Jon Cannon
Fiddler-of-all-trades, guitarist, and occasional singer, with experience in klezmer, contra, Romanian, jazz, and sea chanties.

Member of: Cardinal Direction (also group contact), The Fleeting Moments (also group contact), Forks of Nature (also group contact), Frontline Fiddles, Gillian & Rebecca, J-Birds (also group contact), Julie & the Post-Modernists, JulieJonMari, Jon Cannon & Julie Metcalf (also group contact), Mierlita (also group contact), Moderatomobile (also group contact), Petrichor, The Royal Oui, Shver un Shviger
ERASETHISjon DOT loves DOT neffa AT gmail DOT com
+1-314-749-6902 (cell)
61 Trowbridge St
Arlington, MA 02474

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