Bob plays and teaches fiddle, guitar and mandolin, and Italian Language. He leads the "Three Quarter Time" Waltz Group, and "Amici della Musica Italiana"="Friends of Italian Music"

Member of: Bob Alessio and Friends of Italian Music (also group contact), Italian Folk Tune Jammers (also group contact), Roaring Jelly (on Dynamite), Three Quarter Time (also group contact)
ERASETHISBobAlessio AT iCloud DOT com
+1-978-808-5494 (cell)
155 Anderson Road
Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752
United States
Appeared at NEFFA 2022:
Waltz Melodies Jam SessionGS Sunday April 24, 2:30pm to 3:20pm, Jamming Room B [Show on Grid]
"You are welcome to join ""Three Quarter Time"", a Boston area acoustic folk instrumental group that plays and leads traditional 3/4-time and folk waltz melodies. You will participate in an ""open-to-all-instruments and all levels"" jam that has been a NEFFA tradition since 2001. You can play by ear, or use music notation that we will provide. Dancers and listeners are welcome if sufficient room space permits."
Italian Music Open Session GS Sunday April 24, 4:00pm to 4:50pm, Jamming Room B [Show on Grid]
A group of Boston area traditional folk musicians will lead an 'Open Participatory Session' in the playing and singing of Italian folk, pop, classical, and operatic aria songs and melodies. The Session is open to all musicians, singers, and listeners of Italian music. We will provide music notation and Italian lyrics.

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