will discuss the process of finding suitable parts that enhance the overall musicality of the band. The band sound can be greater than the sum of its parts. Musical virtuosity isn’t a guarantee of a good band sound, but playing parts within the ability of each member which enhance the overall sound is. Every musician or group can make great music. Listening through good headphones is highly recommended for this workshop.
Diversity in Square Dancing -- P Sunday 2:30pm Learning/Discussion Room
Diversity in Square DancingThrough narrative, pictures, audio and video, learn about the African roots of dance calling, the presence of Black square dancers and callers through the years, and the fascinating variations on squares developed by people of color from Arctic Canada to the Caribbean.
Doina: improvisation in klezmer music -- T Saturday 6:00pm Learning/Discussion Room
Description: In this workshop, we'll discuss how improvisation works in traditional klezmer music and explore the Romanian doina, a song that has been the primary base for improvisation in klezmer for the past hundred years or so. We'll play examples from old recordings, dig into the structure of the piece, and set some guidelines for how klezmer musicians transform the basic doina melody into something new and exciting with each performance. Then, we'll put it all together by playing our own doinas (all skill levels, or no skill level, welcome!).
Drums For One And All Hand Drumming Workshop -- T Sunday 2:30pm Jamming Room
Workshop/demonstration of various forms of hand drumming and percussion, including technique for playing a variety of different instruments and learning common rhythms from different cultural traditions.
Eloise & Co. Jam -- G Saturday 6:30pm Jamming Room
Jam Session: We love leading online jam sessions and inviting people to explore familiar and accessible tunes with us. Mixed-styles jam including bal folk, contra, Quebecois, New England, and English tunes.
EmmaLee Holmes-Hicks in Concert -- E Friday 7:00pm Concert Hall A
EmmaLee (on fiddle) and Peter (on cello) present a lively livestream concert with a variety of styles of tunes including old-time, Irish, French Canadian, Swedish and more. As a duo, they enjoy bantering during our livestream performances and love to talk about the tunes and Peter's creative arrangements of some of the medleys.
English Country Dance for All: Remembering Philippe, with Joanna Reiner Wilkinson -- D Saturday 4:00pm Social Dance Hall
Description: The English dance world has been devastated by the loss of Philippe Callens, who gave us the amazing gift of his teaching and choreography. In this hour, we'll honor his memory by dancing a selection of favorites from his compositions.
English country dance for as many as will -- D Saturday 10:00pm Social Dance Hall
English country dance for as many as will Kalia Kliban with Reelplay (Dave Marcus and Robbin Marcus) Dancers of all levels of experience are encouraged to join this session of English country dances spanning almost 400 years of choreographic invention. All the dances are carefully adapted for solo and duo dancers
English Country Dance with Judy Keeling -- D Friday 8:00pm Social Dance Hall
Knock knock. Who's there? Howard. Howard who? Howard you like to join Judy for some English Country Dances! Judy will lead some wonderful English Country Dances to fabulous recorded music, slightly adapted to a virtual setting, and don't be surprised if she makes you laugh too! Some ECD experience necessary.
English Country Dance with Scott Higgs -- DX Saturday 9:00pm Social Dance Hall
Un-modified, familiar ECD favorites with minimal teaching, best suited for experienced dancers
English Music Hall Singalong with the Old Howard Troupe -- G Friday 8:30pm Chorus Room
Troupe members and participants will take turns leading Music Hall songs with prerecorded accompaniment, with choruses displayed on screen so the viewers can easily sing along at home (on mute). Bring one of your favorite Music Hall songs for an interactive sing and a real party!
Factory Maids: The Millworkers of New England -- EF Saturday 11:30am Concert Hall A
In the early 1800s, the invention of the power loom disrupted the way fabric had always been made, and who had made it. Diane Taraz explores the revolutionary changes millwork brought to the lives of women who seized new options for better pay and independence, flocking to the mills to "weave by steam." She illuminates their story with songs from the time, played on authentic instruments.The initial promise of "the Lowell system" in the 1830s soured into abuse and poverty. Mill companies filled their workrooms with immigrants, some as young as ten. We hear of the "Bread and Roses" strike of 1912, which united workers who spoke dozens of languages in a common quest for respect, adequate pay, and decent working conditions. As a descendant of immigrant millworkers on both sides of her family, Diane is honored to present songs that capture both despair and hope as newcomers sought a better life.
A Family Cabaret -- EF Sunday 12:00noon Concert Hall A
Sparkling with energy, wit & whimsy, Jackson incorporates interactive song, movement and stories in a rollicking mix of comedy and music for all ages.
Faster Old Time Jam -- G Friday 10:00pm Jamming Room
Join Janie Rothfield (fiddle), Allan Carr (guitar) and Bill Wellington (clawhammer banjo) and play some fun old time tunes with this powerhouse old time trio. Bring tune requests to play with the band!
Favorite Virtual Contra Dances -- D Friday 10:00pm Contra Hall
Caller Donna Hunt revs it up with Maine's Glen Loper and Bethany Waickman.
Festival Orchestra Sit-In and Dance -- D Saturday 7:00pm Contra Hall
Grab your shoes or grab your fiddle: The traditional open band Festival Orchestra plays classic New England tunes to the stellar calling of Tony Parkes.
Fiddle Concert with Owen Kennedy -- E Saturday 4:00pm Concert Hall A
Fun fiddle show of traditional Scottish and Maritime tunes plus a few new favorites from my 50 Fiddlers from 50 States ethnomusicology project.
Fiddling with Jigs -- T Saturday 2:00pm Jamming Room
A guide to the nuances of jig rhythm and how to achieve them on the fiddle.
Fiddling Without Pain -- P Sunday 3:30pm Concert Hall B
Lecture, discussion, demonstration. I used to have pain when playing the fiddle, but now I play pain-free. I will help players understand how to play the fiddle without pain, demonstrating live, actual exercises to stay strong for fiddle playing. Session will include a discussion of how chin rests, shoulder rests, clothing, etc. can cause pain, and a question and answer period.
From Petroglyphs to Pottery: Conversations Across Millennia -- P Saturday 7:30pm Learning/Discussion Room
Photographic slides and discussion. Animals are a source of sustenance and awe. They are domesticated and feared, symbolic and totemic. Ancient peoples depicted animals on their pottery and rock art, allowing us to have conversations that span time and geography. Ann will take you on a tour of petroglyphs around the world and then show how she interprets them on her pottery.
FSSGB Singing Party -- G Saturday 1:00pm The Pub
Everyone is welcome to join our online folk singing party. The person leading each song will be the only person unmuted in the Zoom session; everyone else can sing and/or play along from home and will just hear the leader and themselves.
Fun Dances for Solo or More -- D Saturday 2:00pm Contra Hall
Dance some satisfying patterns! The Wayside Inn Steppers have been meeting weekly online since the pandemic started, doing versions of American-colonial-era country dances which have been adapted to be satisfying for solo dancers and couples, without resorting to dancing with imaginary people. Come try them out!
Hand Jive! -- TF Sunday 11:00am Learning/Discussion Room
Hand Jive! 1950s hand jive was much more than shown in "Grease," with many different movements, patterns, and musical rhythms. Learn different arm and hand motions for grooving to the music even when there's no space to dance. No partner needed, family-friendly, and accessible to those with lower-body disabilities.
Hash Contras and Triplets -- DX Saturday 3:00pm Contra Hall
Join Seth Tepfer for a session of all hash and no walk thru contras and 3 couple dances. Musicians Molly Tucker and Casey Murray are game to play for anything.
Have a Gay Old Time: LGBT+ Songs -- G Saturday 4:00pm The Pub
Traditional and recently-traditional songs with LGBT+ themes: handsome cabin boys, female husbands, and captains with huge crushes on the sailors. We will be talking live about the songs but editing our harmony together ahead of time and presenting the pre-recorded performances in the concert.
Heavenly Waltz -- Saturday 6:00pm Contra Hall
Heavenly waltzing with Audrey Knuth, Jeff Spero and Christa Burch.
History of the English Music Hall -- P Sunday 1:00pm Learning/Discussion Room
This will be a lecture outlining the history of English Music Hall from its origin in London coffeehouses and the back rooms of pubs to the grand halls of the late 1800's. This will be a fully-illustrated lecture with slides showing some of these establishments, some of the more notable Music Hall performers, and the songs they made famous
Homegrown String Band in Concert -- EF Sunday 4:30pm Concert Hall A
Celebrate the tradition of families making music together. This family band's repertoire includes early country music by the likes of The Carter Family and Delmore Brothers, along with original material inspired by the rural American string band and folk traditions of the 19th–21st centuries.
Hypnotic Old Time Jam -- G Sunday 4:00pm Jamming Room
Hypnotic, moderately paced Old-Time Jam. Lock in with other musicians in a moderately-paced Southern old time jam.
International Dance Party -- NS Saturday 9:00pm International Dance Hall
Party with the (prerecorded, but as exuberant as ever) Pinewoods Band!
Intro to Klezmer -- T Saturday 5:00pm Jamming Room
Learn an easy klezmer tune (or two), with discussion of scales/modes used in klezmer, ornamentation and how to accompany klezmer tunes.
Island dances: Dances of Hawai'i & Japan -- TB Saturday 3:00pm International Dance Hall
Explore the dancing traditions of Hawai'i and Japan, presented along with some of their history. These are solo dances which are part of living traditions in their home communities.
Israeli/International Dancing -- D Saturday 8:00pm International Dance Hall
Joanie's treats: some of my favorite International and Israeli dances.
Janie Rothfield and Allan Carr - Music From Scotland to Appalachia -- E Friday 8:30pm Concert Hall A
Janie and Allan have been blending their American Old Time and Scottish Traditional songs for over 40 years. Allan is from Aberdeen, and is a "real deal" singer of the old songs from the Northeast of Scotland. Janie is an award winning fiddler, and tune composer of old time style tunes and providing the beautiful melodies to Allan's lyrics for new music in both genres! Songs, instrumentals, stories and fun!
Jugband Music: Roots of the Roots -- E Saturday 3:00pm Concert Hall B
Exploring the roots of jug band music in ragtime, early jazz (Duke and Satchmo) and the blues craze of the 1920s. Heavy on music (vocal, guitar, piano), light on yakking. Tunes will include music-minus-one solo choruses for folks at home to play along.
Keith Murphy and Becky Tracy in Concert -- E Sunday 3:00pm Concert Hall A
A concert of tunes and songs, old and new.
Ken Perlman with Ruth Rappaport -- E Saturday 8:30pm Concert Hall A
Clawhammer banjo concert
Kim Wallach in Concert -- E Saturday 9:00pm Concert Hall B
A concert of compelling songs, traditional, original and from other writers.
Klezmer Concert with Kesselgarden -- E Saturday 1:30pm Concert Hall B
Klezmer concert with Kesselgarden, the Seattle-based klezmer duo of Carl Shutoff (clarinet) & Laurie Andres (accordion).
Larry Unger in Concert -- E Saturday 2:30pm Concert Hall A
2/3 concert, 1/3 tune writing workshop
Latvian Folk Songs -- G Saturday 5:00pm Chorus Room
By 1915, “Father of the Dainas” Krišjānis Barons had published all or part of over 200,000 Latvian folk songs (dainas), collected in the field by a network of colleagues. Learn to sing Latvian songs from the Barons collection! Lyric sheets, translations, and pronunciation guides will be provided.
Learn Fingerstyle Blues Guitar -- T Saturday 8:00pm Jamming Room
Learn Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
Liza Constable: Sweet American Jazz -- E Sunday 2:00pm Concert Hall B
A sweet collection of American jazz -“America’s classical music”- from singer and guitarist Liza Constable. Songs from the 20s to the surprisingly recent.
Love is Little: Shaker Song -- G Saturday 6:30pm Chorus Room
The celibate, communal United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing – of whom only three now survive – are famed not only for their furniture and other crafts, but the boisterous singing and dancing in their religious services. Join former Hancock Shaker Village Museum interpreter April Grant and Boston Area Shaker Study Group member E. J. Barnes for a selection of Shaker chants, hymns, and ballads.
Maury Stauffer in Concert -- E Saturday 1:00pm Concert Hall A
Maury Stauffer performs a diverse repertoire of songs (1800s parlor songs, celtic ballads, 60s - fwd classic & modern folk pop & oldies) on diverse instruments (12 string, 6 string, tenor, mandolin).
The Medford Songcatcher: Olive Dame Campbell -- E Sunday 11:00am Concert Hall B
Olive Dame Campbell (1882–1954) has left a huge legacy in folk music, song and dance, and yet her name is often forgotten or glanced over. She was born and raised in West Medford, MA (on Hastings Lane) and after graduating from Tufts college in 1900, went on to become a folklorist and song collector working across New England, the Appalachians and beyond. She co-published the book ‘English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians’ with Cecil Sharp after taking him to the songsters in the mountains. In 2000, a movie called The Songcatcher was released (loosely) based on the life and work of Olive Dame Campbell. Come and join me as we explore her legacy and sing some of the songs she collected over her long and exciting career.
Modern Hula Hoop Demo and Workshop with Jessie Jewels -- T Saturday 1:00pm Social Dance Hall
Modern Hula Hoop Dance “Hooping” is an evolving form of movement, fitness and dance, part of playful flow arts involving skill toys are used to explore dynamic, flowing, and sequential movements. Jessie will teach more than just waist hooping, she will also explore off body hooping, moving within the space of the hoop and rhythm. By the end of the workshop you will be able to perform a short choreographed dance with your hoop! You will need at least one hula hoop, preferably a lighter dance hoop for this workshop vs a 5 pound hoop from a fitness store.
Molly Tucker and Casey Murray: concert -- E Saturday 5:30pm Concert Hall A
Casey & Molly play traditional folk tunes and songs and original compositions drawing from New England, Celtic, and Old Time traditions. With Molly on fiddle and Casey on guitar, cello, and banjo, they bring together engaging arrangements and artistry.
Morris Circle Dance From Abram -- D Saturday 2:00pm Social Dance Hall
Workshop and discussion. Traditionally danced on May Day; adapted for any number of dancers in a circle.
Multi-Folk Idiom Jam With Sheet Music -- G Friday 7:00pm Jamming Room
Multi folk idiom jam with sheet music: Let's see how many we can squeeze in! Celtic/old-time, ECD, French, Scandi, klezmer, Balkan...
NEFFA 2021 Video Collection Highlights, part 1 -- E Saturday 11:00am Learning/Discussion Room
Gather together to enjoy videos created for NEFFA 2021! Bring an instrument to jam along with The Wren in A-minor at 11:55am. (Sheet music at

These videos can also be viewed at

11:00 - NEFFA 2021 Suite - NEFFA 2021 all-stars (video and arrangement by Tom Pixton)
11:09 - English Country Dance Tunes pt. 1 - Seven Times Salt
11:14 - Tunes from Basque region and Belgium - Jocelyn Pettit & Maider Martineau
11:19 - Johnny Be Fair - Bittenson Family
11:21 - Bullgine - ARRR!!!
11:23 - Blues for Company - Phyllis Elkind & Greta Tristram
11:26 - Bells of Norwich (crankie) - High Strung Strummers
11:32 - Otter's Holt Set - Confluence
11:37 - English Country Dance Tunes pt. 2 - Seven Times Salt
11:45 - Wide Arthur's Cool Water - NEFFA open band (video and arrangement by Stuart Ryerse)
11:55 - JAM-ALONG: The Wren - NEFFA open band (video and arrangement by Dylan Ladds)
NEFFA 2021 Video Collection Highlights, part 2 -- E Sunday 11:00am Social Dance Hall
Gather together to enjoy videos created for NEFFA 2021! Bring an instrument to jam along with The Wren in A-minor at 11am sharp! (Sheet music at

These videos can also be viewed at

11:00 - JAM-ALONG: The Wren - NEFFA open band (video and arrangement by Dylan Ladds)
11:05 - Wide Arthur's Cool Water - NEFFA open band (video and arrangement by Stuart Ryerse)
11:15 - NEFFA 2021 Suite - NEFFA 2021 all-stars (video and arrangement by Tom Pixton)
11:24 - Kopanitsa - Orkestar Banitsa
11:35 - 3 Couple Dances - Mladost Folk Ensemble
11:44 - Two Gm Tunes - Triga
11:49 - Tunes and Songs - Chimney Swift
12:00 - Instrumental Medley - Hamilton, Zelkin & Gillman
12:06 - Three songs - Bob Wright
12:13 - DANCE ALONG: Schottis - Joan Savitt
12:20 - DANCE ALONG: Castlewall (ECD) - Val Medve
NEFFA Annual Meeting -- C Saturday 12:00noon Learning/Discussion Room
NEFFA Annual Meeting
Neffa Contra Medley -- NX Saturday 6:30pm Contra Hall
A non-taught, non-stop Neffa tradition!
New England Women Song Collectors of the 20th Century -- P Saturday 4:30pm Learning/Discussion Room
Presentations on women collectors of the 20th century, followed by questions and discussion.
Newfangled Squares and Contras -- D Friday 9:00pm Contra Hall
FUN Squares and Contras adapted to virtual format, including seated dances accessible for all. Great music by Box and String Trio.
Nigunim: The Soul of Jewish Music -- G Sunday 4:30pm Chorus Room
Join musician Zach Mayer, who will explain the history and significance of nigunim (wordless melodies from the Hasidic tradition) and talk about how they are sung today by different individuals, groups, and congregations. He will teach a traditional nigun, followed by an original melody of his own composition, and explain which elements of the melody are rooted in tradition, and which elements are new.
Odd Sundays English Favorites with Sharon Green -- D Friday 9:00pm Social Dance Hall
It may be Friday, but Sharon Green will call favorite solo adaptations of English country dances from the popular California-based online dance. Some experience helpful.
Odissi, Indian Dance of Love and Devotion -- E Friday 9:00pm Learning/Discussion Room
We are a group of Indian classical dancers and have been trying to actively preserve our dance form through virtual events during the pandemic. We are eager to offer a glimpse into Odissi through a few short pure dance pieces and story telling pieces. We will also share the history of this dance form which is about 2000 years old. Event includes live performance by Mouli Pal and pre recorded videos of other dancers in the group.
Old Style Cajun Fiddle -- T Friday 8:30pm Jamming Room
Old Style Cajun Fiddle workshop (Int./Adv). Early Cajun music was all about the fiddle. There was no accordion nor guitar. These early tunes are sprightly, haunting and often quirky. This class will focus on learning an old style tune from one of the early Louisiana masters of this music.
Old Time Fiddle Rhythm and Bowing -- T Sunday 11:30am Jamming Room
Janie will give you tips and techniques for getting rhythm, speed and groove into your fiddling.
Old-Time Concert with Cathy Mason, Steve Arkin and Zach Meyer -- E Saturday 12:00noon Concert Hall B
The Lowdown Hoedowners will dig deep to transport you to another time and place, with and authentic feel for Southern Appalachian tunes and songs on fiddle, banjo, and guitar/mandolin.
Party Like It’s 2021! -- D Sunday 4:00pm International Dance Hall
While we can’t meet and hold hands together and dance in the real world, the virtual circle beckons, with a session of international dance favorites to classic recordings, with some teaching by Marcie Van Cleave in the first hour, and a party with dances led by friends both near and far! Stow your worries, kick up your heels, and let’s party together like it’s 2021! (In collaboration with the Folk Arts Center of New England)
Peregrine Road in Concert -- E Friday 8:00pm Concert Hall B
Concert: Peregrine Road is Karen Axelrod on piano and accordion, and Rachel Bell on accordion. We play energetic Celtic reels, heartbreakingly beautiful waltzes, mesmerizing French village dance tunes, lively originals, elegant English Country dances, and more, Mostly Waltz Dance: we will play a variety of Waltzes, and other couple dances. No teaching. People can just dance to our music.
Playing Together at a Distance -- E Saturday 7:30pm Concert Hall B
Jody Kruskal and Cindy Harris in concert from separate locations!
PMFF Chantey and Maritime Sing -- G Saturday 2:30pm The Pub
An open maritime and chantey community sing hosted by the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival.
Power Harmonies -- G Saturday 8:30pm The Pub
Come and plan to lift your voice! As Power Harmonies, Lynn Noel and Ken Mattsson sing with depth, power, and passionate attention to the spirit in the song. They are noted for inspiring harmonies and making the rafters ring--even when trading solos this year!
Pub Show with the King's Busketeers -- E Sunday 2:00pm The Pub
A virtual, live streamed pub show with our signature party folk sound, taking requests and cracking jokes with the audience via live chat, offering the kind of intimate vibe that usually happens around a campfire after hours at the folk fest or renaissance faire
Pub Sing -- G Saturday 10:00pm The Pub
We may not have a pub, but we can still raise the rafters! Bring a song with a good chorus (one leader at a time), or just come sing along from home.
Romanian Concert and Dance -- NS Saturday 1:00pm International Dance Hall
Dance or listen to Romanian music.
Scandi dance/concert - lydia ievins -- N Saturday 3:00pm Social Dance Hall
Swedish tunes on fiddle and/or nyckelharpa, one-person duo via looper pedal magic
Scots Song with Jim and Susie Malcolm -- E Friday 9:30pm Concert Hall B
Jim and Susie Malcolm are singers from Scotland. We sing some modern but mostly old songs from Scotland, some of them as much as 400 years old. Since lockdown has ended all in-person live performance we have been offering quality concerts of Scots song via Zoom, using a green screen to change backdrops for every song, thus offering in a new way information about the songs we are singing. We plan to tour the Northeast USA Sept/Oct 2023.
Scottish Ceilidh Dancing -- D Sunday 1:00pm Social Dance Hall
Traditional dances arranged for Zoom and taught by Jen Schoonover Scottish Ceilidh Dancing The word ‘cèilidh’ is a verb meaning ‘visit’ in Scottish Gàidhlig. It’s also come to signify a repertoire of party dances popular at events and celebrations around Scotland. At this virtual workshop, Jen Schoonover will share and teach a selection of Cèilidh dances adapted specifically for remote video conferencing. Many of these dances are designed to be done together by couples, but adaptations accommodating both solo and partnering dancers attending will be presented.
Sean-Nós Old Style Irish Dance -- TB Sunday 12:00noon International Dance Hall
A participatory workshop in sean-nós (Irish old style) dancing. Participants will learn basic sean-nós steps, practice rhythm, dance to traditional Irish tunes, and work solo and with others (in breakout rooms) to create their own steps. Mo has been teaching on Zoom since March 2020, and is committed to creating a virtual learning environment that is joyful and rewarding.
Secular Hymn Circle -- G Sunday 11:00am The Pub
This song circle was created by Lynz Morahn and Cate Clifford in 2017 as a space to share songs of hope, community, peace, perseverance, love, celebration, grief, etc. that don’t involve god(s) or religion. Come share a song or simply listen!
Shake it Up Contras -- D Saturday 5:00pm Contra Hall
Let's get movin' and groovin' to the California sounds of the Audrey Knuth, Jeff Spero and Christa Burch.
Shape Note Workshop -- G Sunday 12:30pm The Pub
Are you feeling isolated? 18th-century New Englanders shared that experience and they came together in song. Join us for this entry level workshop. We’ll walk you step by step through how to read and sing shape note music, the 4-part acapella tunes they loved which are still widely sung today. We think you’ll love it too!
Silly Stories for Spring -- EF Saturday 1:30pm Learning/Discussion Room
Award winning author and storyteller Mark Binder will spin laid back yarns for one and all.
Sing, Play, and Connect: A Family Concert -- EF Saturday 4:30pm Concert Hall B
Performers Carole Stephens of Macaroni Soup, Joanie Calem and Jackson Gillman will join Nancy Hershatter for Family Song Circle. We are all longtime members of The Children's Music Network.
Singing for Peace -- G Friday 10:00pm Chorus Room
A blend of traditional and original songs of peace and love with some favorites from the folk revival. Many of the songs are easy to sing, and singing along at home is greatly encouraged.
Solo Indian Classical Dance with Soumya Rajaram -- E Saturday 7:00pm International Dance Hall
I will be presenting a solo Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance). The pieces will explore the dichotomy of this world represented by the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe and illustrates how they are inseparable .
Song Swap Party -- G Saturday 7:00pm The Pub
A trad song singaround (though not strictly so). Bring a song with a chorus or refrain that we can sing along with, or just come listen!
Story Swap -- GF Friday 7:30pm Learning/Discussion Room
A participatory storytelling session. Bring a 3 - 5 minute story to share, or just come and listen!
Swedish kitchen Slängpolska -- D Friday 7:00pm Social Dance Hall
Dance your own personal Swedish kitchen Slängpolska to music by Patrick McMonagle, Marjorie Nugent, and Toby Weinberg.
Too Hot Mamas Dance Party -- D Saturday 4:00pm Contra Hall
Join Janine Smith and Susan Taylor for a Singin' Swingin' Dance Party featuring all your favorite dance forms and figures, and some you didn't even know existed. Singing Squares, Ceilidh Dances, Singing Waltzes and more! Music by Tunenado--yup, a whirlwind of energy.
Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Showcase -- P Saturday 3:00pm Learning/Discussion Room
The Vermont Folklife Center presents a video showcase of master artists and apprentices participating in their Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program. Tour a weaver's studio, hear the Nepali sarangi, tap your toes to some Franco-American fiddle tunes and learn how this program, 30 years in the running, helps keep traditional cultural expressions vital and relevant within Vermont communities.
Traditional Serbian & European Song -- E Sunday 11:30am Chorus Room
Honoring my European/Serbian ancestors by singing traditional songs a cappella (mostly Serbian, but there will be surprises).
Traditional Songs from Brittany -- E Saturday 6:00pm Concert Hall B
A concert of traditional songs from Brittany, the Celtic region of France.
Tune Writing Workshop -- G Saturday 3:30pm Jamming Room
Write a tune with Larry Unger!! Larry has composed more than 5000 tunes, many of which are widely played at contra dances everywhere. He has published three books of original tunes and has recorded two entire CDs of original waltzes (with Ginny Snowe). Larry's compositions and recordings have been featured in four different Ken Burns television documentaries. His tune "Door County #2" was played on the Grand Ole Opry by Mike Snider. "That Schoenberg Rag" was performed by the San Luis Obispo Symphony Orchestra.
Ukulele Meetup -- G Sunday 1:00pm Jamming Room
Strum and sing familiar songs.
Virtually Possible Contras! -- D Friday 8:00pm Contra Hall
Caller Don Veino features dances written for 1-2 people, all with satisfying contra moves and good flow. The lively band is Calico, with Jesse Ball, Eric Boodman, and Casey Murray.
The Vox Hunters in Concert -- E Sunday 12:30pm Concert Hall B
A casual concert of what The Vox Hunters have been hunting while in our pandemic isolation. Our bounty includes traditional Philippine tunes, ballads about bugs, Rhode Island folk songs, and other tidbits of musical variety.
Waltz concert - Liz & Dan Faiella -- N Sunday 5:00pm Social Dance Hall
Dance or listen to the traditional music of Liz and Dan's roots, with crisp vocals, mesmerizing fingerstyle guitar, lyrical fiddling, and exhilarating rhythmic drive.
Waltz Session -- G Saturday 11:00am Jamming Room
I will lead a Waltz Session from my home (Marlborough, MA). A subset of "Three Quarter Time" band members who have played with me live on stage at previous NEFFA Waltz Jams may also participate.
Waltzes with Anna Patton and Owen Morrison -- N Saturday 8:00pm Social Dance Hall
Waltzes with a few swing and blues tunes thrown in for your at-home dancing pleasure
Workshop: Playing Together At a Distance -- C Saturday 8:30pm Learning/Discussion Room
Live discussion about how to play well together over the internet.
Zoom Contra Basics -- DB Friday 7:00pm Contra Hall
Join caller Claire Takemori and the fabulous band Peregrine Road to learn the basics of Zoom contra. Plenty of fun dancing, too! Claire will present an overview of contra dancing, then teach all you need to know to Zoom Contra dance. This is an interactive workshop, and dancing is good exercise. Wear shoes if needed and have water handy.
Zwiefacher Workshop and Dance -- D Saturday 1:00pm Contra Hall
Combined lesson and dance for this popular Bavarian couple dance, based on waltz and pivot. Program here.

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