Dave Curry is the creator of Drums For One And All, which offers drum circle facilitation, private lessons, hand drum workshop instruction, live performances and drum repairs.

Member of: Calon, The Fusicals (also group contact), The Drum Nomads (also group contact), Trade Route Dance Collective, Trade Route Dance Collective & Drum Nomads, Trouz Bras
ERASETHISdrumhead AT drumsforoneandall DOT com
Appeared at NEFFA 2022:
West African Dance JamDB Saturday April 23, 6:00pm to 6:50pm, Social Dance Hall A [Show on Grid]
Join the Drum Nomads for a high energy dance jam featuring rhythms from West Africa. We'll show you some of the basic dance moves, then cut you loose to dance along with the ensemble as we crank out the beats! If you have a drum at home, you're welcome to drum along. No prior experience required. All ages welcomed.
Drumming from Africa to Cuba to BrazilTB Saturday April 23, 9:00pm to 9:50pm, Learning/ Discussion Room [Show on Grid]
This workshop teaches the basics of playing the drums and rhythms that originated in West Africa and migrated with the slave trade into Latin America and Brazil. You'll get a broad overview of the djembe, dunduns, congas, bongos, surdo and a variety of percussion instruments associated with these exciting rhythmic traditions. If you have a drum, play along. If not, you can still learn by watching and listening.
Intro to Doumbek & Arabic RhythmsTB Sunday April 24, 1:00pm to 1:50pm, Jamming Room B [Show on Grid]
This workshop teaches the basic hand technique for playing the Middle Eastern doumbek drum (also known as darbuka or tabla, depending on the country). You'll also learn the most common rhythms that are popular in many genres of Arabic music. No prior experience is required. If you have a drum, play along, or learn simply by watching and listening.

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