20-30 member group playing arrangements of traditional Scottish and Cape Breton music.

Members: Janet B. Anderson, Lori Berry, Theo Bester, Sarah Bowen, Alex Bowers, Lucinda Brandt, Marianne Brown, Sue Chari (also group contact), Theresa Conn, Tracy DiLascio-Martin, Sandy Guilfoyle, John Kernochan, Robin Kynoch, Roberta Lasnik, Bob Littman, Diane Lockhart, Sadie MacMillan, Katherine MacPhail, Neil Pearlman, Margie Pertchik, Deirdre Rees, John Skirchak, Cathryn Stein, Rachel Thrasher, David Walsh
Sue Chari
Appeared at NEFFA 2022:
Music of Scotland and Cape BretonE Sunday April 24, 1:30pm to 2:20pm, Concert Hall A [Show on Grid]
Listen to traditional Scottish and Cape Breton tunes arranged to create a unique fresh sound while also keeping in the tradition. We have a big fiddle sound with other instruments, including flute, whistle, guitars, mandolins, cellos, piano and more.

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