Amy Cann
Musician/caller/teacher; fiddle/violin/piano; contra/ECD/vintage; performances/workshops/residencies. Twenty years helping people learn to do whatever they think they can't.

Member of: Ad-Hoc Waltz & Quadrille Band, Apple Crisp, Calliope (also group contact), Interstate Quartet, Lawrence Community Strings (non-performing group contact), NEFFA Sit-In Symphony (also group contact), Next Generation Orchestra (also group contact), Pandora (also group contact), Shavingham Oxen, Weekend Warriors Reunion
ERASETHISacann AT putneyschool DOT org
802-222-7598 (cell)
Box 795
Putney VT 05346
Appeared at NEFFA 2018:
English Country Dance Clever CollaborationsDS Friday April 20, 7:00pm to 7:50pm, Middle School Dance Hall [show on grid]
This English country dance session features dances by teams of modern-day choreographers. The team may have formed through a strong friendship, a marriage union, or a choreography workshop at a dance camp/venue.

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