G.B.L.C.P.P.S. Plus
Greater Boston Ladarke Chorale & Plinky-Plink Society PLUS additional musicians and singers from Pajdashi - the biggest Ladarke band ever!

Members: Allan Chertok, Katie DeWolf, Colin Ferguson, Henry Goldberg (also group contact), Ralph Iverson, Julie Kingman, Pierre Neville, Barbara Pixton, Tom Pixton, Julia Poirier, Matt Shear, David Skidmore, Jerry Starcevic, Miran Tikvicki, Patrick Yacono, Janet Yeracaris
Henry Goldberg
Appeared at NEFFA 2018:
Ladarke Plus!GS Sunday April 22, 10:00am to 10:50am, Middle School Rm. 103/104 [show on grid]
Croatian choral singing! We'll sing through some old Croatian favorites, then review and sing through a beautiful choral arrangement of Ladarke, a traditional spring ritual song cycle. Sheet music provided and wonderful accompaniment by a tamburitza band!

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