With both England and New England in their hearts, Reelplay is "amazing, unique, and highly danceable" both for ECD and contra, with tunes from all over the world (and elsewhere).

Members: Dave Marcus (also group contact), Robbin Marcus
Dave Marcus
Appeared at NEFFA 2022:
Fab Contras, Square & More!DS Friday April 22, 10:00pm to 10:50pm, Contra Dance Hall A [Show on Grid]
A variety of fabulous dances for your online dancing pleasure
English Country Dancing For AllDS Saturday April 23, 9:00pm to 9:50pm, Social Dance Hall B [Show on Grid]
English Country Dances for all skill levels. Join our virtual community to revel in some classic favorites and new choreography. All dances have been adapted for 1-2 dancers.

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