Seminar -- 11:00am to 11:50am Sunday April 21 P (Presentation)
Ever wonder just how those old sea chanteys were used during the age of sail? Join Chris in singing and “virtual” demonstration of the working of a 19th century square-rigged sailing vessel, and the specific songs that helped get the jobs done together and more easily. By use of a Powerpoint demonstration, and Chris’ knowledge gained after a 20-year association as Chanteyman with the demonstration squad of Mystic Seaport Museum and sailing square-riggers, participants will “sail” a 19th century vessel through Cyberspace, singing as we go. In addition to the songs themselves, we’ll learn how the form, pace, and style changed depending on their specific use. We’ll learn about shipboard life aboard a 19th C square-rigger as well as some of the “rituals” that included their own songs.

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