Three-Quarter Time led by Bob Alessio is an acoustic instrumental group of Boston area musicians that plays Traditional 3/4-Time Waltz Melodies. Three-Quarter Time has led an open session of multi-instrumentalists playing 3/4-Time Music at NEFFA since 200

Members: Bob Alessio (also group contact), John Chambers, Peter Cowley, Shelley Drowns, Tom Duncan, Karl Goedecke, Bob Higgins, Elizabeth Lynch, Michael Pavan, Andrew Riffin
Bob Alessio
Appeared at NEFFA 2022:
Waltz Melodies Jam SessionGS Sunday April 24, 2:30pm to 3:20pm, Jamming Room B [Show on Grid]
"You are welcome to join ""Three Quarter Time"", a Boston area acoustic folk instrumental group that plays and leads traditional 3/4-time and folk waltz melodies. You will participate in an ""open-to-all-instruments and all levels"" jam that has been a NEFFA tradition since 2001. You can play by ear, or use music notation that we will provide. Dancers and listeners are welcome if sufficient room space permits."

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