NEFFA Event Catalog
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2022 Festival. The events for the 2023 Festival will be put here in February 2023

18th Century Tunes from Northern Europe -- TS Saturday 10:30am Concert Hall B
Anna Breger will teach some lovely melodies found in 18th century manuscripts from northern Europe. All instruments welcome, intermediate playing level.
9 Months and Better: The Representation of Women in The Folk Song Tradition -- E Sunday 4:00pm Chorus Room
How are women represented in the folk song traditions of the West? Are women a benevolent source of life, a lure of sin, a vessel of romantic and spiritual love, a fountain of black magic, or do women represent a connection to God? This concert and discussion takes 9 songs, and, with each of them, examines the way women’s lives and bodies interact with the folk song tradition of the Western world. Songs include The Blacksmith, Shady Grove, As I Roved Out, Katy Cruel, and more.
Afterwaltzes -- DS Saturday 10:00pm Contra Dance Hall A
Stick around after the Coleman's Quartet contra session for some California waltzes.
Afterwaltzes with Bob Pasquarello -- NB Friday 10:00pm Social Dance Hall B
A session of original waltzes on piano by Bob Pasquarello
Argentine Folk Dances -- DS Saturday 7:00pm International Dance Hall
"Learn two of the beautiful Argentine folk dances: ""El Bailecito"" from the Andean north and ""El Gato"" found throughout all of Argentina."
Balanced Contras -- DS Friday 8:00pm Contra Dance Hall A
Fun dances for 2 or more with good balance(s)!
Balkan Dance Party -- NS Saturday 1:00pm International Dance Hall
Balkan dances with Rakiya, modern style.
Balkan Joy! -- NS Saturday 8:30pm International Dance Hall
Joyful dances from the pan-Balkan traditions (Bulgarian, former Yugloslavian, Romanian) including many traditional easy-to-follow village dances as well as some well-loved, well-known choreographed ones.
Balkan Kefana On-line Sing-along -- GS Saturday 2:30pm International Dance Hall
"Come sing along, dance along, or just enjoy listening to ""old city songs"" and/or dance songs from Macedonia and environs, evoking the pleasure (""kefi"") of singing with old friends in the village tavern or coffeehouse - if it had a jukebox with all your favorites!"
Ballad Sing at the Mermaid's Tavern -- GS Saturday 10:00pm Jamming Room A
A ballad is a song that tells a story. Bring us your ballads from renowned collections, local history, family tradition, or just ripping good yarns.
Beatles Sing Along -- GF Saturday 1:30pm Chorus Room
Singing Beatles songs makes us happy, and hopefully will make you happy too. Come join us!
Beautiful Waltzes -- NB Sunday 4:00pm Social Dance Hall B
The joy of waltzes for your dancing and listening pleasure.
Beranche: Basic and Bodacious Balkan -- TS Saturday 4:00pm International Dance Hall
Learn the footwork and styling to several dances in the Beranche uneven-five rhythm (SQQSQ). Amaze your friends by knowing what to do when the band plays one of those wonderful tunes.
A Blues Journey -- E Saturday 5:30pm The Pub
Take a trip down the blues road, stopping along the way for a taste of blues flavors. Cousin Louis sings and plays traditional and modern blues and the music it influenced. As Willie Dixon once said, “The blues are the roots and all the rest are the fruits.”
Boston Area Chantey and Maritime Sing -- GB Friday 8:30pm Chorus Room
Song circle for chanteys, sea songs, maritime poetry, and entertainments at least faintly damp and salty. In-person would feature all-sing choruses, online w.ould be a solo singaround.
Bulgarian and Macedonian Dance Party -- NS Friday 10:00pm International Dance Hall
Zdravets presents Bulgarian and Macedonian dancing with traditional instruments and vocals.
Bulgarian Dancing -- NS Sunday 2:00pm International Dance Hall
Easy Bulgarian line dances; music by Zornitsa, a men's Bulgarian singing group with instrumental accompaniment.
Bulgarian/ Macedonian Teach/Jam -- GS Saturday 11:30am Jamming Room A
Play Bulgarian and Macedonian tunes. Sheet music is provided. Session includes some discussions about scales, time signatures, and ornamentation.
Bulgarian Singing Workshop -- T Saturday 1:30pm Concert Hall C
Bulgarian singing workshop online for mixed audience - experienced, not experienced, family with kids welcome.
Caller Chat: Variety -- C Sunday 2:30pm Learning/ Discussion Room
A brief presentation, followed by Q&A/open discussion, on variety in programming. Different dance forms can spice up your programs and help you market to non-contra-dance groups.
Celebrating Our Working Waterfront -- E Friday 7:00pm Concert Hall A
A concert of songs about our working waterways.
Celebrating Women Choreographers (ECD) -- DS Friday 7:00pm Social Dance Hall A
This session will focus on English Country Dances choreographed by women in the 21st century.
A Celebration of Tony Barrand -- P Saturday 3:00pm Learning/ Discussion Room
"Honoring singer, dancer, folklorist, and collector Anthony Grant ""Tony"" Barrand (1945-2022) with a panel featuring fellow researcher Jocelyn Reynolds, bandmate John Roberts, and folklorist Jennifer Cutting of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, which holds Tony's collection."
Community Video Showcase -- E Saturday 10:30am Concert Hall C
Come to the first public screening of this year's community videos submitted to NEFFA 2022, and stay for the unveiling of the new NEFFA Video Archive on Vimeo.
Concert -- E Saturday 8:30pm Concert Hall A
Supertrad playing original and trad reels, jigs and waltzes.
Count On Me -- E Sunday 11:30am Concert Hall C
Counting songs, finger plays and movement songs for children. A sing-a -long program of new and tried and true songs for children age 1-101. Kim has been writing a lot of new counting songs, partly to replace old ones with rotten roots.
Cowboy Song Sing Along -- GB Saturday 2:30pm Jamming Room A
Cowboy songs with accompanying lyrics for choruses, and group yodeling.
CT Sea Music Festival Chantey Blast -- G Saturday 3:00pm Chorus Room
"An ""All-Hands-In"" rousing sea chantey singing session. Bring your voices and your friends."
Cut a Rug -- TS Sunday 4:30pm International Dance Hall
A potpourri of taught dances/requests to recorded music.
Dance Party! -- DS Saturday 9:00pm Contra Dance Hall A
Lively contras for dancers (new and old) who just can't get enough!
Dance the Zwiefacher -- DS Friday 8:00pm Social Dance Hall B
Dances with Dulcimers -- E Friday 8:30pm Concert Hall A
International traditional folk and country dance tunes played on mountain dulcimer by national dulcimer champion, Mark Gilston. English, French, German, Scandinavian and Balkan dance tunes.
Dances with SuperTrad -- DS Saturday 2:30pm Contra Dance Hall A
contra dancing with Steve Zakon-Anderson and SuperTrad
Dancing in the Moonlight -- NS Sunday 12:30pm International Dance Hall
Balkan and international folk dancing with Shining Moon
Downeast Dogwatch -- E Sunday 4:00pm Concert Hall C
A selection of coastal and seafaring songs and ditties focused on the Northeast and Canadian Maritimes, with sing-along opportunities for the crew!
Drumming from Africa to Cuba to Brazil -- TB Saturday 9:00pm Learning/ Discussion Room
This workshop teaches the basics of playing the drums and rhythms that originated in West Africa and migrated with the slave trade into Latin America and Brazil. You'll get a broad overview of the djembe, dunduns, congas, bongos, surdo and a variety of percussion instruments associated with these exciting rhythmic traditions. If you have a drum, play along. If not, you can still learn by watching and listening.
Easy Balkan Dances -- TB Sunday 11:30am International Dance Hall
One-figure dances are not always simple, but dancing to tricky rhythms is one of life's delights. We'll do some easy and some challenging dances, all with fabulous live music!
ECD: Fundamental Favorites -- DS Saturday 2:00pm Social Dance Hall A
Enjoy familiar dances (and perhaps a new one or two) suitable for one, two, or more people to do on Zoom without needing a gaggle of ghosts!
ECD Music Jam: Barnes Green Book -- GS Friday 7:00pm Jamming Room A
We would like to lead a jam session of ECD music for all who would like to join in and play, or just listen.
English Country Dancing For All -- DS Saturday 9:00pm Social Dance Hall B
English Country Dances for all skill levels. Join our virtual community to revel in some classic favorites and new choreography. All dances have been adapted for 1-2 dancers.
Fab Contras, Square & More! -- DS Friday 10:00pm Contra Dance Hall A
A variety of fabulous dances for your online dancing pleasure
A Family Cabaret -- GF Sunday 1:00pm Concert Hall C
Sparkling with energy, wit and whimsy, Jackson incorporates interactive song, movement and stories in a rollicking mix of comedy and music for all ages.
Family Song Circle -- GF Sunday 3:00pm Jamming Room A
If you love making music with your children, learning new songs, singing and dancing along, this is the workshop for you.
Farah with Sam Asher -- E Saturday 10:00pm The Pub
Farah will be a fest of Jewish music from North Africa and the Middle East. This encompasses several ethnic traditions - Spanish, Egyptian, Syrian, Baghdadi, and Yemenite. It includes some of the sweetest as well as some of the liveliest rhythms of any tradition. I will sing in Hebrew, Arabic, Ladino, and English.
Fest Orchestra LIVE! Contras + Sq -- DS Sunday 4:00pm Contra Dance Hall A
The cool and the classic at this iconic Neffa event.
Fiddle Without Pain -- C Saturday 7:30pm Learning/ Discussion Room
Presentation and Discussion about how to play the fiddle without pain. Discussion of playing and of violin equipment. Questions welcome. I used to have pain when playing and now have no pain.
Flow In Motion Dances -- DS Saturday 4:30pm Contra Dance Hall A
Contra dances that are choreographed for flow and nearly constant motion for the dancers.
Folking It Up -- Singing & Picking Your Heart -- E Saturday 1:00pm The Pub
"Grammy-winning fingerstyle guitarist Mark and nat'l award-winning vocalist Greta team up for a lively and fun performance of traditional and original music, ranging from their sublime ""Water Is Wide"" to the raucous slide-guitar ""Grease Monkey."" You'll hear a variety of guitars, uke, percussion and pristine harmony vocals. "
Fried for As Many As Will (ECD) -- DS Saturday 7:00pm Social Dance Hall B
Sharon Green calls adaptations of dances by her teacher Fried de Metz Herman to recordings specially made by the Odd Sundays English Garage Band [Shira Kammen, Judy Linsenberg, Patti Cobb].
FSSGB Singing Party -- GB Friday 7:00pm Chorus Room
Everyone is welcome to join our folk singing party. The song leaders will get us started but every present is welcome to suggest songs that we can sing together.
Fun with Uniquely Scottish Dance Figures -- TS Sunday 3:00pm Social Dance Hall A
Scottish Country Dancing involves a number of unique figures. This class is designed for more experienced dancers in any dance form at NEFFA to introduce you to several of these figures and their variations in context. We will focus on having fun with these more challenging figures in dances. Experience in Contra, English, Squares and other related dance forms valuable. Scottish is not necessary.
Funny Songs and Shtick -- E Sunday 11:30am The Pub
Pure and adulterated musical nostalgia with lots of fun surprises. Includes topical originals, musical foolishness & finesse, and sing-alongs that have been fractured, twisted and bent.
A Garden of Song, a Singing Field -- E Saturday 10:00pm Concert Hall A
We’ve been growing food for thousands of years -- on giant farms, on small market plots, in our back yards. Songs from the old world and the new, some old and some recent – welcome to my garden!
Great 21st Century Tunes ECD -- DS Friday 9:00pm Social Dance Hall A
Enjoy moving to wonderful tunes written and set to English country dances since the dawn of the 21st century.
Great Tunes & Songs from English Dance -- P Saturday 4:00pm The Pub
Join me for a NEFFA hour of bloomin' good songs and tunes that feature in the many English dance traditions we love: ECD, Morris, Sword and more. Bring your voices and dancing shoes. There will be plenty of opportunities to join in with choruses and I may even teach y'all a dance of some kind!
Hambone for Everyone -- TB Sunday 1:00pm Social Dance Hall A
Make wonderful rhythms! Hambone is making percussion using your body – slapping and clapping while sitting down. It's great fun! Learn the basic techniques and how to put them together.
Hand Jive! -- TB Saturday 12:00noon Social Dance Hall A
"Hand Jive! 1950s hand jive was much more than shown in ""Grease,"" with many different movements, patterns, and musical rhythms. Learn different arm and hand motions for grooving to the music even when there's no space to dance. No partner needed, family-friendly, and accessible to those with lower-body disabilities. "
Have a Gay Old Time: LGBT+ Songs -- E Sunday 2:30pm Chorus Room
Traditional and recently-traditional songs with LGBT+ themes: handsome cabin boys, female husbands, and captains with huge crushes on the sailors. We will be talking live about the songs but editing our harmony together ahead of time and presenting the pre-recorded performances in the concert.
Having a Brawl: 16th Century French Circle Dances -- TB Sunday 10:00am Social Dance Hall B
Fun and easy circle and line dances from 16th century France. Family friendly too! Some small jumps and kicks involved.
High Energy Contras -- DS Saturday 5:30pm Contra Dance Hall B
Buckle up, you're in for a wild ride! Gròóvåtrøñ's playful spirit and energetic tunes have been paired up with Drew Delaware's joyful calling for this hour of action-packed contra dances.
Holi in India -- E Saturday 9:00pm Chorus Room
"Holi is the festival of colors. People from different castes come together and meet and greet each other. We share home made sweets, ""Gujia, and Ladoo"" and put color on each other. It brings communities closer and spread love and joy like ""Radha-Krishna's"" eternal love."
How to Play the Irish Bodhran -- TB Saturday 4:30pm Jamming Room B
Introduction to Playing the Irish Bodhran; a demonstration of handling technique. Explore Irish music rhythms. We'll consider session etiquette, play some tunes, explore ornamentation. Bring a bodhran and tipper (drumstick)
Hypnotic Old-Time Jam -- GS Saturday 9:00pm Concert Hall C
Hypnotic, moderately paced Old-Time Jam. Lock in with other musicians in a moderately-paced Southern old time jam.
Indian Dance with Soumya Rajaram -- E Saturday 5:30pm Concert Hall A
International Dance Party -- NS Saturday 10:00pm International Dance Hall
International Folk Dance with the CFO -- NS Friday 8:30pm International Dance Hall
Folk dancing from many countries.
International Women's Dances for All -- TS Sunday 3:30pm International Dance Hall
All are welcome to revel in the flowing movements and haunting music of dances that historically were done by women in different cultures around the world.
Intro to Bucket Brigade Singing -- GB Saturday 7:00pm The Pub
Check out Jeff Kaufman's alternative to Zoom for online singing! Unlike Zoom, it lets you hear, on the average, about half of the other singers. Participants are welcome to lead a song, sing along, or just listen. Songs with slow, rich choruses are recommended.
Intro to Doumbek & Arabic Rhythms -- TB Sunday 1:00pm Jamming Room B
This workshop teaches the basic hand technique for playing the Middle Eastern doumbek drum (also known as darbuka or tabla, depending on the country). You'll also learn the most common rhythms that are popular in many genres of Arabic music. No prior experience is required. If you have a drum, play along, or learn simply by watching and listening.
Intro to International Folk Dance -- TB Friday 7:00pm International Dance Hall
Come learn the basics of Balkan and other international dance styles. Enjoy efficient, cheerful teaching and wonderful music!
Intro to Klezmer -- TS Saturday 10:30am Learning/ Discussion Room
Learn an easy klezmer tune (or two), with discussion of scales/modes used in klezmer, ornamentation and how to accompany klezmer tunes.
Intro to Scottish Country Dance -- DB Saturday 1:00pm Social Dance Hall B
Come and try out Scottish Country Dancing! We will go over basic steps and figures and put them together for a few fun dances.
Introduction to Appalachian Flatfooting -- TB Sunday 2:00pm Contra Dance Hall A
Clogging / Flatfooting lets everyone be a member of the band. We’ll learn a few basic steps and learn to play with rhythm. Foot-stomping fun!
Introduction to Clawhammer Banjo -- P Saturday 10:30am Jamming Room B
Demonstration/Workshop. A brief history of the banjo—“America’s instrument”—as well as some basic clawhammer banjo techniques and tunings.
Italian Music Open Session -- GS Sunday 4:00pm Jamming Room B
A group of Boston area traditional folk musicians will lead an 'Open Participatory Session' in the playing and singing of Italian folk, pop, classical, and operatic aria songs and melodies. The Session is open to all musicians, singers, and listeners of Italian music. We will provide music notation and Italian lyrics.
JamKazam for Online Musicians -- P Saturday 10:00am Jamming Room A
A workshop explaining the online app JamKazam, which enables musicians to play together online from remote locations. We will be also demonstrating the effectiveness of JamKazam by teaching and playing from two different locations.
Janie's New Old Time Tunes -- T Saturday 12:00noon Concert Hall C
Janie will play a selection of her own original tunes ranging from lovely waltzes, rhythmic reels, driving old time tunes, jigs and a few crooked ones too!! This is your opportunity to hear and learn a bunch of Janie's award winning original tunes on the fly, and ask questions about the tunes-phrasing, bowing, rhythm, chords etc. Open to all but for Intermediate-Advanced players. Recording to your own devices to work on later allowed.
Jug Band Swing and Blues Dance/Concert -- NB Saturday 10:00pm Social Dance Hall A
Come dance your heart out to Outrageous Fortune's rootsy jug band stylings of classic '20s and '30s blues and jazz. Stationary listeners are also welcome!
Ken Perlman, Clawhammer Banjo -- E Sunday 1:00pm Chorus Room
Ken Perlman performs a selection of fiddle tunes on banjo from several traditions - not only Appalachian, but also Cape Breton/Prince Edward Island, Irish, Scottish, and more.
Kings of the 12-String -- E Sunday 2:30pm Concert Hall B
Pete Kraemer and Howard Stith present the Blues in the styles of the Kings of the 12-String Guitar, including Leadbelly, Blind Willie McTell, Barbeque Bob and others.
Learn Song in Gaelic & English Workshop -- TB Sunday 11:30am Learning/ Discussion Room
Learn a simple song from one of the genres of Scottish Gaelic, in English and Gaelic. No prior knowledge of Gaelic required. Words, translation, phonetics and sound recordings pre-provided.
Locally Sourced Waltzes -- NS Saturday 8:00pm Social Dance Hall A
Keep your carbon footprint low with this delightful selection of fresh composer to dance floor compositions
Love is Little: Shaker Chants, Hymns, and Ballads -- E Saturday 6:00pm Chorus Room
The celibate, communal United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, of whom only three now survive, are famed not only for their furniture and other crafts, but the boisterous singing and dancing in their religious services. Join former Hancock Shaker Village Museum interpreter April Grant and Boston Area Shaker Study Group member E. J. Barnes for a selection of Shaker songs.
The Making of NEFFA Massive Async Jam & Virtual Pub Sing -- C Saturday 7:00pm Jamming Room B
Live screenings of NEFFA's 2022 Massive Asynchronous Jam (Inisheer, Simple Gifts, and St. Anne's Reel) and of the Virtual Pub Sing (Thousands or More). Following will be an informal talk and Q&A with the directors of each project, Stuart Ryerse and Alex Cumming, regarding how each project was made, from choosing the tunes to rendering the final video. Jokes will be included as well!
Many Lands, Many Dances -- DB Sunday 10:00am International Dance Hall
Beginning dancers will find a magic carpet in their own living room as they follow Stacy Rose on a dance tour around the world.
Maritime Music -- P Saturday 1:30pm Concert Hall B
"Using traditional shanties, ballads, and songs Chris will explore not only the work, but stories and daily life of 19th and early 20th workers who looked to the sea for their vocations. We'll explore how lyrics and song-forms can help us by leaving ""clues"" as to how the songs were used, and what they might tell us of the traditions of our maritime past."
Meet the Mountain Dulcimer -- TB Saturday 3:00pm Jamming Room B
This workshop will introduce participants to the Mountain Dulcimer. In person participants will have an opportunity to play a basic strum and some simple tunes on the dulcimer. If we are virtual these will be performed for and with on line participants. We will also learn about the instruments history, various styles of playing, and see the dulcimer family which also includes soprano, baritone and bass dulcimers. Participants questions will be encouraged.
Melodic Clawhammer Banjo Workshop -- TS Saturday 1:30pm Jamming Room B
We'll go over the basic skills at the foundation of playing fiddle tunes note for note - drop and double thumbing to all strings and in all string combinations, regular and alternate-string pull-offs, and more.
Melodies from Vienna around 1900 -- TX Saturday 12:00noon Jamming Room B
I will teach some lovely instrumental tunes from the Eduard Kremser manuscript (1911-1925) that contains wonderful Viennese songs and dance melodies. You will need to be able to play comfortably over at least 2 octaves since the melodies often have a wide range.
Mentoring Instrumental Skills for Guitar, Mandolin and Tenor Banjo -- GS Saturday 4:30pm Learning/ Discussion Room
I would be happy to help anyone at any level with questions about playing the guitar, mandolin or tenor banjo. I am especially interested in how these instruments work in the context of a group, as apposed to playing solo. (I’ve participated in various Neffa presentations with the group, Danse Café)
Mexican-American Fiddle Tunes -- E Sunday 4:30pm Concert Hall A
This fiddle and guitar duo perform very danceable cumbias, polkas, pasodobles, and waltzes from the West Texas borderlands.
Mike Agranoff in concert -- E Sunday 4:00pm Concert Hall B
A perennial NEFFA favorite, Mike is a versatile and highly entertaining singer, instrumentalist, and storyteller. Everything from hilarious parodies to traditional ballads to Bach on the concertina to riveting recitations.
Milonga: The Fun Relative -- DB Saturday 5:00pm Social Dance Hall B
Milonga is a grandparent dance of Argentine tango. Fun, sassy, and easy to learn, it has African roots. You'll use its infectious rhythm in a line dance.
Mostly From Bulgaria -- E Saturday 7:00pm Concert Hall A
Concert of folk music from Bulgaria and Macedonia, vocal and instrumental, with traditional folk instruments.
Mostly Swedish Scandi Jam -- GS Sunday 4:00pm The Pub
We will be hosting a jam with our favorite Scandi tunes and will have a tunebook available for those new to the tunes.
Mostly Waltzes -- NB Saturday 3:00pm Social Dance Hall B
"In the spirit of Philadelphia's popular ""Mostly Waltz"" series, a variety of waltzes together with schottische, tango, swing, and other couple dances."
Music from Scotland to Appalachia -- E Saturday 4:00pm Concert Hall A
"Janie and Allan have been blending their American Old Time and Scottish Traditional songs for over 40 years. Allan is from Aberdeen, and is a ""real deal"" singer of the old songs from the Northeast of Scotland. Janie is an award winning fiddler, banjo player and tune composer of old time style tunes and providing the beautiful melodies to Allan's lyrics for new music in both genres! Songs, instrumentals, stories and fun!"
Music of Scotland and Cape Breton -- E Sunday 1:30pm Concert Hall A
Listen to traditional Scottish and Cape Breton tunes arranged to create a unique fresh sound while also keeping in the tradition. We have a big fiddle sound with other instruments, including flute, whistle, guitars, mandolins, cellos, piano and more.
Nature in Traditional Serbian Songs -- E Saturday 6:00pm Learning/ Discussion Room
I will be exploring the use of natural elements and their meaning in traditional Serbian songs.
NEFFA Annual General Meeting -- GB Saturday 1:30pm Learning/ Discussion Room
NEFFA is an all-volunteer run organization. Come meet the Board, provide feedback, and ask questions.
NEFFA Contra Medley -- DX Saturday 6:30pm Contra Dance Hall B
It's a tradition! Join Drew for a 25 minute, no walk through dance medley.
A Night at the English Music Hall -- E Friday 10:00pm Chorus Room
A rollicking singalong of rousing favorites from the Old English music hall of the Gilded Age, led by an extraordinary league of veteran artistes.
No-Contact International Couple Dances -- TB Saturday 11:30am International Dance Hall
Learn fun and accessible touch-free partner dances from around the world — Portugal, Mexico, the Philippines, and more.
Nyckelharpa Smörgåsbord -- E Sunday 12:00noon Jamming Room A
The Swedish nyckelharpa: a sampling of tunes old and new, traditional and modern. Come to listen or play along.
Old Style Cajun Fiddle -- TS Friday 8:30pm Jamming Room B
Old Style Cajun Fiddle workshop (Int./Adv). Early Cajun music was all about the fiddle. There was no accordion nor guitar. These early tunes are sprightly, haunting and often quirky. This class will focus on learning an old style tune from one of the early Louisiana masters of this music.
Performance Instruction For Folk Singers -- TS Sunday 4:00pm Learning/ Discussion Room
One song performance and banter for single performers. Make your audience love you!
Pete Seeger and The Power of Song -- GB Sunday 4:30pm Jamming Room A
Do you have a favorite Pete Seeger song? Do you have a Pete story to share? Join us as we celebrate Pete Seeger and the power of song.
Philippine Folk Dances with Skill -- E Saturday 3:00pm Concert Hall C
The Philippines has 7,107 islands. Through their folk dances, music and costumes, we tell you stories of the people from the lowlands and exhibit the skills in performing these dances.
Power Harmonies -- E Saturday 4:30pm Concert Hall C
"Come and plan to lift your voice! As Power Harmonies, Lynn Noel and Ken Mattsson sing with depth, power, and passionate attention to the spirit in the song. As experienced dancers of contra, English country, and Scandinavian gammaldans, their duo sound can be described as ""ballroom dancing for the voice."" They are noted for inspiring harmonies and making the rafters ring. "
Punjabi Folk Bhangra -- E Saturday 7:00pm Jamming Room A
Indian Folk Dance Bhangra From Province Punjab.
Ritual Dance Video Showcase -- E Sunday 1:00pm The Pub
A curated presentation, with some narration and kibitzing, of ritual dance videos submitted for the occasion -- including several from April 23 at the Gore Place Sheepshearing Festival.
Rivers Run Through Them: A Geography of Old-time Songs and Tunes -- E Sunday 10:00am Learning/ Discussion Room
This will be a performance of old time ballads and tunes, punctuated by some scholarly research on the presence of rivers in this music.
Roaring Jelly Celebrates 50! -- P Saturday 10:00am Concert Hall A
Join us for the premiere of a film that celebrates Roaring Jelly's 50 years of playing for NE dances, followed by a conversation with current and former band members and leaders. Find out how the band began, how it became a model for some other groups, and how it continues to thrive.
Romanian Jam -- GS Friday 7:00pm Jamming Room B
Play Romanian music. Sheet music is provided. Session includes a little discussion about styling.
Roots of the American Songbook -- E Saturday 7:30pm Concert Hall B
Bernadette Colley and Richard Yospin explore the creation and evolution of the American Songbook — influential, enduring pop songs, jazz standards, Broadway and movie tunes, from the early twentieth century through the bebop age and beyond, in vocal harmonies and on piano, guitars, mandolin, and clarinet.
Rowdy Rollicking Pub Sing -- E Saturday 8:30pm The Pub
The King’s Busketeers are here to turn Virtual NEFFA into their own olde-schoole pub sing— you’re invited! Traditional &original songs from Ireland, the UK, the US, & beyond!
Sagebrush to Silver Screen-Cowboy Songs -- E Sunday 3:00pm Concert Hall A
"Retrospective look at American cowboy songs, from authentic ballads and working songs, to ""singing cowboy"" Tin Pan Alley compositions of recent years -- and contemporary composed songs that evoke the cowboy ethos. Lots of choruses!"
Sam Asher - The Real Truth -- E Friday 8:30pm The Pub
Be prepared to be moved through a range of emotions that reflect the human experience, from playfulness to loss, from the excitement of birth to the struggle of euthanasia, from giddy new love to the despair of betrayal to the acceptance one another with all our imperfections. Sam Asher's music captures the depth of feelings, sometimes with a curious twist, often with humor, and always with sensitivity.
Scandi Dance/Concert -- E Saturday 11:30am The Pub
Swedish tunes on fiddle and/or nyckelharpa, solo with harmonies via looper pedal magic
Scandi Jam Session -- GS Saturday 2:30pm Concert Hall A
Play along with favorite accessible mostly-Swedish tunes. lydia will lead on fiddle and/or nyckelharpa, with harmony lines via looper pedal magic
Scottish Ceilidh Dancing -- TB Sunday 12:00noon Social Dance Hall B
The word ceilidh is a verb meaning to visit in Scottish Gaidhlig. It has also come to signify a repertoire of party dances popular at events and celebrations around Scotland. At this workshop, Susie Petrov and Jen Schoonover will share and teach a selection of Ceilidh dances.
Scottish Country Dancing -- DS Saturday 4:00pm Social Dance Hall A
Fun Scottish figures and great tunes
Secular, Atheist & Agnostic Hymns -- GB Sunday 10:00am Chorus Room
This song circle is a space to share songs of hope, love, community, peace, strength, grief, healing, celebration, etc. that don't attribute those experiences to god(s) or religion. Listeners welcome.
Shape Note Workshop -- TB Sunday 11:30am Chorus Room
Shape note singing from the ground up! We'll put the parts together one by one, and in just 50 minutes, this basic primer will have you singing the rich and powerful 4-part harmonies that brought colonial communities together. No experience necessary. Bring your friends and family.
Sillertides Duets & Conversation Songs: A Song Circle -- G Saturday 5:30pm Jamming Room A
The Sillertides (Linn Phipps and Doug Huggins) will share a couple of their conversation songs, and invite you to bring a song of dialogue, call and response or conversation.
Singing Songs of Love and Freedom -- E Saturday 9:00pm Concert Hall B
Bobbi and the Band engaging live shows include storytelling, sing-alongs, and improvisation by the band. The music tells the stories of growing up, of love, and of loss and freedom. The band is known for never doing a song the same way twice and that leads to magical moments on stage. The band includes Bobbi on guitar, Rob Mac on harmonica and Gary Chapin on the Accordion. Raised on equal parts Pete Seeger, Paul Robeson, Louis Armstrong, and Bruce Springsteen, Bobbi has a unique sound that has been described as urban folk gypsy jazz. Come join us for a unique event!
Slightly Challenging English Country Dances -- DS Sunday 11:00am Social Dance Hall A
English Country Dance
Slightly Skewed Songs -- E Sunday 11:30am Concert Hall B
A mixture of slightly skewed original songs and rockin' arrangements of jigs, reels, and other melodies from the British Isles and beyond.
Slow Jam Celtic Tunes -- GB Saturday 8:30pm Jamming Room A
Learn common session tunes at this slow jam with The Little Match Girls. Learn by ear or use sheet music provided.
Slow Scottish Tune Session -- GS Sunday 12:00noon Concert Hall A
Please join us for a user-friendly tune-trading session, primarily Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle tunes which often turn up at sessions in the Boston area. Requests welcome!
Snazzy & Sassy Contras and Squares -- DS Saturday 3:30pm Contra Dance Hall B
Show some attitude and bring you sassy self to dance snazzy, jazzy contras and squares.
Solo Trad Fiddle -- E Sunday 1:30pm Jamming Room A
Award-winning 16 year old fiddler from Maine playing trad tunes from the Maine/Maritime and Scottish traditions.
Song Circle - Songs Of The Seasons -- G Saturday 12:00noon Chorus Room
Song Circle for everyone to bring songs which tell of the seasons, either individually or following the progress of the yearly cycle.
Song Circle: Songs of the Whalermen -- G Sunday 10:00am The Pub
Song Circle for everyone to bring they songs about whales and whaling. Self – accompaniment welcome.
Songs from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence -- GB Saturday 11:30am Concert Hall A
Traditional songs in English and French from Newfoundland and the Maritimes (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick)
Songs of Home -- E Sunday 1:00pm Concert Hall B
Songs about, in praise of, remembering home. New songs in the folk tradition.
Songs of Ships & Sailors -- P Saturday 4:30pm Concert Hall B
We will perform songs transcribed from previously unpublished manuscripts and field recordings done before 1945. We will also discuss the process of finding, transcribing and publishing Julia's book, Bygone Ballads of Maine.
Songs of the Sea and Other Things -- E Friday 10:00pm The Pub
A mixture of maritime and traditional folk, some acapella, some accompanied by variety of instruments.
Songs of Women's Suffrage -- E Sunday 2:30pm The Pub
The women's suffrage movement gave rise to a wealth of songs. New compositions were written, and new lyrics set to familiar tunes. Katherine Rhoda sings some of these historical songs.
South African Singing Workshop -- TB Saturday 4:30pm Chorus Room
Come learn a 4-part South African folk song, with dance movements.
Southern Sqs For 2 Couples -- DS Saturday 7:00pm Contra Dance Hall A
Like a contra medley, southern sets use two-couple figures, but the figures can vary. Try a few classic moves with a friend or three.
Spring in India -- E Sunday 2:30pm Concert Hall C
India has developed her spring traditions through deep cultural roots developed through thousands years of refinement. We will present a sample of the festivities through the lyrics in multiple languages.
Springtime Tunes -- Flute, Feet, and Piano! -- E Saturday 1:00pm Concert Hall A
Nadine and Barbara contribute their joy of creating and playing arrangements of music from Quebec, Ireland, England and beyond, plus many originals, touches of blues, jazz, and Latin, many moods.
Stories for Grownups -- E Sunday 10:30am Concert Hall A
Traditional and Personal stories selected to explore a theme. This year of reunion will offer tales of hope and healing. The audience will be invited to share personal stories.
Super Singlets -- DS Friday 9:00pm Contra Dance Hall B
Choose your partner, real or imaginary, for my best virtual contras from 2021.
Swing Guitar for Folkies -- TS Friday 7:00pm The Pub
Tired of that old G, C, D, boom-chick kind of thing? Learn some cool new chords and rhythms to play swing tunes like Take Me Back To Tulsa, Cornbread and Butterbeans and C Jam Blues. For people who don't think they can play jazz. Chris will also play some cool swing originals.
Take Hands 6: A Pod of Triplets -- DS Sunday 3:00pm Contra Dance Hall B
A session of live triplets,with instruction and calling, 6 dancers, a caller, and recorded music. We're hoping attendees will make their own pods of 6 and dance along.
Tame or Over the Top? Friday Night Storytelling -- E Friday 7:30pm Concert Hall B
"Thieves? Giant Slugs? Hear some stories that will make you laugh, and smile. While family friendly(ish), these tales may push the boundaries of ""good taste."" "
Traditional Songs from Brittany -- E Sunday 11:30am Jamming Room B
A concert of traditional songs from Brittany, the Celtic region of France
Tune Writing Workshop -- TB Saturday 4:00pm Jamming Room A
I'll lead the group in writing a tune or three and will also talk about my approach to writing and will perhaps make up one on the spot on my own.
Uke Meetup: Sing and Strum Circle -- GS Saturday 1:00pm Jamming Room A
Strumming a ukulele you've gotta be smiling! Bring a uke, we'll have a collection of favorite songs. We'll display the words, and all can strum and sing along.
Ukrainian Pysanki (Easter Eggs) -- P Sunday 1:00pm Learning/ Discussion Room
"Live from Ukraine! A presentation on Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanki) and their traditional ornaments and symbols. This will include a short video demonstration of how to make a simple ""krapanka""-style egg, which attendees will be able to make at home afterward."
Ukrainian Rushnyk (ceremonial towel) -- P Saturday 10:00am Chorus Room
Live from Ukraine! A presentation on the Ukrainian ceremonial towel used in weddings and the symbolism of its designs, colors, and seams. Focus will be on the Kyiv region.
The Ultimate Parody Jam! -- GB Friday 8:30pm Jamming Room A
Take a tune everyone knows. Write new words. Make it fun and easy to sing along with and share it with everybody at NEFFA. It's The Ultimate Parody Jam!
The Unbroken Circle -- E Saturday 7:30pm Concert Hall C
"Original and traditional music from ancient ballads to blues and bluegrass—The Homegrown String Band, aka ""the family that plays together,"" explores the roots and branches of American music."
Undaunted Aussie Women -- E Friday 10:00pm Concert Hall A
Songs (trad and contemporary) celebrating Australian women facing and overcoming tremendous odds: transportation, exile, colonial life, war, loneliness, work, discrimination, brutality, bushfire, shipwreck, adventure, rejection, men, neighbours!
Unusually Fun Contras -- DS Saturday 8:00pm Contra Dance Hall B
Contras with a unique twist to elicit dancing joy
Vintage Grange Songs -- E Saturday 10:00am The Pub
Founded shortly after the Civil War, the Grange has a rich heritage of songs celebrating agriculture and advocating for farming communities. Katherine Rhoda sings from vintage Grange songbooks.
Waltz Melodies Jam Session -- GS Sunday 2:30pm Jamming Room B
"You are welcome to join ""Three Quarter Time"", a Boston area acoustic folk instrumental group that plays and leads traditional 3/4-time and folk waltz melodies. You will participate in an ""open-to-all-instruments and all levels"" jam that has been a NEFFA tradition since 2001. You can play by ear, or use music notation that we will provide. Dancers and listeners are welcome if sufficient room space permits."
West African Dance Jam -- DB Saturday 6:00pm Social Dance Hall A
Join the Drum Nomads for a high energy dance jam featuring rhythms from West Africa. We'll show you some of the basic dance moves, then cut you loose to dance along with the ensemble as we crank out the beats! If you have a drum at home, you're welcome to drum along. No prior experience required. All ages welcomed.
What Should We Change ? -- C Saturday 12:00noon Learning/ Discussion Room
Our old routines were great, but certainly not perfect. COVID's disruption forced a re-boot. Let's share ideas and stories about thoughtful experiments (both personal and group) to improve our events.
Whistling Whorkshop -- TS Friday 10:00pm Jamming Room A
Techniques for whistling with the lips, with special focus on dance tunes, as well as considerations for performance in general.
World Harmony Singing -- E Saturday 7:30pm Chorus Room
Novel and authentic choral repertoire from global ethnic traditions: South Africa, Iran, Bosnia, Georgia, Croatia, Madagascar, Cuba, the US and more.
YTV 2022 Touring Group -- P Friday 8:00pm Concert Hall C
Our group of 22 amazing teens personalize this year's ensemble and small group / individual prerecorded videos with live introductions.
Zwiefache! -- DS Sunday 2:00pm Social Dance Hall B
Put your waltzing and pivoting skills to use in many different permutations! Enjoy whirling with partners to classic Bavarian Zwiefache tunes! The music tells you what to do!

New England Folk Festival Association