Contra and English dance musician

Member of: FiddleKicks Cloggers, Fireflies, Hidden River (also group contact), Hold the Mustard, Intuition, A Joyful Noise, Kathy & lydia, Mulberry Garden, Raise the Roof (also group contact), Rum & Onions, Trillium (also group contact), Triolet
ERASETHISktalvitie AT comcast DOT net
+1-215-572-6165, +1-215-805-6190 (cell)
Appeared at NEFFA 2022:
Flow In Motion DancesDS Saturday April 23, 4:30pm to 5:20pm, Contra Dance Hall A [Show on Grid]
Contra dances that are choreographed for flow and nearly constant motion for the dancers.

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