We are a community world harmony chorus founded in 2005 and drawing adult & teen singers from throughout New England. We sing eclectic repertoire emphasizing appropriateness rather than appropriation, including music from Bosnia, Georgia, South Africa, Co

Members: Carol Abedon, Michael Abedon, Marcia Coakley, Dexter Eames, Katie Everett, Leah Feeney, Siva Fine, Alexandra Fire, Gwen Frankfeldt, Cathy Haines, Gabrielle Holme-Miller, Shiri Katz-Gershon, Joan Kennedy, Daniel Macumber, Wendy Mellin, Lora Mills, Sinead O'Mahoney (also group contact), Adria Osgood, Wanda Philibert, Phoebe Porder, Milly Roberts, Jane Saks, Judy Savage, Anna Stevens, Debra Strick, San Tunstall, Jenny Wechter, Jonathan Young
Sinead O'Mahoney
Scheduled to appear at NEFFA 2024:
World Music ConcertE Saturday April 20, 11:00am to 11:50am, [Show on Grid]
Boston Harmony, a multi-generational community choir, will perform a variety of singing traditions from the Balkans, Caucasus Georgia, and South Africa, as well as American shape-note songs and early music.

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