20-30 member group playing arrangements of traditional Scottish and Cape Breton music.

Members: Janet B. Anderson, Lori Berry, Sarah Blatt, Sarah Bowen, Lucinda Brandt, Sue Chari (also group contact), Sandy Guilfoyle, John Kernochan, Robin Kynoch, Roberta Lasnik, Jonathan Linnehan-Beeler, Bob Littman, Diane Lockhart, Sadie MacMillan, Katherine MacPhail, Neil Pearlman, Margie Pertchik, Cathryn Stein, Johanna Szarkowski, Jenny Talbot, Rachel Thrasher, Dan Wheatley
Sue Chari
Appeared at NEFFA 2023:
Music of Scotland and Cape BretonE Sunday April 23, 3:00pm to 3:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Listen to traditional Scottish and Cape Breton tunes arranged to create a unique fresh sound while also keeping in the tradition. We have a big fiddle sound with other instruments, including flute, whistle, accordion, mandolin, cellos, piano. Music Director is Neil Pearlman.

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