Sea Music, ballads, story songs, pub music.
ERASETHIShslaney AT gmail DOT com
203-695-8728 (cell)
Scheduled to appear at NEFFA 2024:
Supernatural Songs and StoriesGB Friday April 19, 9:00pm to 9:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Bring a song, story, ballad, or anecdote about ghosts, supernatural phenomena, or local cryptids to share!
A Guide to Harmony SingingTS Saturday April 20, 10:30am to 11:20am, [Show on Grid]
an easy to understand guide to making up and singing harmony - a sprinkling of theory, and a chance to practice. 50 years of singing with vocal groups (the Short Sisters, the Solstice Sisters), and at large group and pub sings.

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