Yaron Shragai
Dance caller/teacher/leader: Contra, Int'l Folk, Balkan, Yiddish. Musician/bandleader: Contra, English, Int'l Folk, Bal Folk, various East European. Instruments: Recorder/whistles, percussion, song.

Member of: Blajini (also group contact), Chimney Swift, Marnen, Yaron, & Gawain (also group contact), Meraki (also group contact), Platana (also group contact), Yaron Shragai & Lauren Ingram (also group contact), Shver un Shviger, Skorosmrtnica (also group contact)
ERASETHISyaron DOT shra AT gmail DOT com
Appeared at NEFFA 2021:
Multi-Folk Idiom Jam With Sheet MusicG Friday April 23, 7:00pm to 8:00pm, Jamming Room [show on grid]
Multi folk idiom jam with sheet music: Let's see how many we can squeeze in! Celtic/old-time, ECD, French, Scandi, klezmer, Balkan...

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