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Appeared at NEFFA 2024:
Intro to International DanceTB Saturday April 20, 1:00pm to 1:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Come learn the basics of Balkan and other International dance styles. Enjoy efficient, cheerful teaching and wonderful live music!
Saturday April 20, 2:00pm to 2:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Intro to Balkan DancingDB Saturday April 20, 5:00pm to 5:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Intro to Balkan Dancing featuring live music. Dance to Balkan rhythms showcasing the magnificent Gajda (Macedonian bagpipe).
International Dance Party!NS Saturday April 20, 8:00pm to 8:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Come dance to a variety of our favorite International tunes from the Balkans and beyond!
Dances of Yves MoreauNX Saturday April 20, 10:30pm to 11:30pm, [Show on Grid]
We will feature some of the most popular Balkan dances of the late Yves Moreau.
Learn Rørospols! (Norwegian Cpl Dance)TS Sunday April 21, 12:00noon to 12:35pm, [Show on Grid]
Learn Rørospols, a Norwegian dance popular all over the world in Scandinavian and International folkdancing circles. Efficient teaching, with maximal moving to music.
Roros Norway Dance PartyNX Sunday April 21, 12:45pm to 1:20pm, [Show on Grid]
We play dance tunes from the Røros region of Norway for your dancing pleasure - vals, reinlander, hoppvals (polka), and of course Rørospols.
Balkan Dances to Beautiful Balkan VoicesDS Sunday April 21, 1:00pm to 1:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Some easy dances done to music which just takes your breath away. Many of these songs and dances were brought to this country by people like Yves Moreau and Martha Forsyth.

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