NEFFA Grid - Saturday April 13, 2019
Note: This was the listing for the now-concluded 2019 Festival. The events for the 2020 Festival will be put here in February 2020

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  Middle School Rm. 103/104 Middle School Rm. 119 Middle School Auditorium Stage Middle School Rm. 105/106 Middle School Dance Hall High School Dance Hall High School Rm. 101 High School Rm. 123 High School Rm. 126 High School Auditorium Stage High School Rm. 176 Main Entrance  
10:00amSouth African Singing Workshop GB Clam Chowder & Kangaroos E Norumbega Tunebook Singing GS Scottish Country Dancing for the Whole Family DF International Folk Dance Party NS Appealing English Country Dances DS Waltz Basics TB Tribal Fusion Bellydance for Beginners TB Ukulele Strum & Sing GS Fiddling without Pain CB Athiest & Agnostic "Hymns" & Songs GB Morris Dance E 10:00am
11:00amQuaker Folk/Trad E Family Song Circle GF English Handbell Ringing - An Introduction TB New England Barn Dance DF Intermediate Waltz Workshop TS No Circle Becket Contras DS How to Play the Bones TB Bird Talk: Why Larks & Ravens For Contra? C Ballads Old & New GB Morris and Sword Dance E 11:00am
11:15am    11:15am
11:30amIntro to International Folk Dance DB Intro to Contra Dancing TB 11:30am
12:00noonHammered and Mountain Dulcimer Duets E Singable Stories GF Scottish Music Concert E Balkan Dance Party NS English Impropriety DS Modern Classic Contras DS Harpapalooza Harp Jam GB   What They Sing In Cape Breton E Morris and Sword Dance E 12:00noon
12:30pmDance Performances E 12:30pm
12:45pm    12:45pm
1:00pmEnglish Country Dance Tune Jam Session GS Song & Dance for Children GF World Harmony Singing E North Atlantic Social Dance DS Rousing Russian Dances TS Triple Play Contras DS Intro to English Country Dance TB Contra for New Dancers TB Introduction to Breton Dance Music G Lilting Jam GB Morris and Sword Dance E 1:00pm
2:00pmBanjo & Piano E Singing Games from the Middle East GF New Songs from Old Traditions E Balk-Free Balkan DS Cacophony of Contra GS Waltzing NS French Jam! GB DADGAD 101 - Intro to DADGAD TS Morris and Sword Dance E 2:00pm
2:15pm    2:15pm
2:30pmBasics of Contra Dance! TB Intro to International Folk Dance DB 2:30pm
3:00pmChorus Songs G Tall Tales, Silly Stories & Songs E Faroese Ballad Dance TB Dancing the 1910's and 1920's DB Singing Call Square Dances DS Three-Quarters English (ECD) DS Chanteys: How Did They Work? P The Mighty Harmonica: Blowing the Wind Chops! TB Morris and Sword Dance E 3:00pm
3:30pm  3:30pm
3:45pm    3:45pm
4:00pmMcQuillen Tune Slow Jam GS Marxophone & More E Music of Scotland & Cape Breton E Everybody Chains Contras DS Dancing in the Moonlight NS Songs of the Italian Taverns GB Seated Square Dances DB Popular Songs of the Early 1900s GB Homemade Hootenanny GB Romanian Jam GS Morris, Sword, and Garland Dance E 4:00pm
4:15pmDansgladdje - Swedish Couple Dances NX 4:15pm
5:00pmBalkan Kefana Singalong GS Playing Blues on the Fiddle TS Rounds: Rain, Sea & a Cup of Tea GB Contra Medley DX Contra Medley DX Tricky Balkan Dances TS Romanian Cimbalom P On Average, the Middle of the Atlantic E How to Play the Irish Bodhran TB International Jaw Harp Jam GB Morris Dance E 5:00pm
5:15pmBallo Liscio - Italian Waltzes, Polkas & More NS
I Suonatori Della Val Cippola
5:30pmDances from Brittany DB Contras Squared DS 5:30pm
6:00pmPioneering Women of Song E Untangling Balkan Music TB Irish Traditional Fiddle Tunes P Honky Tonk Sing-A-Long GB Romanian Music of Bucovina P Concertina Master Class G Mystic Seaport Chantey Sing for All GB Nyckelharpa round-robin E   6:00pm
6:15pmIsraeli Partner Mixers DB 6:15pm
6:30pmBeret? Berry? Bourree! - French Dances TS 75th Anniv Dance Bash: Contra, Square, English, Couple, Intl! 6:30pm
7:00pmHammered Dulcimers in Concert E Trad Songs and Tunes E Intro to Doumbek & Middle Eastern Rhythms TB Django, Jazz, and Bluegrazz E Concertina Chorus Songs G Open Foc's'le Song Sing GB Of Rivers & Railroads: Old Time Ballads & Fiddle Tunes E 7:00pm
7:15pmRomanian Dance Party NX Swedish Couple Dances NS 7:15pm
7:30pmECD: British Women Choreographers DS 7:30pm
8:00pmConcert and Crankies E Balkan Accordion Treasures E Across the Pond and Beyond E Diamond Anniv Squares & Contras DS Riga Dimd! Songs in Latvian GB Stories for Grownups E Pirate Chanteys! GS Power Harmonies GS 8:00pm
8:30pmBulgarian Dancing NS Anglo/Scottish Ceilidh DB Pro-pols-ive Norwegian Couple Dances NX 8:30pm
9:00pmWaltz Slow Jam GS Dark as a Dungeon GB Music from the Republic of Georgia E Rum & Onions XL DS English Village Band E We's the Boys P The Musical Poetry of Dylan and Cohen E Hardangerfiddle Tunes & Stories E 9:00pm
9:30pmOpen Cajun Jam for Dancing GG/NS Bulgarian Dance Party with Divi Zheni DS Trad Song Swap Party GS 9:30pm
10:00pmBalkan Song Concert E Dance Tunes GS Women of the 50's & 60's Folk Revival GF Larks & Ravens Contra Party! DS Songs with Boisterous Shouting! GS Bohemian Heart and Soul E The Road Back Home Again E Singing for Peace GB 10:00pm
10:30pmBarrel House All Night Long - Blues Dance NS Balkan Dance with Rakiya NS   10:30pm
11:00pm              11:00pm
11:30pmFestival Closed for the Day11:30pm
  Middle School Rm. 103/104 Middle School Rm. 119 Middle School Auditorium Stage Middle School Rm. 105/106 Middle School Dance Hall High School Dance Hall High School Rm. 101 High School Rm. 123 High School Rm. 126 High School Auditorium Stage High School Rm. 176 Main Entrance  

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