The Medford Songcatcher: Olive Dame Campbell
Concert Hall B -- 11:00am to 12:00noon Sunday April 25 E (Entertainment)
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Olive Dame Campbell (1882–1954) has left a huge legacy in folk music, song and dance, and yet her name is often forgotten or glanced over. She was born and raised in West Medford, MA (on Hastings Lane) and after graduating from Tufts college in 1900, went on to become a folklorist and song collector working across New England, the Appalachians and beyond. She co-published the book ‘English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians’ with Cecil Sharp after taking him to the songsters in the mountains. In 2000, a movie called The Songcatcher was released (loosely) based on the life and work of Olive Dame Campbell. Come and join me as we explore her legacy and sing some of the songs she collected over her long and exciting career.