Niki Yeracaris
Musician, playing fiddle, viola, piano, electric bass, and acoustic guitar--classical, folk, rock, rapper and international dance music. Dancing, too!

Member of: Brookline Country Players, Dapperapper, Great Meadows Morris and Sword, The Next Generation
ERASETHISvjy AT yyci DOT com
+1-617-244-5927, 617-631-5499 (cell)
Appeared at NEFFA 2020:
Intro to International DanceDB Saturday April 25, 11:15am to 12:20pm, Room 136S [show on grid]
Come learn easy and fun international folk dances, with efficient, cheerful teaching!
ritual danceSaturday April 25, 1:15pm to 1:20pm, Main Entrance [show on grid]
Intro to Rapper Sword DanceTB Saturday April 25, 3:45pm to 4:50pm, Student Center West [show on grid]
You've seen this high energy, fast paced dance with flexible "swords" at the festival entrance. We will teach some simple introductory figures.

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