Member of: Accentricity, Dusty Miller, Fiddle Fancy, JumpStart, The Sharpies
ERASETHISviolingal AT gmail DOT com
1 Gordon St.
Malden MA 02148
Scheduled to appear at NEFFA 2023:
Intro to English Country DanceDB Saturday April 22, 10:00am to 10:50am, [Show on Grid]
Learn the basic steps and figures of English Country Dance while dancing to beautiful music.
Family Barn DanceDF Saturday April 22, 12:00noon to 12:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Fun dances for everyone, from the child dancing with a parent as one person, to dancers whose grandchildren have left home.
Family Barn DanceDF Sunday April 23, 11:00am to 11:50am, [Show on Grid]
Simply fun dancing for all ages and ability levels. Just bring your smile and dance with us for awhile!

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