NEFFA E Events
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2021 Festival. The events for the 2022 Festival will be put here in February 2022

Friday April 23, 2021
 7:00pmEmmaLee Holmes-Hicks in Concert E -- Emmalee Holmes-Hicks -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 8:00pmPeregrine Road in Concert E -- Karen Axelrod, Peregrine Road -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 8:30pmJanie Rothfield and Allan Carr - Music From Scotland to Appalachia E -- Jane Rothfield, Allan Carr -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 9:00pmOdissi, Indian Dance of Love and Devotion E -- Mouli Pal, Upasana Odissi -- Learning/Discussion Room (60 min.)
 9:30pmScots Song with Jim and Susie Malcolm E -- Susie Malcolm, Jim Malcolm -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)

Saturday April 24, 2021
 11:00amNEFFA 2021 Video Collection Highlights, part 1 E -- -- Learning/Discussion Room (50 min.)
 11:30amFactory Maids: The Millworkers of New England EF -- Diane Taraz -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 12:00noonOld-Time Concert with Cathy Mason, Steve Arkin and Zach Meyer E -- Cathy Mason -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 1:00pmMaury Stauffer in Concert E -- Maury Stauffer -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 1:30pmKlezmer Concert with Kesselgarden E -- Laurie Andres, Kesselgarden -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 1:30pmSilly Stories for Spring EF -- Mark Binder -- Learning/Discussion Room (60 min.)
 2:30pmLarry Unger in Concert E -- Larry Unger -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 3:00pmJugband Music: Roots of the Roots E -- Christopher Welles -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 4:00pmFiddle Concert with Owen Kennedy E -- Owen Kennedy -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 4:30pmSing, Play, and Connect: A Family Concert EF -- Children's Music Network (New England Region) -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 5:30pmMolly Tucker and Casey Murray: concert E -- Molly Tucker, Casey Murray -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 6:00pmTraditional Songs from Brittany E -- Claire Boucher, Brad Hurley -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 7:00pmBack In The Saddle: The Songs of the Old Hollywood Westerns. E -- Sara Banleigh -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 7:00pmSolo Indian Classical Dance with Soumya Rajaram E -- Soumya Rajaram -- International Dance Hall (50 min.)
 7:30pmPlaying Together at a Distance E -- Cindy Harris, Parallel Play -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 8:30pmKen Perlman with Ruth Rappaport E -- Ken Perlman, Ruth Rappaport -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 9:00pmKim Wallach in Concert E -- Kim Wallach -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)

Sunday April 25, 2021
 11:00amThe Medford Songcatcher: Olive Dame Campbell E -- Alex Cumming -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 11:00amNEFFA 2021 Video Collection Highlights, part 2 E -- -- Social Dance Hall (90 min.)
 11:30amTraditional Serbian & European Song E -- Olga Zaric -- Chorus Room (60 min.)
 12:00noonA Family Cabaret EF -- Jackson Gillman -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 12:30pmThe Vox Hunters in Concert E -- Benedict Gagliardi, The Vox Hunters -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 1:30pmBallads: Stories Told and Sung with Mike Agranoff EF -- Mike Agranoff -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 2:00pmLiza Constable: Sweet American Jazz E -- Liza Constable -- Concert Hall B (60 min.)
 2:00pmPub Show with the King's Busketeers E -- Josh Gannon-Salomon, The King's Busketeers -- The Pub (60 min.)
 3:00pmKeith Murphy and Becky Tracy in Concert E -- Keith Murphy & Becky Tracy -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)
 4:30pmHomegrown String Band in Concert EF -- Georgianne Jackofsky, The Homegrown String Band -- Concert Hall A (60 min.)

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