Preceptor, teacher, & choreographer specializing in the music & dance of the period 1650-1925; English Country, Victorian, & Ragtime

Member of: Reel Nutmeg English Country Dancers
ERASETHISmegriffster AT gmail DOT com
+1-860-655-9220, 860 655-9220 (cell)
Scheduled to appear at NEFFA 2023:
Learn the Ragtime Hesitation WaltzTS Saturday April 22, 11:00am to 11:50am, [Show on Grid]
Come learn the ragtime hesitation waltz which can be used for both slow and very fast waltzes.
Argentine Tango ca. 1916TS Sunday April 23, 12:00noon to 12:50pm, [Show on Grid]
Early Argentine Tango was quite different from modern Argentine or ballroom tango. It is still fun to dance today. This class is an introduction to "El Tango Argentino de Salon" by Nicanor Lima (ca. 1916). You will learn essential walking, crossing and quick steps, plus key combinations called "sentadas" and "medias lunas." See how a few basic principles led to innumerable possibilities in this versatile dance.

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