NEFFA Grid - Saturday April 21, 2018
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2018 Festival. The events for the 2019 Festival will be put here in February 2019

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  High School Dance Hall High School Rm. 123 High School Rm. 125 High School Auditorium Stage High School Rm. 176 High School Rm. 177 Main Entrance  
10:00amCaptivating Complexity English Country Dance DX Song & Dance for Children GF Intro to English Country Dance DB Norumbega Tunebook Singing GS Pre-Israeli Songs from the 20's & 30's P Play Romanian GS Morris & Sword Dancing E 10:00am
11:00amA Choreographic History of Contra Dance DS Family Dance DF Foc's'le Songs Open Sing GB Meet the Bagpipes P English Dance Caller's Chat CS Morris & Sword Dancing E 11:00am
11:15am  11:15am
11:30amIntro to Int'l Folk Dance DB 11:30am
12:00noonTriple Contras That Move DS Barn Dance for Everyone DB Traditional Music From Ireland, Scotland, & Cape Breton E Lilting Jam! GS CDSS: Looking Ahead C Morris & Sword Dancing E 12:00noon
12:45pm  12:45pm
1:00pmFestival Orchestra Contras & Squares DS Intro to Contra Dancing DB Schottis 101/102: Inventive Variations DB Gospel Sing G Cultivating Consent-Centric Contra C   Morris & Sword Dancing E 1:00pm
2:00pmContra Medley NX   English Concertina Workshop: I Can't Believe It's Not Anglo TS Resist! Song-Swap & Sing-Around G Morris & Sword Dancing E 2:00pm
2:15pm    2:15pm
2:30pmFestive Yet Tasteful English Country Dance DS Intro to International Folk Dancing DB Intro to Square Dancing DB 2:30pm
3:00pmIrish & Irish-American Traditional Songs E French Jam! GB Morris & Sword Dancing E 3:00pm
3:15pmDance Performances E 3:15pm
3:45pm    3:45pm
4:00pmBalkan Joy! NS Seated Square Dances DB Flatfoot Clogging for Everyone TB Slow Irish Session GS Building a Contra Dance Band CB Morris & Sword Dancing E 4:00pm
5:00pmInternational Dancing for All NS Traditional Irish Session GX Old Time Clawhammer Banjo Tunes TS Songs in Languages Other than English GB Morris & Sword Dancing E 5:00pm
5:15pm  5:15pm
5:30pmIntro to Rapper Sword Dance TB 5:30pm
6:00pmRum & Onions XXXIX -- Contras DS Sweet Freedom's Songs E   Appalachian Dulcimer Workshop TS Folk Organizers: Tech Power-Up! C   6:00pm
6:30pmHonky Tonk Sing-A-Long GB 6:30pm
6:45pm  6:45pm
7:00pmNot-So-Trad Singing Squares DS You've Got Rhythm! Mostly for Fiddlers, But All Welcome TS Trad Song Swap Party GS New Old-Time Tunes TS Harmonious Relationships: Playing Your Part TS 7:00pm
7:30pmInfluences That Became Dylan G 7:30pm
8:00pmLinda Leslie Tribute DS Traditional Music Slow Jam GS Steamboat & Roustabout Songs GS What's That Chord? Alternatives for Guitar TX 8:00pm
8:30pmSwedish Couple Dances NS Jug Band Music E 8:30pm
9:00pmFun with Symmetry Contra Dances DS Bulgarian Music Styling GS Scottish Jam Session GB Swing Era Harmony Singing TS 9:00pm
9:30pmPolish Dance Workshop TB Thar She Blows! E 9:30pm
10:00pmContra Party! DS Making a Living: Yiddish Songs of Work E Dead Lovers & Cruel Mothers E   10:00pm
10:30pmIrish Set Dancing DS Drinking Songs G 10:30pm
11:00pm    11:00pm
11:30pmFestival Closed for the Day    11:30pm
  High School Dance Hall High School Rm. 123 High School Rm. 125 High School Auditorium Stage High School Rm. 176 High School Rm. 177 Main Entrance  
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